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10 Jul 2014

@JP --- Good move, JP ... Good move!!! You want some action, on this issue and you did the right thing, calling your local TV Station. The reporter just might do an investigating report, but only, if, the Head Honcho approves it. Sorry but, that's how TV News and Newspapers work, approval by the Big Guy or Gal.

Those of us, who are very concerned, should probably start writing letters to the Editors, to get the "ball" rolling. I go to a clinic and I really don't think, they would do what the Carolinas HealthCare System is wanting or planning to do. My clinic, happens to be run by doctors, a true rarity indeed, these days. Yes, there is a Business department, run by a solid competent Head Manager. But ... That does NOT mean, I am not concerned.

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10 Jul 2014

Thank you to Mac 'N Cheese for posting the You Tube link to the Big Bro Pizza video. I didn't know whether to "laugh or cry" while listening to it. It was really funny, but at the same time, it made me feel sad because this is already happening,in a way.

Someone here already mentioned that they received a phone call(s) from a health insurance case manager who wanted to talk to them.

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hedy 84
16 Jul 2014

Yes 1984 came into my thoughts at once.
If you have not read it do so.

I am 84 next month and hope it takes some time to implement and reach Australia.
Thank you Bob

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