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19 Nov 2014

Thanks, Bob, for again, being on top of the situation. I appreciate folks like you who tell it like it is. I don't have anything to hide, AND I don't want anyone to have access to any of my personal data online.

Thanks again for a well-considered smart article.

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20 Nov 2014

RandiO, RichF:

1) **MY** back door is for MY exit only too. If it was meant to be an Entry, God would have made it look like one AND but it at the front.

2) I agree, the reference to "child Kidnaper" is punctuated wrong, is redundant, a combinations of the previous twe, or he may have meant to write:

A) Child Kid napper - where a young person is just pretending to take a nap (child kid, napper) captures a pirate named 'Billy'; a youngster finds a pirate catching a couple of minutes of 'sleep; or someone kidnapped Billy before he grew up.

-- JAY -- I think the only way to catch a stool pigeon in disguise is to either smell it or find your are cleaning up FAR too often in one particular spot in your kitchen or front porch.

RICH F - I suspect that in years to come we will be celebrating Snowden as we do Jefferson or Adams or Lincoln - as one of our nations TRUE heroes.

Though it's good to remember what happened to many of our other American State Heroes - Lincoln was assassinated,John Qunice was marginalized by adding a diminutive to his last but not first name (Quincy, not Johnny), and Tom Jeffers was transmorpholized (presumably)into his his first born son who was (perhaps) born out of wedlock. (Tom, Jeffers Son)

No one said that Growing Up in the New American State (AS) would be easy, nor were you ever promised historic revisionism would cease and desist just because we can catch such attempts the instant that they are made. The success of such shows as 'Drunk History' are only funny because most people agree with the newly discovered facts about people previously famous for things which they DID do, not for those which they didn't - and thus is set the president for convicting people of crimes they did not commit).

We have the right to Freedom of the Press, when we should have been given the right of Freedom from the Press. In many European Nations 'The Press' is considered a daguerreotype of Torture which is is prohibited by law. In America we still feel that the Government is given the ability to freely use the Press whenever National Security is felt to be at steak. (which is sad, since only a few people really enjoy burnt steak while most prefer it medium or rare.)

And, finally RandiO, I agree, but only need to correct your spelling of "argumentum ad misericordiam" -- I think you meant either "argumentum ad miserbleacordiam" where one simply cannot to finish an argument because of a badly played Accordion, "argumentum ad miserlyacordiam" where you can't get the seller to enforce the terms of your warranty when you try to apply it to a cheap Accordion displayed in an add without an argument; or your own lousy ability in playing your Accordion starts an argument. (AND lets just not go here: let me remind you that 'dwarfs' are now considered real people with real feelings, so any reference to the poor accordion playing by Bashful would probably be considered both argumentative and in poor taste by Snow White.).

I think we should thank both RandiO and RichF for the thoughtful and illuminating comments. They have probably (between them) shed more light on the subject than a Malamute or Siberian Husky can shed in a Southern California July. (And here it is NOVEMBER already!!!)

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Herb Klug
21 Nov 2014

Very well written article, and I do to a large extent agree with the concept our private conversations and data are private. However, several others have commented that before hard drives and cell phones, the authorities were able to solve crimes, so they should continue doing so now. Of course, that is akin to saying the Texas Rangers should still be on horseback because the era of automobiles shouldn't change their tracking and chasing behaviors. The reality is, many -if not most- serious crimes today (including terrorism) involve cell phone planning and execution. And child p**n probably would be a non-issue without the internet and personal electronic devices. The problem is the 'overlap' between privacy and law enforcement, and that overlap will only get worse as the plethora of electronic devices (and communication mediums) used in criminal activities increases. The bottom line is, if you want the authorities to lock up terrorists, rapists, murderers, and thieves, you have to allow them access to the proof that they were involved in those crimes. Otherwise they will remain free longer, and more families will become victims of un-apprehended criminals. I understand it is easy to hope you or one of your close family members won't personally be a victim of murder, rape or theft - until, of course, you/they are. Using a cell phone on public airwaves does not grant you a guarantee of privacy. What you get is a reasonably decent connection to another person which goes through publicly-accessed and shared equipment. If you want a guarantee of privacy, it would be best to build your own private network. In the mean-time, let's get the evidence needed to apprehend and convict criminals, and lock them away.

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