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12 Sep 2015

So far I am impressed with knowledge I am gaining from the news letters. I also will consider the backup system later on even though I will miss out on this event.

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12 Sep 2015

You provided me with one more reason why I wouldn't care to upgrade to Windows 10. Thanks for the heads up on what Microsoft is doing. They are certainly nosy.

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12 Sep 2015

Why should the generic improvement of customer experience require the undisableable transmission of identifiable information in Win 10? Not just system state, but particular system identifiers. Stating that the motive is benign is to avoid the central issue, that centralization of information will always be used by governments and corporations (being extensions of egos), as means for power, control, and gain. Make no mistake, the primary reason for the existence of the Cloud is NOT for your convenience.

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Steven Horn
13 Sep 2015

Bob, does it really matter? I think Microsoft knows so much about me after my usage of its operating systems and programs since 1989 that its acquisition of a bit more will not make a great deal of difference.

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Byron M
13 Sep 2015

when MS does an update many of the features which were disabled or turned off are enabled and turned on again. The past month I have been getting almost daily updates from MS on all computers; Vista, Win 8.1. I have installed Win 10 on my Win 7 Laptop. I did a complete new install. Had to. I had the hard drive partitioned to run Linux Ubuntu. Once I installed Win10 update and restarted the computer. It crashed. So, had to do reformat the hard drive, reinstall Win7 and then update to Win10. Took most of two days to complete. Win10 has slowed the computer's response time and the updates are almost every day. So far most of my software and programs work. The Win10 program is similar to 8.1 aside from the start menu. Took a while to study how it worked and how to tweak it to suit me. I liked Win7 but I know the end is coming so might as well get onboard with Win10 and get used to it :) Keeping Win8.1 on my wife's laptop until I figure out and find out how Win10 is going to work over time.

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Ralph C
15 Sep 2015

Thanks for the great article Bob. I will be turning it off. Another reason to turn it off is; not everyone has unlimited internet, as I pay by the MB, so I do not want to transmit any data to MS that evidently serves no real purpose, because I have to pay for that transmission. I will not upgrade my Win 8.1 to 10 for the same reason, forced updates to software I don't use such as Outlook in MS Office.

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Ken Heikkila
20 Sep 2015

I struggle to make sense of all the paranoid people who read this extremely informative newsletter. It seems simple to me. I want my OS to be the best that it can be and a simple way to do that is to allow MS to collect this info. It also helps anyone trying to diagnose a problem on my computer. I suppose there are people out there who have cause to worry about what is gleaned from their hard drive, but I am not one.

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Ivan White
25 Sep 2015

I use this, it helps a great deal, it may not stop them, but it does shut things down you do not need like telemetry and other snoopery etc.

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