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22 Sep 2015

Six of one. Duh. You are right that all the other companies probably doing this also. So much for privacy. However we must try to sort out the bad ones and keep each other informed.

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22 Sep 2015

I commend AVG for putting their agreement into plain language that non-lawyers can actually understand easily. I think that what they are saying in their agreement is pretty much what you have in the other products agreements, it is just that AVG is being a lot more honest and upfront about it rather than obscuring what it is you are actually agreeing to with Legalese B.S.
Good on you AVG!

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Frank L.
22 Sep 2015

I have used AVG Pro-Internet Security many years,never been hacked, did have a few problems with it not working ,but had a remote service call in to my PC in no time ,problem fixed.
I assume the Pro means I am not included in the data selling, but even if it does sell that generalised info, so what.This privacy issue phobia can go too far,& I think that there is not much about me that is not already recorded everywhere.The "privacy" that people think they are guarding is long gone.Bring on the Australia card with all my info on it,I have nothing to hide,do you?

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22 Sep 2015

Why must we all complain, that most companies are "out to get us" and then, still complain, when one or a few get honest, with us???

I say, you either like and want a "free" version or you don't -- It's that simple. I do believe, this has been the way of the Internet, since, the beginning. The "I'll scratch your back, if, you will scratch mine?!" Collecting average, minor stuff isn't the real issue -- I simply am concerned, that if, AVG does this for the FREE version -- How do they handle the PAID version??? The exact same way???

My reasoning behind this is -- A privacy policy is for the whole business, isn't it? If, it isn't, then why have a privacy policy, in the first place. So, it sounds like to me, anyways, that AVG is letting all of their customers knew, about what they are doing, up front.

It simply, amazes me that these BIG Anti-Viruses companies, would do all of this -- Yet, Bob Rankin will NOT sell any information or even let it "leak" to others. Bottom line, it truly is a matter of honor.

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Lance R. Ganassi
22 Sep 2015

Once again, my old adage is proved viable; "There is nothing 'Free' on the internet". Everyone wants to make a buck in whatever way possible!

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Ivan White
25 Sep 2015

I would not use AVG if they gave it to me free, bad as Microsoft, snoops is what they are and as to privacy, if your on the internet, you have NO privacy as the software companies make sure of that no matter what they say their policy is. The days of privacy and honest policies I think are over...

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