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30 Jan 2017

Unless Microsoft come with a clean, light on resources and legacy compatible systems, I'll stick with Windows XP and 7 for ever (for the time being). Like someone said, there are still many Chinese devices that doesn't meet Windows 10 requirements.

For example there are many Windows Tablets that come with only 1GB of RAM and barely can run Windows 8.1 with Bing (or Windows 10 Home, eating almost all it's RAM memory). The day Microsoft release a TRUE XP alike system alternative, I will 'preaching' and encouraging everyone to change and update Windows.

If you work in the Tech field, repairing home PCs systems, you will find that currently there are still many home users who have a very dated system with 1 to 2GB of RAM and with 500GB or less of non-SSD disk space. XP and 7 literally 'fly' on those systems, not only talking about RAM use, also talking about disk space. Just compare how much disk space a XP installation consumes, versus a 7 or 10 installed system.

And no, there are many people who refuses to update hardware and are happy to run XP and they will NOT change, UNLESS Microsoft helps those people, releasing a very light OS, something that I guess will never happen.

Posted by:

Stuart Berg
30 Jan 2017

I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 on a 6+ year old HP laptop during the last week that the upgrade was free. The upgrade worked, but the video driver was problematic and kept crashing. No replacement video driver was available. What I learned was that the upgrade to Windows 10 needs to be restricted to "newer" PCs.

Due to this problem and the fact that there were some hardware problems (i.e. some keys didn't work and the processor was running at 100% all the time) on this old laptop, I decided it was time for a new laptop. The new laptop was purchased in September 2016 and of course came with Windows 10. It took some getting used to and a "helper" program (see note below) so that I've finally become accustomed to Windows 10, knowing that future updates and upgrades will keep it current.

Note: The helper program I use is called 10AppsManager
and gives me complete control over the "crap" programs that come along with Windows 10. In other words, I can easily uninstall one-by-one the programs that come with Windows 10 that I don't use and reinstall them one-by-one if I change my mind. The list of programs I now can control is:
3D Builder
Get Office
Get Skype
Get Started
Mail and Calendar
Microsoft Wi-Fi
Movies and TV
Phone Companion
Reading List
Voice Recorder

Posted by:

30 Jan 2017

I hope to buy a new Windows 10 pc this year. I have a lot of requirements in terms of the hardware inside of the case. I need up to date video editing capabilities, my operating system on a terabyte SSD drive, and a 4 terabyte hard drive. The motherboard obviously can't be something found in a $500 Dell PC!
I estimate that the new PC will cost me about $2000. Once I have it I figure it will take many hours of work to strip away all the advertising friendly features, and all the identity tracking features from Windows 10. I do not use Social Media, and I do not want any "unsocial media" to be hidden in the pc.

Posted by:

30 Jan 2017

They are trying to scare people into going to Windows 10. Win 10 is nothing but spyware and I for one will never use it. I have make my Win 7 secure and I can even make XP secure. This is nothing but a $$ game for Microsoft.

Posted by:

30 Jan 2017

I still use 7 but never online mainly for doing. graphics. 10 is on another HD but since the anniversary update the 2 can't cohabit the same machine that has Linux on a 3rd HD. If both the 7 and 10 sata cables are connected 7 boots into chkdisk. I mostly use Linux so It's not a huge problem reconnecting cables.

Posted by:

30 Jan 2017

Yes, I'm sure it would be expensive and time-consuming for MS to keep updating Win7, but what happened to all the money they made on selling Win7?
The money may well be better spent developing a newer version, but when I bought Win7 I thought I was buying a product that would last a few years.
I can't see VW/Landrover/Ford saying they won't issue recalls for safety amendments after it is no longer economical for them to keep supporting older cars.....

Posted by:

30 Jan 2017

And everyone is going to die - just probably not today. You normally debunk FUD, not spread it.
I'll upgrade my Win7 machine when MS releases another desktop OS, and not this mobile OS MS calls Win10. Otherwise, it'll be Linux.

Posted by:

30 Jan 2017

I got your new material, very nice!
After reading your statements and remarks I think there is a s"" load of crap being pushed on us daily and I would inclined to agree with sirpaul2. We will all die eventually and not before 2020 and Microsoft will continue to try and be wealthy and rule our lives.
Thanks for the update.

Posted by:

Michael Shames
30 Jan 2017

Thanks for this heads up, Bob. I look forward to a subsequent article examining options to Windows operating systems. I use Chrome for my laptops and it works well enough. But I would love to know more about alternative OS for desktops that you find worthy of our consideration.

Posted by:

James Reicker
30 Jan 2017

I upgraded to WIN 10 and adapted to it. But then an update came along and it would not accept input from my wireless keyboard or find my printer. After 2 frustrating days of trying to fix it, I reinstalled WIN 7 from my backup. I use some programs that date back to 1999 and earlier. I'm just not interested in learning a new app when I know these programs and they do what I want. I'm afraid that eventually under some new version of Windows, they will stop working. I'll stick with WIN 7.

Posted by:

30 Jan 2017

With any luck, I will never have to run Windows X. I am currently running 7 online with only the few MS updates that were originally installed in 2010, and IE 9.

Windows Updates have caused me more problems than any virus or rogue program I have downloaded off the internet.

Long live Seven(7)!

Posted by:

Walter T
30 Jan 2017

Fast forward to 2021: "Microsoft is pleased to announce our new and shiny Windows 12! It is the best OS ever, much better than Windows 10! All users are encouraged to upgrade to Windows 12as soon as possible, because Windows 10 is awful and has too many security problems that are impractical to fix." Deja vu, all over again...

Posted by:

Kenneth Heikkila
30 Jan 2017

I have to agree with Mike's "whiners" comment, at least to some extent. I had issues trying to upgrade early and less issues trying to upgrading towards the end of the free offer. The worst issue was not being able to find my CD/DVD drive/writer, but they eventually worked it out. The bottom line is that Win 10 is so obviously superior in so many respects to any previous version of Windows (I go back to 3.1) that most of the comments are ignorance and/or paranoia. Not sure why some of the paranoid even follow a newsletter that is pretty specific to Win users. I have tried Linux many times over the years and while it is finally fairly easy to install on many newer systems, it still won't make my old Dell laptop into a functional unit and overall Windows is still more intuitive and easier to use.

Posted by:

Al S
30 Jan 2017

Updated to Windows10 on all but 2 Computers that the Video Drivers could not be upgraded, The Manufacturer of the drivers refuse to do so. MS has to run on W7. I have one Computer that I recently bought that has W10. I was able to configure all my W10 Computers to look and run like W7 or XP for that matter.

It takes time to get used to the Edge Browser, but you can use IE11 along with it, if you like seeing it crash time after time, just as it does on W7.

The Computer that works really great with Win10 is an old reconditioned HP returned from lease and ugrade3d to win7. I never figured a 12 yr old Computer that the Monitor sat on top of it would upgrade. When it was offered I upgraded and it is the fastest computer that I have it even has besides a DVD drive One of the older Floppy Drive built in and room for a 2nd DVD drive, no WiFi.

I am sure that MS will offer free upgrades when it comes close to the date W7 will no longer be supported. The rest who enjoy driving a Yugo well?

Posted by:

David Hickman
30 Jan 2017

Bob, I take it that you have now rescinded your previous advice to block the update to Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Posted by:

30 Jan 2017

Seems to me there's a wonderful business opportunity for a third party: updating and supporting Windows 7. I wish I were techologically savvy enough to undertake this myself. I think I'd become rich.

Microsoft is abandoning us Windows 7 users even though it's proved stable and is platform to an arsenal of software. How great it would be to have a solid performer like Windows 7 with all the security fixes promised by Windows 10!

Posted by:

Kaarlo von Freymann
30 Jan 2017

Mike wrote:
"I suspect that these whiners about the newest OS are also driving a 1982 Ford, using a flip phone, complain they can't understand any of the current music lyrics, (VERY TRUE! Neither Nat King Cole nor Frank Sinatra did shout f-words) and use cash instead of electronic payments... “ BTW, how do you tip a door man electronically? The only thing I am not guilty of is driving a 1982 Ford because I prefer to be driven by a taxi driver and drive my 27 year old Mercedes Benz 300 SL convertible when i really feel like driving.
I used to be an ardent admirer of the United States of America. But that was before Microsoft and now Donald Trump started to use blatant lies in their marketing efforts. My daughter is marketing manager of an internet security company and with the protection she has put into my companies XP machines they have never had a problem, except of course those you often encounter after installing a Windows update. That may be due to the fact that our company PCs may be used and are only for work related internet browsing and e-mailing (we are drone manufacturers, so p**n sites and games are not work related sites) and that we do check mail from unknown senders. We do have some W 7 PCs. So far no-body has been able to explain to me what benefit paying for that updating brought us. We continuously do make back ups of everything. So far they have never had to be used.
Mike is right, meanwhile the world moves on and pays electronically even for a 0.50 $ chewing gum, never mind their monthly statements are 10 pages long. The world moves on and posts opinions anonymously. I have never received an application for a job that did not contain a list of referees The hard work has always been to check the referees' credentials. The same is true for recommendations to always “move up” to the latest OS.
Kaarlo von Freymann Finland

Posted by:

30 Jan 2017

I don't see anyone whining here. I'm here for the shared opinions and experiences of those who have navigated down these various OS roads. This information is interesting and valuable to me as I, too, plan to eventually go the Linux route.

Posted by:

31 Jan 2017

I have a W7P desktop and a W7P laptop (plus an XP laptop as a backup), both over 5 years old and both going strong. There's no need to get new machines now, but when the time comes, it'll be W10P on both, with the W7 laptop being my backup. I'm going to take my chances security-wise and hope for the best. I do read W10 articles and save them. I know I'll be using classic shell when on W10 machines.

Posted by:

Gary from SE wisconsin
31 Jan 2017

I have several older pcs and laptops with XP and 7. I use the XP machines as work horses and the machines with 7 as daily drivers. Have one with 8.1 that is seldom used (may put 7 on it). Tried different flavors of Linux including Zorin - they can look like windows but don't/can't work with a lot of common windows compatible software. I also have Ooma, a Tracfone, an over the air antenna and fill my own ink tanks. Got most of this frugality living in Germany many years back! I also use Pc matic for overall security. Ymmv

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