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31 Jan 2017

LOL ... I still use 7 and Vista. I may stop using them on line if I run into trouble but so far. No problems and small footprint on my old laptops. If it wasn't for the b.s. of not getting on line via my provider I would still be using 98. , where all my good simple programs like photoshop 5 and Pagemaker 4 worked just fine. There was never any good reason to stop using those programs other than $$$ for upgrades that gave bells and whistles that are totally unnecessary.

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01 Feb 2017

Looks like i will be going to Linux very shortly. Have been using windows 7 for years,but i would
never consider windows 10 under any circumstance.

Posted by:

Old Man
01 Feb 2017

People complain because support for Win 7 will be ending. They seem to think MS should continue to provide updates until the last Win 7 machine breaks down.
However, let me ask this: How many of the commercial security programs are still issuing updates for products more than 3 releases old? If you bought McAfee in 2009, are you still getting updates?
Some people would complain about MS even if they gave their OS away for free --- Wait a minute, they are already doing that.

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01 Feb 2017

I'll risk replying even though I get "spammed to death" just using my forum name and my good 'ole web email supplier does not know enough to use my 1000 rules, let alone, its own alleged "smart filters" when just reading the mime headers, is marked "spam". Why do they still forward this crud to junk mail folders? Oh well, a topic for another time.
Windows 10 is an OS I can't wait to get and yes, I hang on to old OS's as a lifeline, or at least I did. My wonderfully brilliant geek son and I built his Dad, my hubby, an amazing HP laptop for a gift and now I am kicking myself that I did not do it for me! Believe me, I'm in the process, just trying to cut a sweet deal with HP. Look, I hung on to Windows 98 that even though there was a better OS, I went to that total joke, "Windows ME", that I also used until all the air expired from its lifeboat status and I was adrift at sea. My worst ever? Well, of course, Vista. Anyhow, I am currently on Windows 7 which I too swore I would hang on to probably even longer than the "XP" fanatics. WRONG! Windows 10, in my book, is amazing. Even I, as a strong "nay-sayer", "Windows Basher" and negative thinker towards all-things-Microsoft Corporate, for decades, let alone when Windows 10 first arrived in beta, am now eating my words. I too thought it was another "dirty" trick being played by M$$, but I am actually happy to say, "WRONG"! Before you knock it, try it. It is a dream to use, easy, and for those with and without tech skills, this is the answer to all. Do I expect the nefarious hackers to welcome the challenge of trying to mess this OS up? Of course. However, Microsoft is really stepping up its game regarding protecting consumers as well as the OS itself. For once, I've come to "hail Ceaser" and, as I said, I will be doing the dance of joy once I get my very own, customized, Windows 10!
Thanks, Bob, for all you do and the "nay-sayers" to Windows 10, I was once you, but even though I'm still slogging through my Windows 7, this time, I can't wait to cut the lifeline and truly embark on the open ocean. Windows 10 will not meet the fate of the Titanic, or at least I can hope I won't be fading into the background with "My Heart will Go On" playing in the recesses of my mind!

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05 Feb 2017

I work for a computer shop an I have noticed a serious problem with both Vista and Windows 7 systems.

When Windows has to be reinstalled and Windows checks for updates for the first time, starting earlier last year, the time for this initial search grew from an hour to several hours to days. After the first "Checking for updates" is complete, Windows Updates works as expected.

Until last month this effected EVERY clean install of Windows 7. Over the last month, some installs are working normally, but over half still take several days to find the updates.

Vista machines are alot worse. We have one laptop in the shop that has been checking for updates since December 27th, and is still checking! No clean installs of Vista has finished checking since last fall.

WSUS offline updates also do not complete, nor do many manual update installs. They reach one point and just keep processing without moving forward.

I have also observed this same issue for both operating systems on machines that have not updated in several months! Machines that have been updating continue to update normally!

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05 Feb 2017

As far as Microsoft keeping Windows 7 up to date, when the sell an OS license, whether they sell it directly to the end user or to a PC manufacturer, they have an obligation to the end user to keep the product safe and updated until the End of Life date! Its not a matter of how much resources that it would take for them to do this, this is an issue of the consumer getting what they pay for. If an OS is valid for X number of years, Microsoft has an obligation to its users to keep it updated to security vulnerabilities for the life of the product!

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06 Feb 2017

if me and my customers can live happily having windows7 WITHOUT UPDATES and WITHOUT ANY ANTIVIRUS, then I think something is cardinally wrong with your approach.
Honestly, I noticed something is wrong after I received so many complaints from the users which had their updates constantly working. Things aren't what they seem to be. We all use perfectly stable windows7 systems and there are absolutely no security or malicious issues whatsoever.

Posted by:

Richard Hofman
07 Feb 2017

I wish to have got the Windows 10 on my laptop made in 2006. But the graphic card driver doesn't want to work in there...
So, if the Microsoft did a fix of this problem then Windows 10 gonna be on my computer right now...

Posted by:

Skeeter Sanders
09 Feb 2017

If Microsoft is serious about wanting the vast majority of computer users to switch to Windows 10 (Surveys show that Windows 7 is still the dominant operating system), that is has to do one of two things.

Either the company makes Cortana an optional program that users can delete, or get rid of Cortana entirely.

Cortana is the primary reason Windows 10 has failed to gain universal acceptance -- especially among business users.

I can't stand Cortana and refuse to install Windows 10 on my laptop as long as Cortana remains a mandatory part of that system. I've even installed GWX on my laptop specifically to block installation of Windows 10 components whenever Microsoft send out Windows 7 updates.

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