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E Eilcox
17 Mar 2017

The free version of HD Tune does not appear to support operation on Window 10 . . .

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17 Mar 2017

Nor does HD Tune pro V 5.60 (current) even CLAIM to operate on Windows 10 - bad call Bob

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Bob Greene
20 Mar 2017

To BobD-- After running Piriform Defraggler, each imaging operation requires about 20 percent less time. Instead of five hours, it requires about four, but your own system performance also will vary from hardware factors. My image sets are about 465gb.

Cautiously, I have experimented with a free utility from Auglogics Defragmenter, which already provides superior performance times on full defragmentation, compared to Piriform Defraggler. For its part, Piriform claims Defraggler algorithms do a better job, even if they impose a longer operation. Piriform adds that Defraggler's Quick Defrag option is even faster than the standard Defraggler operation, yet completely satisfactory.

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Jerry Mandel
24 Mar 2017

SSDs - I don't know how much defrag utilities actually write to a single location, but I suspect that ONE defrag action wouldn't write to a single location so much as to really impact the number of writes left for that location.

As to speed, it is my understanding that the method of accessing a single location is such that there is no real difference between locations, even if the file is fragmented, so that defragging an SSD doesn't improve read times to an observable extent.

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28 Jan 2018

My new computer has both a SSD and the spinning type so I checked up online regarding whether or not it is safe to defrag the SSD and found this and thought it might be of interest to you and others. It's a gaming site and explains why you should not defrag your SSD

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