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01 Apr 2017

I've been using computers since they first came out for the home market, and my first online social site was Quantum Link. (Like MmeMoxie, I'm 73.) I have always considered the internet as one huge community billboard. I don't think 90% of what I do at all is of particular interest to others, but I assume that anything I do online might be viewed somehow by someone, much as the old "party" phone lines didn't guarantee privacy in a phone call. I love computers; I loved using them for business; I love using them for play; but I don't expect 100% privacy when I use them, and if I ever have something that important to keep private, I'll remember how to write and mail a letter. Since governments are composed of many individuals who are not very computer savvy, I wish they'd use their own encrypted intranets unlinked to the internet, registered mail, and trusted, vetted couriers (remember those?).

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Granville Alley
02 Apr 2017

I guess the biggest problem I had (have) with the whole Obama last minute scheme to give further advantage to Google in particular for its collection of data is the picking of winners and losers. Nothing this rule did would actually improve any individuals privacy one iota while stomping a mud hole in Google's competition and allowing them to be even more predatory (and richer) than they already were.

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05 Apr 2017

Those of you that use Ad Blockers, could you recommend some good ones? Thanks.

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06 Apr 2017

Paid ISP's selling your browsing history is quite different than free search engines making money on targeted ads.That's the difference in this corporate sponsored bill.

Comcast, and other ISP's paid millions to get this passed. Find out how much your Representative received, and let them know your thoughts, and remember them when you vote.

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08 Apr 2017

A good ad blocker is AdBlock Plus.

You can whitelist sites if you wish, or just block all the ads.

And if we want to help pay for Bob's brilliant site we can "buy him a snickers bar" ... see the link above these comments if you wish to do so.

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