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13 Jun 2018

yeah, well... how many terrorists who have struck been on a "watch list"? Big Brother dropped the ball on them.

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15 Jun 2018

Thank Goodness our government is looking out for America. Finally they will be able to identify and confine all perpetrators, something sorely needed in a nation invaded by border jumpers and criminals, especially out here in California.

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16 Jun 2018

I have mixed feelings about this. First and foremost, I am grateful to Bob for telling us about this. But the mixed feelings come from feeling good about the fact that the government is using technology to identify bad guys before they can do harm. But on the other hand, I am gravely concerned that this much personal data in one place will surely be used in the future in unconstitutional ways solely for the benefit of an individual politician or political party. So that's both a zero and a ten on my own personal Richter Scale.

Bob, periodic updates Please!

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16 Jun 2018

*Ok, keep it short*
If you don't want it to be used, don't upload, post or even email it over the internet!
*They will never learn*

It's not that difficult once you reach adolescence! But it's up to us to teach the simpleminded what not to do with this tech.

Having said that, means the problem is our own and we are to blame, we can't win!!

Thanks Bob, there should be more articles on this!! (We the people need to know the dangers!)

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18 Jun 2018

This has been going on for a long, long time. It's only now that there is such a thing as "deep machine learning", that's it's come to this awful eventuality.

PS: who is president (figurehead only-- manipulated by the ones who hold the real purse-strings) wouldn't have made ANY difference. The blame lies at the feet of the American people-- who have allowed their greediest and most dishonest to become their leaders.

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18 Jun 2018

WOW!!! Once again, a "duel-edge sword" for the government and We The People!!!

I do like that the government wants to have complete surveillance on the criminals or terrorists. I hate that it must go that far and into private citizens lives to search for these criminals and terrorists!

I also believe that there are way too many people in the US that have forgotten about 9-11-2001. This is completely dangerous and relatively stupid to forget. Terrorists attacks are still occuring around the world and we have been "lucky" that it hasn't happened in the US, again.

As for Net Neutrality, that in itself is a complete oxymoron. It is impossible to have the Internet completely free, if Net Neutrality is imposed, there goes Freedom. Freedom does have it's "let down" and keeps us open for multiple issues that none of us, really like. . .But, that is what Freedom is all about. . .Freedom.

So, what is it that we really want? Freedom or Controlled means to access the Internet? I know that I want Freedom and that will probably entail HART. Of that, I am not happy, but we can protest, since that is one of our rights, correct?

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04 Jan 2019

Bob you are a lighthouse in the middle of a fogbank. Holy #!@$ just read the nazi Trumpistas right on this board and you can see how much danger we're already in. At this point, the upcoming century is looking a whole lot worse than the 20th. damn straight it's gonna be the Holocaust all over again.

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04 Jan 2019

FIRST: this is not a 'flame', nor do I mean any one any harm - just trying to clear up a few issues at that ugly intersection of Data, Information, and Politics. Personally I am a "Decline to State" because no one is ALWAYS right (or left [smile]).

ID: "Why did the United States fight fascism and communism around the world?"

MmeMoxie: "Terrorists attacks are still occuring around the world . . ."

Well, here I go and put my neck into the noose yet again! ID: I honestly don't believe that 'The School of the Americas' had a class on 'How to Build A Democracy' in their curriculum -- anywhere. Do you?

AND I almost suspect that in 'Newspeak' when they read "We The People of [insert country] in Order to form a more perfect Union,. . ." read 'We The People" as "We The Oligarchs of [insert country]. . .". It is honestly difficult for me to find ANYTHING good that came from the School of the Americas, especially 'Democracy'.

MmeMoxie: I kinda hate to bring this up - but when you look at capital sales of arms and munitions you will find that the United States of America probably fills your definition of 'Terrorist State' more than I suspect you realize, some call us the 'Greatest Terrorist State in the World'. Depending upon how 'greatest' is defined, I could agree.

We even (still) sell 'persistent' land mines and cluster bombs to other nations (illegal under international law, but we are not abiding by that Treaty because 1) we like landmines, and 2) selling them is not illegal) to use against both their 'enemies' and against their own population - the USA does this with that knowledge.

We also aid others in perpetuating governments so brutal that they make other terrorist nations pale in comparison - the only difference is that we only sell the weapons and toys (with training) and we only HELP, we generally (_generally_) do not openly participate. (cite: Human Rights Watch, Med Sans (who run hospitals and clinics where US made munitions parts are found after Red Cross and exempt facilities have been destroyed by air or land forces), OxFam, and Amnesty International, among other international groups. The information -- from numbers to costs is not difficult to find on-line'.

I trembled when I read about the UTAH DATA CENTER (UDC) which is run by the NSA - and which already contains virtually every overseas call made from 2003 forward, until it could store every cell phone call made in nearly any country, starting with the USA. Then it started storing those - along with EVERY credit card purchase you have ever made when that technology was developed, any bank transaction you have made, and, soon -- when the program is completed, every parking ticket you have received (read: any contact with an LEA you have ever had). And, of course, it goes without saying every web site you have EVER visited (well your IP number, and that can be tied to you by cross referencing your IP with....say every e-mail or memo you have ever sent or received.

Well let me quote WIKI - "The data center is alleged to be able to process "all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Internet searches, as well as all types of personal data trails — parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital 'pocket litter'." In response to claims that the data center would be used to illegally monitor email of U.S. citizens, in April 2013 an NSA spokesperson said, "Many unfounded allegations have been made about the planned activities of the Utah Data Center, ... one of the biggest misconceptions about NSA is that we are unlawfully listening in on, or reading emails of, U.S. citizens. (ed: of course it's a 'misconception' and our government would not lie to us, or to We The People...etc.).

(Let me quickly insert here the fact that, yeah, I'm a vet, and that yeah, I was FRONT LINE FMF Corpsman (IDC) with the US Marine Corps and walked the DMZ [and sometimes a tad north of that -- and don't call myself a 'vet' very often -- and don't consider a 'vet' someone who just sat behind a desk in Vietnam: so 'whiny-tree-hugging hippie' is not a counter argument, though I may be a VERY WELL armed, whiny-tree-hugging hippie and don't consider myself overly paranoid).

OK, NOW hold THAT previous thought about the UDC in your mind, now reach over and overlay ALL that 'Data' with HART. Still holding THAT combined image in your mind and allow ANY cop in ANY county complete access to that data inside their vehicle during a vehicle stop, or when a facial recognition program flags you, and I think you might BEGIN to understand how truly terrifying the marriage of the UDC+HEART+Local Cop can be.

Not to mention how dangerous to YOU (and me) any Acronym COMPLETE access to that 'Data' can become. Let's all hope that it isn't Lt. Col. Sam Flagg (from M*A*S*H), or Senator Joseph McCarthy our 'Honorable Gentleman from Wisconsin' who is looking at UDC data through the lens of HEART.

I think you can see why Bob MIGHT be bothered by HART when things like the UDC is such old news, we hardly ever think of it anymore - yet it grows larger by the split second.

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