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21 May 2007

Thank you so much! If this page wasn't here I don't know how I would have figured out how to make my song play automatically. Thank you thank you so much!

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22 May 2007

I was wondering if you could help me as i am about to tear my hair out. I cant see any myspce videos or music... Youtube videos are fine but anything Myspace embedded just gives me a white box... I have recently loaded XP on my computer (i was 2000 before) and i CANT get it to work in either IE or FF. I have downloaded the lastest flash player and every other thing you can think of....

it is really bugging me now but i am completly clueless and am even thinking about reverting back to 2000 just because i know it works . Please please help... I have run out of things to download to try and fix it.... is this an XP problem? firewall problem what?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Could be a firewall... try disabling. DId you get the latest Quicktime?

Posted by:

26 May 2007

On Myspace, I can't get the Myspace music player to play. When I look at a player on people's Myspaces I see the box but inside it says "Connection failed." Also when I go to band's Myspaces it says "Error Loading XML Document." Other people on Myspace can hear my song on my Myspace but I can't hear it or anyone else's. This has been going on for about a week now. I have the latest player of Adobe Flash and Quicktime, and I don't know what else to do. Can you help?

EDITOR'S NOTE Does it work with a different browser?

Posted by:

29 May 2007

ok, so i am completely going out of my mind. a couple weeks ago my cousin was on my computer and compressed a whole bunch of files. and my dad fixed it and now myspace music won't work. i have tried updating quicktime and flash. i've reinstalled both, and nothing seems to happen. When its loading it looks like its loading and it says "error downloading music" its very frustrating. PLEASE HELPPPP ME.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I suggest System Restore --

Posted by:

03 Jun 2007

Ok, so our band has a myspace page but something doesn't work in our "Upcomming Shows" section. It only shows the date, time, city and province. It doesn't show the venue with the link for the details of the event. Can you help us with that?

EDITOR'S NOTE: All I can suggest is to delete and re-add the entry, sorry.

Posted by:

04 Jun 2007

I've gone onto my mom's laptop, and when I access Myspace from there, it works. It seems that it's a problem with my computer, but I don't know what to install or how to fix it!

Posted by:

04 Jun 2007

I'm trying to figure out how to loop my audio player so it does not stop after one song. I noticed you said there is a loop="true" parameter, but where does this go in the overall code of the player?

EDITOR'S NOTE: See the discussion of AUTOSTART in this page: -- The concept is the same for LOOP.

Posted by:

06 Jun 2007

When I pasted the code for my music player and saved it in the "Music" section of my profile, it changed part of the URL for the songs from "" to "" and of course, it doesn't play. I've tried to re-insert the correct tag, but it continues to save it this way. Any Suggestions? Thanks.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like Myspace is filtering that particular site. What happens if you type ""? I know that won't work, but it will confirm that Ripway is being filtered. You could also substitute the IP address for the domain name. The IP for is

Posted by:

07 Jun 2007

Having the same problem as a few people it seems. Before a system reinstall a few months ago, everything was fine. Since then, all I get on any myspace page is a blank white box where the player should be. This happens both with firefox and IE.

I've installed, and reinstalled, flash, shockwave, java, codecs, quicktime, the whole caboodle, and on every other site everything is as normal. Disabling firewall and AV does nothing. Properly stumped and its seriously frustrating...

Posted by:

07 Jun 2007

I have the same problem as Grant. No music players will show, I have reinstalled both flash and QT, neither IE or Firefox will show the music player, all other flash objects work just fine. Sigh... I also tried disabling anti-virus, but it didn't help. Grant, may I ask which version of windows you're using?

Posted by:

10 Jun 2007

I can hear and play videos from the YouTube website. However, when I embed the video code into MySpace, the video plays but I do not hear the audio. Any suggestions?

Posted by:

10 Jun 2007

Hey, I'm having trouble hearing my music. When I'm on a myspace profile, the music player is there (the same with band pages) and it shows that the music is playing, but I don't hear anything. I also cannot hear sound on youtube/ movie trailers/ect but the videos are still playing. But I can hear my music when I use winamp/itunes, so I have nothing wrong with my speakers. Is this a temporary glitch on myspace? And I already downloaded Flash 9, so I don't know what else could get my sound back. Please help!!

Posted by:

19 Jun 2007

You helped me solve my music problem! You rock!

Thank you so much!

Posted by:

22 Jun 2007

My music player on my music page is not playing, tracks can be downloaded but they wont play, I had bodog as a friend to get 5 tracks but track were not downloadable so I deleted them from my friends, it worked fine for a few days and then decided to stop working (I can still add another track mind you). If I add bodog as a friend again it doesn't make a difference, it may fix itself but it may not, I have added another player for the time being but does anybody know how to fix this problem, or should it fix itself in time....Thanks...Jay

Posted by:

22 Jun 2007

Is there a way to add the Myspace standalone player to a regular Myspace page? If so could you please help me found out how. I also created a Music page. When I uploaded my music it said it could take up to 24 hrs to show up. It's been 2 days and nothing. Do you have any thoughts?

Posted by:

Kolton Moreno
26 Jun 2007

Hey i have a band called the parks and every time we upload our tracks on our myspace music page it works but it doesnt play all it does is give me a 1 second buzz and it says proccessing what should i do to fix this problem?

EDITOR'S NOTE: All I can suggest is to upload again, or wait. Myspace is not the most stable platform...

Posted by:

27 Jun 2007

I noticed that the whole player is missing on my MySpace profile page. Then I noticed that everyone's players are missing. My friends computer, down the street, works fine. What on my computer is blocking the MySpace players from loading??

EDITOR'S NOTE: Firewall, anti-virus, damaged system files, downlevel Flash or Quicktime can cause this.

Posted by:

29 Jun 2007

Hello! How can I resize my standalone player on my music profile on my space? Is there a smaller player available? I have searched and searched for this info and found nothing.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Then maybe there is nothing...

Posted by:

03 Jul 2007

Can somebody please explain to me how to add Bodog as a friend, everytime I try to get to their myspace they ask for my email and password as if I´d want to logg in.....I want to have the 5th song!!

Posted by:

05 Jul 2007

Hi . I have a problem and the problem was when i go into music section and then type the band i want to add but i keep clicking on the add but it disable so how could i add it?

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