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30 Dec 2006

Why not go with an IDE to Serial ATA Converter? They plug right into the hard drive.

Posted by:

Carlos Legarda
14 Feb 2007

In my experience, I find IDE drives more reliable than SATA drives.

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19 May 2007

Same experiances... I prefer IDE drive more than SATA Drives

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Iosif Pinelis
28 May 2007

Hi, I am told that there are physical errors on my hard drive (IDE 80GB, HP Pavilion 753n, Windows XP). I thought I could try to install another HD (for which there is a slot), then copy all contents of the old drive to the new one and make the pc start from the new HD, and perhaps even to stop using the old drive. I would like to transfer all my current data and installations on the new drive.

Is it possible/reasonable to realize such a program, and if so, what would be a good way to do that and what are possible hurdles and limitations? Thank you.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Try Acronis True Image or EASEUS Disk Copy.

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17 Jul 2007

sir, i am using P III 800 MHZ on 815e intel motherboard having 256mb RAM. i tried implementing a new 160 GB HDD but it is showing only 136 GB when i tried to partition it with Fdisk... why is this happening???

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's probably a limitation of your motherboard.

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07 Sep 2007

You've helped me out a lot. thats cleared things up alot, im buying new new hdd once ive saved up. if i was old enough to buy online, i would buy you a snickers :)

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07 Oct 2007

Our problem started with a windows32 system error & windows wouldn't boot. We did the repair function using WinXP CD, windows then did boot but no internet connection. Cable ISP tech support said pc was seriously infected & recommended fresh reload of windows. BUT what to do about all the years of data? PC would not recognize an external HD to try to transfer the data. Was told I was on borrowed time with the old 80GB IDE hard drive. So in the process we have replaced the network card (which we found to be defective) ran all kinds of antivirus programs with nothing found, bought a 180GB SATA hard drive then a PCI card when I realized the motherboard wouldn't recognize the SATA drive, loaded windows, which is working along with internet. No one (in our town) even sells 80GB IDEs anymore, didn't even know there were 2 different kinds!) Tried to install the old IDE hard drive, but windows won't boot when both are hooked up. Obviously I'm a novice and need some direction. Are the two not compatible? Should I try to put the old hard drive in another pc & transfer it to an external HD & then put it back on the new SATA drive? Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm surprised you couldn't use an external hard drive. Failing that, your final suggestion seems to be a good one.

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21 Oct 2007

Tried to install an IDE to a SATA rig. I have the converter card on the IDE HDD to be installed. Put it in and booted up, and bio recognized the new second drive as "3rd Master IDE" but does not show in My Computer, only the main SATA HDD.

I suspect the jumper on the second drive needs to be changed? It is currently set as Primary Slave. Should the jumper be moved to Secondary Master? Both HDD's have Windows XP Pro Sp2 installed as the second drive was the Primary Master in another rig.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, I'm pretty sure it must be set to master.

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03 Dec 2007

Why is there no mention of the the IDE TO SATA Converter Adapter on the page?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The IDE to Serial ATA Converter is mentioned in the first comment, along with a link.

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09 Jan 2008

Hi Bob, I have been trying to add my old IDE as a second HDD (internal), I thought I found the answer when I found your site. However, I don't want an external USB drive. I bought an IDE-to-SATA adapter and the pc will not recognize the drive no matter what. It's rare, but I am at a complete loss. Can you help?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I had that same situation a few days ago, trying to add an IDE drive to a system that had only SATA ports on the motherboard. I was skeptical that the drive would fit in the case after adding the IDE-to-SATA adapter, so I went with an external USB connection instead. But maybe the jumpers on the IDE drive have some bearing on this?

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22 Jan 2008

I have two 20 Gig IDE hard drives (c,d). I want to upgrade to an 160 gig Western Digital (16MB cache, very quiet) SATA2 hard drive. My motherboard has an output connection (plug) for SATA1 (150/sec), not SATA2 (300/Sec). Will a SATA2 hard drive work with my motherboard that operates with SATA1 only????

EDITOR'S NOTE: I've read that Sata2 is backwards compatible with Sata1, so give it a try.

Posted by:

27 Jan 2008

Hi Bob, I am having the same problem as Jesse. I am using an IDE to Sata bridge converter to connect a 250g Maxtor internally. I have plenty of room and plenty of power connections. I can not get the computer to recognize the new drive in the Bios. I have tried switching the order of the SATA connections, and if the new drive is in sata0 the computer will not recognize either drive. Any suggestions?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Perhaps the adapter is defective. Did you try various jumper combos on the IDE drive?

Posted by:

07 Feb 2008

Hi Bob I am building a new computer and want to take a hard drive from an older computer and use the operating system on the new computer. I hear that once you install a copy of Windows XP on computer its registered to that computer and a install of the software on a new computer will not be accepted by Microsoft when it connects to the internet. So I have been told that I need to install the old drive into the new computer and do a repair.

My problems are: New drive is a Sata, old drive is IDE, the new motherboard is a ASUS P5K with and IDE port on the board and a bunch of Sata ports on it. So I figure I need to install old drive and do a repair , then install the Sata drive do a drive copy using copy commander, pull the ide(which I will wipe and put Linux on and use that in the old computer)Make the Sata drive the master. Does this sound right or am I off track?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Just go ahead and try installing on the new disk. I've heard that MS allows multiple installs as long as a few months have elapsed. If you run into trouble, just call the MS hotline and tell them you're replacing a failed HD and it will be fine.

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09 Feb 2008

how do I boot SATA HDD converted to IDE? it says hard disk fails.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't know of any way to convert a SATA drive to IDE. They are different at the hardware level. There are adapters to let you connect a SATA drive to an IDE slot on a motherboard (and vice versa). If you've done that, and the drive won't boot, it could be a hardware defect in the drive or the adapter.

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05 Mar 2008

Hi Bob, I have a new computer that has an 80GB SATA drive in it and I hooked up a new 250GB IDE drive. The IDE drive shows up in device manager but not in windows explorer. How do I get it to show up?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Has the new drive been formatted? If not, try Disk Management tool.

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30 Mar 2008

I have just built a new computer and im currently have XP installed on to an IDE HDD. I recently bought a SATA HDD but now im stuck with the problem of trying to get Xp onto the SATA since my father in law has the XP disk. Is there program available to be able to put XP from the IDE onto the Sata.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Your XP disc most likely lacks the SATA drivers. Check on the website of the company that made the SATA drive for the XP driver software.

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01 Apr 2008

Hi Bob, Sorry if this has been asked before, but i have windows vista and have just added a second SATA hard drive. The drive is visable in the bios and in device manager but when opening 'my computer' there only appears to be one hard drive on the system. Any help would be greatly received.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You may need SATA drivers for XP. Check the website of the HDD maker.

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10 Apr 2008

I have a SATA bootable hard drive, and I'm adding a brand new, clean, IDE drive internally for extra storage. I assume I set the jumper to slave on the IDE, since I won't be booting from it? Which plug on the data cable should I use though: the one in the middle or the one at the end?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't think it matters which plug you use. But my guess is that you'll need to set the drive jumper as Master, not Slave, since it's the only IDE drive. SATA has no master/slave concept, so the IDE drive will not be seen as a slave to the SATA drive.

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25 Apr 2008

my question is who is the brilliant person who came up with sata drive's you have no control over if it mess's up you cant even piggy back to to recover files to another drive Would it have been too hard to put a jumper for master/slave with ide you can , sata forget it you had Best Back Up Any and Every Thing !! You Want. They may be fast but so is a scsi and data recovery is expensive so if you have sata ,a burner is a life saver and cd/dvd disks dont cost much please use them ! ya know 10ms aint that long?

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26 May 2008

I've been reading the posts, but haven't yet found one exactly like my situation. I have a VIA K8T800P-8237 motherboard with a failing Ultra ATA drive. I have a new SATA drive and adapter card. I want to config and use the new drive as my primary (of course :), but not be down the length of time it would take me to swap drives and start from scratch. Can I configure my new drive as a slave, installing Windows XP and apps, while running on the old one; then switch the new one to master and remove the old one? Thanks!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would install the new drive, and temporarily disconnect the old one. Then reboot and install Windows+apps on the new drive. Now shut down, reconnect the old drive and configure the BIOS to boot from the new drive. You'll have your shiny new drive running, and you can copy the files you need from the old drive to the new one, before retiring it.

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