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28 Nov 2006

I'm using my alias to add an extra layer of protection! It irritates the heck out of me when a website at which I'm registering makes my phone number a mandatory field. My solution: Most of the time, I enter the phone number of the large organization where I used to work before I retired. This meets their mandatory requirement, but makes it impossible for them to annoy me by phone. If you think I'm wrong to do this, please give me a call at 555-5555 :o)

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29 Nov 2006

Interesting. I agree on the privacy point. If you think your information is somehow secret you're mistaken. I saw a news show a few years ago where the reporter hired a private eye to find things out about him. In 10 MINUTES, in the reporters office, he had tons of stuff, including medical records, employment and tax records, and other supposedly private info. And that was before so many databases have moved online.

Recently, in an online dating service, I was contacted by a woman from a nearby city. Curious about the meaning of her "handle", I did a quick google. I didn't get a meaning but I got several pages of links to her flickr photos, other dating sites where she revealed different info, and discussion groups she'd posted in - all with the same handle. So you may want to vary your handle in different places.

Here in Canada, phone records have not moved into so many places yet. But I'm sure its coming. There is also services where you can not only get the aerial photo of the property but "drive" down the street with street level photos. Mainly this is used to preview where you're going and find nearby parking and such. And its mostly large city cores so far. Its also notable that some of the aerial photos of my property are Russian in origin (laughs).

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29 Nov 2006

After my last post, it occurred to me that many sites ask for your email address as a login. This becomes your user name and/or profile name. It occurred to me that if using your handle would be that visible, the email as profile would also be. And indeed it was. Glad I use a disposable email address for that...

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Bob Constans
29 Nov 2006

The irony for me in the current situation is how for years (the 90s in particular) I tried to GET my contact information into those places - as a resource for people to get a hold of me (it seemed like I was never correctly listed in the phone book and I was frustrated at losing track of people)- and yet most times that I did an internet search of my name, it was tortuously complicated to get down to the info. I STILL have a much smaller internet footprint and presence than I would like.

Mind you, stealing MY identity would probably do ME more good than the thief. LOL

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Glenn P.,
29 Nov 2006

When I'm forced to provide a phone number, I enter "908-689-0000", which provides the correct area code and exchange (enough, for example, to verify the town I live in) but withholds the last four digits, preventing anyone from calling.

Frankly, I don't know why businesses insist upon knowing my phone number anyway; too many telemarketers calling our answering machine (and hanging up when they hear the outgoing message) as it is. Sheesh!

Posted by:

07 Dec 2006

Thank you so much for the information! It is very much appreciated. -Eric T.

Posted by:

some 4n kid
11 Dec 2006

if you don't have any thing in your phone book then no body will find you when they need it . like your family members or close friends that could be a important emergency.

Posted by:

anonymous J
18 May 2007

Try this: add or subtract a digit from the last digit of your phone number, then call it. For example, if it's 123-4567, call 123-4568. If there's no person at that number (you get a recording), make that your phone alias.

David, above, is right about also having a disposable email address too. Note: Gmail with Google has a privacy waiver. They can scan your e-mails and give info to marketers. No kidding!

EDITOR'S NOTE: What if someone else gets that phone number tomorrow? Bad idea... And please give a source for your claim that Google scans emails and gives personal info to marketers. I've used Gmail for three years and have never seen or heard anything about a privacy waiver.

Posted by:

Annie Shempert
25 Oct 2007

Find out all you never wanted to know about Gmail from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. (

EDITOR'S NOTE: I see that document hasn't been updated in 3+ years. Many of the links don't work, either. It would be nice to have an up-to-date analysis.

As for EPIC's assertion that "Gmail violates the privacy rights of non-subscribers" by means of "content extraction performed on their e-mail" I don't think that really flies.

According to the Gmail privacy FAQ, "Google computers scan the text of Gmail messages in order to filter spam and detect viruses, just as all major webmail services do. Google also uses this scanning technology to deliver targeted text ads and other related information. The process is completely automated and involves no humans."

Advertisers only see aggregated non-personal information such as the number of times one of their ads was clicked. Google does not sell, rent or otherwise share personal information with any third parties.

Posted by:

10 Jan 2008

I went to infospace and all the places listed in your article.

I found my name and too much information, BUT there was NO place at the right of the name to update or remove my information, also no contact area either. Once there was one central location that would remove your name from all spaces, is it no longer available?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Infospace has made it harder... See

Posted by:

10 Jun 2008

I am begining the long process of removing my info from the net. an wondering if there is a list similar to the do not call list for telemarketers? I was suprised when a listing had all my info, I am now in the process of obtaining a p.o box as well so all my mail goes there.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you mean a "do not email" registry, there is no such thing on a national level in the USA. Some states have attempted this, but even the FTC says it's not a feasible idea.

Posted by:

20 Jun 2008

Thanks, Bob, for an invaluable resource. There is yet another directory website that lists my private info, but I don't see it on your how-to-remove list. That one is:

People Lookup. I would really appreciate knowing how to get my info off of there, too.

EDITOR'S NOTE: People Lookup is not a phone directory site. It's a paid service to provide more detailed information such as background checks, criminal records, real estate records, etc. You can't remove your info from this service, because they pull from a variety of public and gov't databases.

Posted by:

03 Sep 2008

Bob, Wow. You've done such a public service, and for FREE! Thank you so much for helping me thru the maze. I can't believe I'm EVERYWHERE and its very upsetting as a single mom. Its going to take a while to get me removed from all of these places as I'm now finding out its no easy task. I've put you in my favorites. Please update when needed so I can keep 'removing' myself.

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29 Oct 2008

There is another search site called This site gives multiple ways to find information. I haven't used all of them, so I don't know if they are connected to the sites you've already mentioned.

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13 Nov 2008

Is there really a way you can manually remove your phone number from an automated calling system by pressing the # or * key continuously? I was told that many automated calling services call your number and record the time that a number is answered so the telemarketer can call again (in person) during that time.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I doubt that's true... if so it would be too easy to get off those lists.

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19 Dec 2008

A BIG Thank You! I have been trying to delete these listings and it's frustrating! You have been so helpful. Also, Thanks for the update on Infospace. I was having a heck of a time deleting my post until I saw your opt out link. One question. If Identity theft is so popular, why is it that the Internet makes it so easy to gain access to our homes and telephones? I understand it's "public" information, but I think if someone wants to find you, they should have to go to the local county court. Why are they making it so easy? I have also signed up for your newsletter and look forward to more of your ideas!


Posted by:

19 Dec 2008

Hi..Can you tell us an easier way to remove our listing from Intelius, other than faxing them?


Posted by:

15 Mar 2009

could i filter do not call list numbers from any directory or please suggest me a directory that is without do dnc.

Posted by:

Ezekiel Alex
17 Mar 2009

I have the problem with phone book in my nokia 6300.
I cant delete phone records at once, i will be happy if u help me how to unprotect it.

Posted by:

14 Apr 2009

I am not able to remove my name from the optout options on switchboard or infospace. It keeps telling me that my criteria doesn't match their records even thought I copied exactly as it appears. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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