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24 May 2018

It's nice if you have cell service. Or a phone. The two places I live don't have cell service - one is in deep radio shadow, the other is NW and N-Central Nevada where cell phones are worthless. Even in NE Cali, cell service is rare where I roam. BLM and USFS tend to often fix me out with their radio's if there's a problem or I see something I should not be seeing or find things that should remain hidden (though they like me to be on some kind of 'research' project. That is more common in summer than winter - winter is CB with a 1+K 'kicker' on it so I can get help - but KBx-17xx probably would not work on a DL, nor would my General Ham if i ever get it back - W6Bx. So are we suppose to go out and buy a phone just to be able to drive a car? That's more than crazy.

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Jay R
24 May 2018

I hope that I'm first in line so I can choose 666 as my number. I wonder if we can get specialty DDL if we pay extra. This idea is almost as great powering mosquito repellents with carbon dioxide.

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24 May 2018

I'm with Lee above. I do not like/need a "smart" phone. In fact, I always remember my dl#-that's all I need if I'm pulled over when leaving it @ home.And no one thinks I'm under 21 anymore.

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25 May 2018

A smart phone is an easy hack especially in a crowded environment like a restaurant

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25 May 2018

Don't have a "smart" phone. Don't want a "smart" phone.

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Richard C
26 May 2018

It seems as though the government has figured out a method to make me pay for my physical license, AND how to make me pay monthly (for a smartphone & service) if I wish to have all license features available to me.

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Hardie Johnson
27 May 2018

So this will do away with all the variations in State requirements? All States will be the same? What could go wrong with that??

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John O
29 May 2018

I read several times that young people are not driving until much later if at all. The drivers license will apparently be less universal.

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01 Feb 2019

Too easy for a younger sibling (or other person) who looks like you to use to buy alcohol or cigarettes, etc - either using it with your permission or if they happen to know what your passcode is.

Also if you use it with law enforcement, would they have access to other information on your phone?

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