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17 Oct 2007

Hi. I've run into alot of the issues posters have had in my many years of using pc-clones. This one took the cake though. Built a new machine with an AMD 6000+, EVGA sli mainboard , 2 gigs of ram, a pioneer burner and 2 HDS. Power supply is a 450 watt and a lowly Nvidia 7300 pcix video card. I started getting random power-offs like someone pulled the plug.

After testing a different Power supply and different video card I still hadn't managed to solve the problem and was ready to RMA the mainboard when it dawned on me. The system was plugged into a power-bar that i had used with an old PC that started going on the fritz. So, i took it out and plugged it into a different power-bar and that reduced my power-offs tenfold. It still did it occasionally but much less often. I then removed EVERY other plug from the power-bar and its rare now for the system to turn off on its own.

Moral of the story, always check everything including your power source. I guess this thing can draw a lot of power. Oddly enough the few random poweroffs i get also seem to occur when i try to use "Coretemp", a multi-core temperature monitoring utility. Just thought you might want to relay some of this info to your other readers.

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26 Oct 2007

Hi!My pc automatically restarts.When it tries to restart I get a message saying Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt. \WINDOWS\SYSTEM 32\CONFIG\SYSTE Can anyone suggest a fix. Thank you...

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you can get into Safe Mode, try System Restore.

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29 Oct 2007

Hi I have few problems. I have two comps onw Dell XPS Gen 3 with 4 GB Ram and one Sony VGC-RA834G with 2 GB RAM both Sony is running WINXPMCE 2005 and dell XPSP2, I had some virus issue so I reinstall the system on both installed Kaspersky 7 and Norton security 2008 and spysweeper. I also installed ESATA silicon controler to use my 2 WD My book 1 TB each external hdd. My problems are following. Once the ESATA HDD are isntalled on sony it indicated that Silicon image blah blah 2 external disk blah blah and then it says no operatiing system found. In Bios there is no option to go to boot priority over the esata controler. Basically, it doesn't show boot disk or any other hdd in the system only CF and MMS and SD slot. If this is plug to Dell it starts with no problem. That's one issue. If I keep the esata HDDs plug to Dell and start the Sony even after removing the esata controler it's shuts down every 4-5 hours. Temperature is good since the comp is open and fans running right on it. I checked if the power supply cable is not lose or memory or any other device. All seems fine but it shuts down. I just installed the new system from restore disk and I'm not sure where could be the problem. My 3rd issue is that the Dell after certain time freezes and is not responding. I'm not sure if this could be power issue because the dell has 460 W unit and 4 GB RAM and 256 MB graphic card, Running only 2 HDD inside, and 3 external outside. It runs cintig 21" and samsung 21" display simultaneously. Coudl this be related to having win XP only able to accept 3 GB ram isntead and not to have 4 installed? I wonder

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30 Oct 2007

Why does my computer shut down and restart when I put DVD’s into my drive to record onto. Never used to do this before. It’s nothing to do with the computer heating up as it can be on all day then as soon as the disk is placed in the drawer it shuts down and reboots.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would re-install the software driver for the DVD drive.

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06 Nov 2007

I had a similar problem with my computer randomly shutting down. I replaced the Power Supply, RAM, HD, Video Card, Motherboard and CPU to no avail.
It ended up being the Power Switch on the case was bad. To test it I took the 2-pin PWR SW connector off the Motherboard and touched the 2 pins with a small screwdriver for a second and the computer started up and stayed on.
You can also just move the RESET connector over to the PWR SW pins and use the RESET Button on case to start computer.
Just wanted to throw this out there for anybody having the same problem and start replacing everything like I did. Save some bucks!

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16 Nov 2007

Hey my problem is also quite similar to the other people. My laptop ussually works quite fine. However every time i play a particular game (warcraft 3) for abit, my laptop just shuts down by itself. It doesn't shut down when im doing anything else on my laptop. It only occurs when i play that game.

I have tried reformating my laptop and reinstalling the game. Just wondering if any one that has had this problem, help me out please!

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26 Nov 2007

Hey, my computer also had similar problems with all of yours. I had been playing a game for quite a few weeks and nothing had happened to my computer, but one day the screen suddenly just turned black. The light on the CPU was still on, but when I pressed the start button, there was no reaction. I had to hold it for a very long time before it went off and I could turn it on again. When it was turned on, the appearance of my computer had changed into Windows Classic mode I couldn't change it back. It continued to turn off at random intervals and today I saw this website and did a system restore, which actually worked. My computer is back to a normal xp interface. I'm not sure if it will continue shutting down, I sincerely hope not, but just wanted to share this with you guys in case any of you were stuck with windows classic mode too =/

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15 Dec 2007

The Speedfan utility froze my computer and it crashed.

EDITOR'S NOTE: It could have been some interaction between Speedfan and your computer, but it sounds like you have bigger problems. For now, assume that you DO have a high temp and try the other suggestions.

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05 Feb 2008

my computer started to shut down by itself for no specific reason, i did everything i even opened the powersupply case , for now it works for about 15 mins before it shuts down, anything you can suggest my card is "heat tube" radeon 1300" not the card , i dont wana screw up my computer or damage it more . thanks

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23 Mar 2008

My computer also started just shutting itself down. Like at random moments. Like sometimes it would do it once then other times twice at one time. I leave the side of the computer off. Is that bad? Does it cause it to get dustier? Which is bad?

I scanned my computer with PC Doc Pro and it said I had 500 errors also. Some where serious. I really don't know how to great rid of them. I gotta buy PC Doc Pro for it to work right.

EDITOR'S NOTE: When you say the "side" of the computer, I assume you mean the computer itself, rather than the monitor. That should not pose a problem with dust. Also, I've never heard of PC Doc Pro, and would be very skeptical of it. Try a spyware or anti-virus program from a well-known vendor. See and for help there.

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27 Mar 2008

My computer was shutting down and rebooting by itself for no reason, one time during reboot it windows identified the problem as being caused by an update, then it shutdown again, on reboot it said the error that time was caused by the antivirus, that being Norton 360, I had updated Norton just that morning, I believe the problem was caused by a dodgy update, anywho to fix the problem I uninstalled and reinstalled Norton and as of yet today the problem hasn't occurred.

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04 May 2008

my desktop acer Aspire shut down twice this morning after i was on MSN hotmail chat? it did an automatic shut down and auto start up with scan boot (check disk for consistentcy? win fat...???)

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06 May 2008

My computer shuts down at 5pm everyday. It started this about a few weeks ago. It can run all day and then at 5pm it shuts down. It is not hot I have a gauge that shows me the temp. I checked the power control and everything is set not to shut down. What could be the problem?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Do you get any messages prior to the shutdown? Does it just go "poof" or does it do a normal shutdown? It could be something in a power profile causing the computer to hibernate. Look in Control Panel for the Power Options (under Performance and Maint).

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17 Aug 2008

My computer seems to shut down on days when it's extremely hot in the house. When my com shut's down the green power light stays on and I have to hold it down for a few secs. to shut it down. Did I pick up a virus somewhere. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

EDITOR'S NOTE: I've never heard of a virus that's heat activated. I would suspect an overheating condition that's made worse by the high room temperature. Maybe a good cleaning inside the computer case (especially the heat sinks) would help.

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18 Aug 2008

Hey does anyone know why my computer is shutting off all the time. And when i turn it back on after it shuts down it won't come on i have to wait like 30 min and turn it back on. sometimes it shuts right back off after i turn it on and it loads. I have no clue what to do can anyone help.

EDITOR'S NOTE: No clue? Even after reading the article? Which of the suggested remedies did you try?

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22 Aug 2008

Same problem here. But mine is quite different. It shut down like the fans and cpu turns off but when I take a look at the led on my cpu it is lit in yellow green.. The shut down happens in random. I do understand that I can consider that this is caused by over heating, but the thing is that this problem started when I clean the dust from the cpu fans to incerase air flow to the processor. Another problem is that after booting it up since I really need to power cycle the main pc, my documents and all newly installed programs before it shuts down was deleted. Most of the time if the files are saved from default windows folder like my docs, my music etc. It like it performs a system restore after the shut down. I do have Panda 2008 Antivirus. Any suggestions? Im running win xp pro, Intel P4 3.0HT, 1G ram (512 each inserted in a ddr2 533 dimm), 128 VGA.

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30 Sep 2008

i have a sony vaio laptop with windows xp i bought it in 2005 not sure the model , it has been shuting down randomly on its own . at first i noticed it was only happening when i watched news or youtube for more than 15 minutes at a time , might have just been a quinkydink . when i turn it back on it takes forever for windows to start up can u help tx

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like an overheating problem, I'd have the internals checked out at a service center.

Posted by:

Eric Shandil
23 Oct 2008

Thanks for the cleaning tip. Saved me from heat up of CPU.

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Guy Leonard
04 Dec 2008

I have a problem with my PC shutting down by itself.

I have a dual boot system with XP and 98.In XP it is fine but in 98 it shuts down at random intervals. May be after 20 minutes, sometimes an hour or longer.It seemed to me to start doing this after running cc cleaner.I have run this program before though without problems. Unfortunately I have to use

98 at the moment.There are no error messages it just shuts down.However I have noticed a few odd things like missing icons or missing color from icons in the START bar etc.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Why is it that you need to run Win98? Maybe there's a workaround...

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11 Dec 2008

help! my computer shuts off IMMEDIATLEY as it is taken off charge. I can never move or go wireless with it! it drives me crazy. Do u think something is wrong with the battery?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Laptop batteries are controlled by electronics and sensors inside the battery and in the computer that can fail. So yes, most likely your battery is toast.

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