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24 Oct 2009

I've been using ink refillers that I bought on the internet for years and have refilled the same Canon cartridges maybe 15 to 20 times! I get great printing, both black and color, but my wife keeps saying we need to get new Canon cartridges because she wants better color. So I broke down and got new cartridges - could not believe the price, I can refill at least 5 times for that! - but the color is WORSE than we had before!!! The black is all over the place, I ruined 8 to 10 pages before we could get a decent copy! I can't wait until it runs out and my refill bottles arrive.!

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01 Dec 2009

I had my ink cartridges refilled and now I am getting an error message on my HP Inkjet 5700, is there a way to get the refilled cartridges to work?

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jared joshua t
09 Feb 2013

how wil i fix a cartridge problem that displace error cartridge

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09 Dec 2013

It would be nice to see a list of printers that can use refillable cartridges without going through some steps to defeat the ink level estimation firmware. We need to stop mindlessly throwing things in the trash, recycle, reuse.

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