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25 May 2006

My problem is just the opposite of the previous poster, my CD drive won't open. I have a Home edition XP and run both FireFox and IE and Opera for my browsers. Once I get the CD in and copy some items to it, I get an error message that the CD is faulty and wouldn't copy. So it asks me "Do you want to save the information and try again, or put in a new disk and try again?"

I've tried several new disks and always get the same error message. That the disk is full or faulty, neither of which is really true. I have to shut down the machine to rereive the disk and then when I look at it again, what I wanted copied is there!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Definitely a faulty drive. You might try cleaning it with non-flammable compressed air, which is available in most office supply stores. But most likely it will need to be replaced.

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25 May 2006

I have the same problem. My CD/DVD drive opens at will, and definitely at boot up. I also have noticed that when it does open while I am working on the computer, I hear a bit of static through the speakers. This makes me suspect a hardware problem, possibly a bad cable or motherboard problem. Any thoughts?

EDITOR'S NOTE: In your situation, I would blow out any dust, reseat the cables and see what happens. If it continues, you can live with it and wait for the drive to die, or replace it.

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26 May 2006

A friend of mine has that problem, it started when he was doind a cd with nero and sudenly during the burning state, he decided to cancel it, now the tray keeps openning and closing...

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26 Jul 2006

Shortly after replacing a failed power supply my CDROM drive would open at boot and continued to stay open. Whenever I tried to close the tray it would imediately open again, it also refused to read any type of CD. I seached online and found out that this was a typical malfuction of that specific drive in relation to the power supply. All provided suggestions about reseting the drive didn't work.

So after being fed up with my computer continually deciding to brake this, that, and the other thing I unplugged it for a couple days. Later I plugged the power cord back into the wall and everything was back to normal! Sometimes if my computer is suddenly turned off (example: blackout) the CD tray will misbehave again, but unplugging it for 48 hours seems to do the trick.

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21 Sep 2006

The CD drive on my computer will only stay closed if I close it by hand when the computer is off. This is the only way I can get it to read disks. I shut the computer off, put in the disk, close it and then turn the computer on. I suspect an alignment problem, and will probably try replacing it.

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18 Nov 2006

I have a similiar problem, and it is very annoying! I'm a winXP sp2 Home Edition user, and I think it might cause by one of my faulty USB port, since I had both of this problems happens in a same day.Any idea how to fix it?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would remove or disable the USB port, then see if the problem persists.

Posted by:

Vasim Qureshi
05 Dec 2006

I have dual booting option in my PC i.e. Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows XP. Primary booting is set to Windows 98. When I work in Windows 98, CDROM tray keeps opening and closing automatically in every minute. Eventhough when I am copying something from CDROM, suddenly CDROM tray ejects and copy operation is aborted.

When I work in Windows XP, CDROM behaves very desently. I am able to read CD without any problem. CDROM Tray ejects only when it is ordered to do so. Hence for using CDROM, I am bound to work in Windows XP rather than Windows 98. I believe it is probabaly happening due to some tricky virus or spyware ? Any idea/suggestion about it ?

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you have Win98 (which is very old and no longer supported by Microsoft) and WinXP, why would you boot into Win98? Especially if Win98 is causing these problems?

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12 Mar 2007

Hi, I had a similar problem thrice, where my cdrom tray would open and close continuosly. out of 3 times ,I had to format my system in two scenarios.which led to problem resolution.This is completely a spyware .when this issue arose for the third time,I ran antivirus which scanned my system and 6 virus were found out,after deleting these virus files the issue was resolved.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, that's one possible cause, although I suspect not very common.

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16 Mar 2007

I had that problem too, but I ran spyware/anti-virus and the problem still remained. I actually got so annoyed I pulled the internal power supply to the drive out and inadvertantly think I might have blown my power supply as my computer wont turn on at all now. Any thoughts on that? I'm gonna replace the cdrom as it's cheap and I was replacing the case and power supply so this just speeds the proccess up. However, I would still like to know why this happend.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you plug or unplug ANYTHING while the computer is on, you risk doing major damage to the device, the motherboard and the power supply.

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29 May 2007

I've had the same problem too with my computer and it's DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!! My CD drive will open up by itself and now it'll take me as many as 20 times closing it by hand before it stays closed. (I know one day I'll break it) Then sometimes it'll just open again by itself with any prompting by me. I've tried anti-virus and spyware and I still have the problem and it's getting WORSE! HELP!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'd replace the drive.

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03 Jul 2007

2 brand new drives are doing this to me, opening and closing intermittently at random. Putting in the "older" drive does not result in this behaviour.

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09 Sep 2007

I'm having a similar problem with both my CD ROM and my DVD RW drives... one or the other will open at boot up. But even more annoyingly, one or the other will frequently (but not always) open when I use CTRL C to copy something in WORD. Or if the tray is already open, CTRL C will close it. I have an HP Media Center PC running XP. I regularly run anti-virus and anti-spyware. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the drivers.

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21 Sep 2007

My DVD\CD-RW drive has a similar problemm too. It does not open if i press the eject button once. I have to press the eject button multiple times to get it open. It even opens automatically without prompting during bootup or when the system is idle. It even ejects duringg copying of data or playing DVD or CDs.

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25 Oct 2007

I like the cd rom trick;i rate it 10 out 10

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07 Dec 2007

I've had this problem for years - spent £100 on a DVD drive that was hardly ever used then it starts doing this. I sellotaped it up for a while thinkinghtat that might brake the motor inside it but now its unsellotaped then it still happily pops out when ever I put the computer ona and goes in and out for a few minutes. Must be hardware since it does it on boot up and the computer has had new hard drives and a reinstall of the OS (Win 98) and its still happening. Only now do I try and fix it!

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18 Dec 2007

my CD R/W also giving thesame problem.
it open on boot na dstays open until i close it.
once i close it afetr placing a CD,It automatically opens, but not closing automatically.
What is the cause no boby knows, is it..?

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25 Jan 2008

have the problem to on my laptop hp but guess what its kinda rare cause sometimes it dosent do any noise and when it does it sounds if it where reading some imaginary cd haha but i got use to it so i put a little yellow sticker inside so when when it opens i read "wanna burn a cd?" lol!

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17 Apr 2008

YES..i too have the same problem, But even though i read and did all these things, my problem is not yet resolved.....Is there any one who have got the solution for the same ?

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18 Jun 2008

I had the same problem - till i looked in to the task manager and killed pdvd.exe in the process list.

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24 Sep 2008

I do not see anyone comment here that nero 8 does it when in use, the really annoying thing is it does not keep open, I could put up with that but it continually opens and closes my second DVD writer but not the primary/first DVD writer that Nero 8 actually uses to burn discs. Thankfully it stops when I shut down the program. Is their a setting in nero 8 to stop this happening or is it just to keep you awake.

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