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25 Mar 2009

I frequently get calls made from fake phone numbers (if you dial them back they don't exist). Will TrapCall reveal the REAL phone number or the fake phone number I am already seeing in my caller ID?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It might depend on whether the caller is doing callerID spoofing. And TrapCall only works on mobile phones.

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30 Mar 2009

Is TrapCall available for land lines?????

EDITOR'S NOTE: No, Trapcall only works with mobile phones.

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31 Mar 2009

Will Trapcall work if you forward your land line to your mobile phone?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I've wondered that myself! Anyone want to give it a try?

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Caller ID Spoofing Pro
01 Apr 2009

Remember to spoof your caller id number when you call them back or just call them back with their own number only changed 1 digit!

When I meeet somebody new, I find myself telling them to never make important decisions solely based on what the caller id says because with caller id spoofing ( ) being so easy to execute, you never know who's on the other end.

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17 Apr 2009

When a telemarketer or other undesirable person calls me, after i find out who they are, i save their number as a new contact and for the name i put "Do Not Answer". That way, the next time they call it shows up as "Do Not Answer" and i ignore it. Not a perfect solution but it has worked well for me for the most part.
After reading this article however, i think i may just try the suggested solutions above.

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18 Apr 2009

I have been getting 'Restricted' calls for a while now. Do you know how tomake the 'Restricted' call as the real callers number?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Trapcall should work for that.

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13 Jun 2009

I am afraid to use this because I believe it is a scam! I've heard that this website takes your number and scams you. Are you sure that this won't happen?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You don't have to enter your number on the Trapcall website. It's a phone-based service. So that sounds like an unfounded rumor.

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29 Jun 2009

This sounds like the perfect thing ,............. for checking those blocked #'s ................if you think your 'significant other ' is cheating ...

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02 Dec 2009

I signed up and it did just as promised, revealed 'private' phone numbers. However, the glitch came when I was in a meeting and I pressed the 'ignore' button on my phone to send a call from my son to voice-mail. Because of the 'forward' function associated with TrapCall, my son was unable to leave me a message because the forwarding function negated the voice-mail function. Is that your experience?

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dale martinez
08 Apr 2010

Will trapcall work if i use my landline with call forward to my cell ?

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11 Jun 2010

I would love to purchase trap call for my home phone will one be available?

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Michael Thibodeau
10 Jan 2011

Hi everyone,

Trapcall now works for home landlines and business landlines.

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07 Nov 2011

Does it work for spoof calls? As in numbers that are shown, but not the actual number from where there call is coming from.

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09 Jul 2013

Hi, I want to offer you a new service that, unlike trapcall, is TOTALLY free; It just a recording on the website and you can say STOP for the anonymous calls! Try it, is FREE!!

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