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19 Dec 2009

I have looked into this great service and I see it says "by invite only" to get GV. Is this normal?. Is this what you must do to get GV?. Great info here however. Thanks!

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19 Dec 2009

Hmmm, After I click through the "Google invite", it says it's only available in the USA...Is this true?.

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22 Dec 2009

Google Voice is indeed pretty awesome. I have moved a lot in the last few years, and the biggest complaint I get from friends is that they are constantly having to change my phone number in their phones and phone books. And of course, no matter how diligent I am about notifying everyone of a phone number or email change, many never wind up getting around to noting it, and then we lose touch. I went with Google Voice for the same reason I went with Gmail: no matter how many times I move, my contact info will always remain the same. So I don't need to rely on others to insure that I remain connected to them!

There are SOME bugs still involved with GV, but overall, it's great. My bf is in Germany at the moment, and I've found that, although calls are available cheaply to Germany, SMS at the moment is not. But after having read the forums on GV, it looks like that is gradually changing. For those chagrined over the fact that GV is only available to the US, I'd say just be patient. No doubt, it'll be available to the global community soon!

And finally, with regard to invites: You don't need to know someone who already has GV in order to get one of those coveted invites. I myself read about GV and simply requested on the GV site to be on their invite list. It didn't take long before I got mine...maybe a month-ish?? Just go to the URL that Bob previously posted: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/googlevoiceinvite/

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19 May 2010

Why don't they make this available in Canada??? We lack so many things up here. i.e. XM radio service is expensive, like our cell phones more expensive service too. It is infuriating to live on the same continent and be deprived of so many things. Oh Canada!!!

Posted by:

Robert Maurice
21 Oct 2014

I have a need to make calls without blocking but to show a number that is not my actual number is that makes sense. Also , if I use this do I have to dump my phone company I am currently using ?

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