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Posted by:

Digital Artist
27 Oct 2013

I never checked available disk space, I had more than a TB before I ran Privazer, after running it several expected features on regularly visited websites were not working. Ran it again a week or so later and it is making it harder and harder to access regularly visited websites. I guess I like a 'dirty' hard drive.

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29 Oct 2013

Be careful. I ran privazer and it screwed up my system. Still not able to correct it.

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30 Oct 2013

Just want to say thanks Bob, for all your articles. I am going to switch to PrivaZer now.

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30 Oct 2013

I decided not to install PrivaZer in spite of the excellent and useful review. I think it is for intermediate or advanced users. While I qualify, my occaisonal lapse into beginner mode could be a disaster. Also, as is well known, the more thorough and aggressive a program is in cleaning, the more likely it is to make catastrophic mistakes -- which seems to have happened in some of the above.

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31 Oct 2013

Thought you should know about Privazer breaking my computer. After your recommend I DLed and ran Privazer without incident. Ran it again several days ago and can't access the internet since. Though I have a good connection, most apps act like there is none, page loads end in failure, error 117. Restored the 12 registry entries that Privazer had removed. No change. Ran 3 different AV programs. Nothing found. Did system restore to pre-cleanup. No change. Did system restore to 5 days before cleanup. No change. Have Win 7, well maintained and updated. Don't know what to try now. Any suggestions? Awaiting Privazer support response. Looks like others may have similar results:

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30 Dec 2013

Just a note and update ... I have been using PrivaZer for several months now and feel much better, when using it. I am just about over my "learning curve", though I do know, there is always a "learning curve" with any program, especially when it "updates" often.

As Bob stated ... This program is NOT for beginners or maybe even Intermediate users ... This really is for the Geeks and experienced users. You have to "feel comfortable, nosing around" the program and to know how to do it. It took me, awhile to "get the feel" of PrivaZer and I have lots of experience.

Bob and all Geeks will back me up, on this statement ... Never mess with a computer's Registry ... Unless, you REALLY KNOW what you are doing!!! This is why, many "cleansing programs" like PrivaZer, CCleaner, Glary Utilities, and most Registry Cleaners can cause LOTS of problems, with your computer.

Why, your PC may not "act right", after a cleaning ... Is, simply because your Registry was not in optimal condition and it very easily could have had "malware" in it. Yes, malware will reside within your Registry. Why, do you think it can be almost impossible, to remove certain malwares??? The Registry is the key to having your PC or Laptop run correctly or not.

This is one reason why even the Geeks are having a hard time, removing the Conduit malware, from their own PCs. It's in the Registry and keeps coming back, even after you "delete" it. I know ... I have been struggling, for months with the Conduit and Sweet Packs malware, that I got from CNET!!! I think, I got rid of it and then something else "pops up" and it more malware, from Conduit. Not fun ... not fun.

So, be aware that, when you are using Cleaners, from any company ... Problems can come up, usually because something is wrong within your PC and it is commonly, the Registry.

Posted by:

18 Jan 2014

I've been using PrivaZer since Bob recommended it, and I had been relatively impressed with it up until very recently (although not as impressed as Bob seemed to be). I just wanted to add an update here, though; I performed a scan and cleaning (or 14% of a cleaning) yesterday and ran into problems. Firstly, I returned home to the scan being stuck at 14% completion, with a pop-up message that I hadn't seen before waiting for me. I didn't write down the message (I probably should have). But in essence it was asking me if I wanted to replace one folder with another... that same message you get when moving folders, and one that's identical--contents, but not in name--is already in the location to which you're moving it: 'would you like to keep both or overwrite one with the other' kind of thing. I cancelled the cleaning, needless to say. Then, when I opened my browser (Google Chrome), I was given a message that said my "preferences couldn't be read". Most of my extensions were gone, the small handful that remained weren't enabled, and my bookmarks bar wasn't showing. In other words, my 'user profile' was probably corrupted. I was able to correct this after doing some internet reading (I hope... it seems to be corrected); but I have zero confidence in PrivaZer now. I will probably be uninstalling it soon. I just wanted others here, including Bob, to know what happened.

Posted by:

05 Feb 2014

Downloaded PrivaZer on my Desktop with Win.7 and my wife's laptop with Win.7 and without going into detail, both were complete disasters!
If you are getting any Windows error messages or Windows having to shut down and start up, I recommend going to Major Geeks windows downloads and scrolling down and downloading Windows Repair. It worked for me and it might for you also!
It seems PrivaZer works for some and not for others. I can only recommend it for the most advanced users.

Posted by:

The PrivaZer Team
06 Feb 2014

Hello to all,

PrivaZer is now used by approx. 250,000 users now.
If you need support,
please feel free to contact us here (we offer free & quick support) :

and we answer all questions.

your issues are fixed in latest releases. Please give it a try.

What kind of issue did you get? Feel free to contact us :

If you lose 2-3 GB of free space, this is due to your restore points and system snapshots that uses more space because they may save changes made by PrivaZer. To delete them, follow these steps :

Hope it helps

Posted by:

07 Feb 2014

Yes my cleanup took hours the first time. I gained back a few gb's of space. Also there is an option to make a system restore before proceeding along with save registry button. I recently upgraded to a Sata drive in my old PC. Ran PrivaZer which also took hours to complete as it warned me it would. As it was going past 12 gb's I started getting sick thinking it was wiping out my entire hard drive. It didn't. Restarted and everything is fine. This is a nice option before creating a backup image. Fortunately I didn't have the trouble some folks encountered. Backing up has been preached for some time now. But it is worth the time to do it with so many free software now to help you.

Posted by:

01 Jul 2014

If you take a look into "Advanced Settings" you can choose what level of erasing Privazer use.
In default, he use 1 pass (files are checked only one time).
You can choose about several levels of erasure (Canadian security,Russian intelligence,NSA Manual 130-2(14 passes)etc.etc.),this program is pure gold.

Posted by:

25 Jul 2014

July 23, 2014 I just downloaded & ran PrivaZer. Based on some comments, I was expecting it to be too technical for me. (Even though I've worked with computers since the 1960s, I am *not* a geek, nerd, techie, whatever. I know more than most of the folks in my life. So I chose the "Basic" setup--had no idea there was such a level. No problems whatsoever at any stage. PrivaZer lived up to all my hopes & expectations! Took only a little over 2 hours for the entire process. Everything is in place and working just fine. I stayed with my computer, occasionally moving the mouse. No "Sleep" at any time during the execution. Thanks for recommending PrivaZer.

Posted by:

11 Sep 2014

Stop maling an idiot of yourself--Privazer...
stay away from this crap..the worst of all programs I've come goes through all defence mechanisms..screwes up PC configurations..means new PC or $400 in repairs

stop giving good reviews in chit you idiot..go BS someone else

EDITOR'S NOTE: Wow, thanks for that. I especially appreciate that you backed up all your accusations with hard facts and link to relevant, authoritative sources.

Posted by:

11 Oct 2014

Hello Bob,

I have been using PrivaZer for over a year now-it’s been outstanding. I have the doners version. But, just recently, I needed to replace my hard drive on my Dell. I replaced it with Dell’s SSD Racer. I have Windows 7 which incorporates “Trim.” Would it be wise to still use PrivaZer on the SSD drive, or should I leave this to “Trim?”

Thanks for your time.

Posted by:

John Keller
05 May 2015

I've considered Privazer, but had to decline installation since they are completely non-transparent about who & what they are. Their "corporate address" is fake (it's for an incorporation mill in Delaware), and they are not forthcoming about their background. I'm very surprised so many people have either overlooked or ignored this fact, that no one really knows who Privazer's distributor "Goversoft LLC" is and who or what is funding them.

Posted by:

01 Jun 2016

Once again Bob, although your posts are usually very helpful to us novices, I think you owe it to us to address the post by John Keller dated May 15th 2015. That is huge and says a lot about a product assuming he is correct. At least is enough to not recommend in today's word!

Posted by:

Brent Jones
24 Dec 2016

Privazer. Could you please give an update on your opinion of this company and product.

Posted by:

19 Mar 2017

I think that some people will moan about anything! I have been using "Privazer" for nearly 3 years now with no problem. I especially like the complete deletion of traces of old files option, which does not appear to be an option in any other cleaner! All you have to do on setting Privazer up is check (or uncheck) boxes that you want cleaned. Is that so difficult?? Many thanks for your excellent, informative review.

Posted by:

Wild Bill Hiccup
21 May 2017

I also been using PrivaZer for a few months now and have had no problems. I have the donors version and it performs flawlessly. There is a saying if you don’t know what you’re doing don’t. I think Mark Twain, sister said that. : )
You don’t need a (MBA), in geeking to use this program. It will make a restore point and registry backup.
The ones who are complaining about their problems apparently have no clue how to use either one.

Posted by:

R+Sundhar Raman
10 Jun 2017

What you said about PrevaZer is 100% correct.I donated a small amount got their Donor's version.
Thnk you.

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