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Posted by:

Larry Etheridge
22 Jun 2017


Ran PrivaZer and when it finished I noticed that in task manager I have no programs listed in "start-up." I am no geek, but something seems very wrong with no programs listed in the "Start-up" of Task Manager.

That startles to say the least. I did check on the create restore point, and it did create a restore point. But when I tried to restore back the system restore failed. Can you give me any advice...will the start-up repopulate itself? Is it harmful to have not start-up programs? I am thinking of going
to a second restore point and trying to system restore there. Thanks...Larry

Posted by:

30 Nov 2017

Have used PrivaZer for "years" on Win 7 and Win 10 with no problems. Until the last scan, that is. It appeared to be targeting Win 10 files that it had not in the past.
Once I ran the clean-up tool the computer would not start or even be recognized. It said there was no operating system. Which maybe there wasn't after the clean up. Had to use a back-up to reinstall the system. Thankfully that did work. Now I am reluctant to use it again.

Posted by:

07 Dec 2017

I got the nerve to try PrivaZer again. (See above comment). It worked perfectly this time. I am happy about that since I did use it fairly often.
I would recommend it.

Posted by:

Frank Downs
23 Apr 2018

Dear Bob,
I've used Privazer a few times, but whenever it finishes, I always end up with LESS free space on my hard drive. Last night I had 461Gb, this morning after Privazer, 445Gb.
Am I missing somehing? - apart from the lost free space!

Posted by:

29 Sep 2018

"hundreds of free software utilities per year." Wow. Didn't realize there were still that many on the market. Must be fun! :-)

Posted by:

Jerome Grozen
01 Oct 2019

I noticed when using the "secure delete feature" on Privazar (its added to the context menu) two strange files are created:"jquery_lazyload_bundle_min_..." and "tralbum_templates_bundle_...". I think they are used to communicate information. Also, Privazar occasionally sends out signals that are NOT update requests. I think this program may be keeping track of the sensitive files you delete. Or, worse, case, communicating them before you delete them, which would make it maleware

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