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Geoff Greig
20 Feb 2015

"we will continue to keep it current for the supported lifetime of the device"

I dont think I have any support for any of the "devices" I purchased. Even from the day I bought them. Does any technology manufacturer of computers, pads or phones, "support" them?

Support and warranty are two different things

Posted by:

Bob Greene
08 Mar 2015

Microsoft may set the duration of a Windows license to the "supported lifetime of the device", but that device lifetime is still arbitrary-- only what Microsoft determines it to be. That device lifetime could be even shorter than under the current system of Windows version life-cycling.

And for those who upgrade their mainboards and other computer equipment as a matter of normal routine, when does the original "device" cease to exist? Put another way, after upgrading to Windows 10, at what point in do-it-yourself modification does the original device and its Windows license simply vanish?

If Windows is now a service, and Microsoft no longer issues a perpetual license, a Windows license is never "owned", once and for all. After expiration of the device lifetime, Microsoft has two options-- a recurring charge for continued Windows service (which can be imposed at will), or forcing those with expired devices to purchase new devices in order to obtain Windows service. Obviously, Microsoft can exercise both options, with the latter course making device OEMs perpetually happy.

Who said dealing with a monopoly was difficult?

Posted by:

Frank Thorne
11 May 2015

I have the pro version of win 8.1. Will I be getting the pro version of win 10?

Posted by:

Donna Wojtczak
03 Jun 2015

It's 2025. Say I'm 76 years old, have an old box of a desktop with today's minimum system requirements to run current software or "services"; or I have an old cell phone from Tracfone that barely makes it to the internet. My social security is stagnant, reduced or removed by Congress, so can't buy new toys. I'd rather be able to eat. How long will Win 10 play with my ancient hardware (for free), while my devices still fall within the sys rqmts set up in 2015?

Posted by:

15 Nov 2015

When I upgraded three of my pc's to Win 10 from win 7(which I later rolled back to 7 and messed up the task scheduler) I immediately extracted their product keys which I found to be the same. My question is: if your hard drive fails or you need to reload Windows after the free year upgrade is up, how are you going to reload Win 10? That key does not work with a clean Win 10 install. If all your software has been upgraded to win 10 compatible software will you then have to purchase win 10? or go back to your old operating system. This seems to qualify as a trial to me?

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