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04 Jun 2015 the icon on the task bar on both my 8.1 laptop and desktop.

I've had no problems with Win 8.1 and I use StarDock software's Start8 app which gives me the Win 7 desktop screen and traditional appearance. So, at my age, I'm wondering if I really want to take the time and effort to get used to a new OS. Would it be worth the trouble and headaches?

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04 Jun 2015

Thanks for the breakdown of the new Windows 10.

It sounds great for me, but I am concerned that my Mom, who doesn't like and cannot cope with change, will not be able to (safely) stay with Windows Vista, and also keep using her old printer that won't work with later OS.

Is this the death knell for updates for Vista?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Vista will remain in Extended Support until April 11, 2017.

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Bob S
05 Jun 2015

"Yes, Windows 10 is the last version of Windows. There will be no more major releases every few years. Instead, Windows will be upgraded continually. There will be no more upgrade fees, and no steep learning curve as hundreds of new features hit your desktop at once."

I note that no one has speculated that because of the "free" issue there will be an annual fee to keep it working. After a year of use, you are firmly hooked into Win10 and can't go back to Win7 or Win8.1.

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06 Jun 2015

Bob S has a more than valid question. Is MS guaranteeing free updates for the "life" of WX???

If not why not - any information??

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Ally O
14 Jun 2015

Admin/Bob R. is it true what Bob S. posted "after 1 year we can't go back to W7-8"? How long would you guess we can continue using W7? P.S. I enjoy your humor :)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Win7 will be officially supported until January 2020. If you make an image backup of your Win7/8 system, I don't see why you couldn't reload it at any point in the future.

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Ray Bobo
17 Jun 2015

Since you have used the Windows 10 beta, may I ask if it will include all the "extras," or will we still have to buy security programs, backup programs, etc.? I ask because some of my malware, antivirus, etc programs are due to renew; should I pay or wait until July to see what Win 10-10 has to offer?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Windows 10, like Windows 8, will ship with a backup program and an antivirus program. Both can be replaced with other free alternatives if you choose.

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12 Jul 2015

Hi, have you seen the recent Forbes article questioning just how "free" Windows 10 will be? Have you heard anything further?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I can only echo what the article says: "So what’s the answer? Frustratingly, infuriatingly, mystifyingly we have no way of knowing..."

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Craig Davies
06 Aug 2015

Hi Bob, I discovered the Win 10 icon in the taskbar, but when I tried to install it came back and said I couldn't install it because my BIOS was 'unsupported'. So unless I can upgrade it, I will need a new machine to run Win 10 - not good. My machine is about 5 yrs old.

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John Turner
07 Mar 2016

An update to my comment and Bob's reply dated June 02, 2015: Well I finally upgraded my Win7 Pro 64bit desktop to Win 10. It said I had no issues. Still backed up my important files! Now I am finding out my Virtual PC/XPMode is not there! Seems I should have done more research before the upgrade!

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