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25 Jun 2015

I know that the calling centers employ people, people with feelings who must need the job, therefore I listen politely tell them I am not interested and ask that my number be removed from their lists. Sometimes I will even strike up a short conversation by asking where in the world they are calling from. I do not get very many robocalls anymore.

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25 Jun 2015

It is my opinion that robo callers should be ignored not engaged for "revenge" baiting.

Check out Internet Scambusters Newsletter #654 and you'll read that even a cop who engaged these folk said it became dangerous.

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27 Jun 2015

Try Nomorobo. My great friend came up with a concept and implemented it. FCC ruling is due to his push to change the whole concept. We got comments from his users and printed almost 200,000 pages and went to FCC and delivered it to them. Whether the outcome is due to all the comments that he's collected is anyone's guess, but the fact that changes are coming is a great course of action.

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Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries
28 Jun 2015

I've used Nomorobo for nearly two years.

It does the job perfectly, and I wouldn't be without it.

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