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Trevor Harrigan
03 Aug 2015

No surprise here!
Governments have been whining recently about encryption making their spying on citizens more difficult. Having MS give away Win10 and wifi-sense on by default gives them the perfect trojan way of having clipper version 2. Anyone who thinks the NSA does not have a hand in this is naive. When NSA friends you via one of their proxies, they don't even have to crack the MS stored password (assuming MS does not a plain text version for them anyway).
This is so plainly an NSA/GCQH/5Eyes ploy it is laughable.

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Norman Rosen
05 Aug 2015

Thanks to your instructions, I was able to turn this stupid feature off immediately. I really am tired of people trying to improve my experience.

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Bill Samuel
20 Aug 2015

You point out that users of your Wi-Fi don't have access to your network key or any of your files. What are the "too many security risks" which make you oppose Wi-Fi Sense. It's not evident to me what they are.

I see this as part of the general move towards making Wi-Fi more available, which seems to me to be a good thing. Comcast does this by giving you a separate, unsecured Wi-Fi network available to anyone within range. It is an additional network and does not affect your secured network and its security.

What companies like Comcast and Microsoft are doing are making wi-fi more available when you are out and about, with appropriate security safeguards. This should be encouraged.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You say "It's not evident to me what they (the risks) are." EXACTLY! The Heartbleed and Shellshock vulnerabilities existed for YEARS before they became generally known. All that time we thought it was safe to use HTTPS/SSL encryption, but it turns out it was easily subverted. The same thing could happen with WiFi Sense. People who login to your computer via WiFi Sense are not supposed to have access to your files. Fine. But how long will it take for clever hackers find a hole in that wall? See

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