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26 Nov 2015

Fewer choices in Canada. Rogers cable offers VOIP but price is too high. I dropped landline with Bell Canada after more than 40 years and they made no effort to keep me as a "valued" customer! Bell bill was almost $50 per month.
Bought Ooma. $14 per month Canada wide and USA calls are included. Voice mail too! Fax is tricky and requires some testing but once set properly works fine. No regrets on this choice!

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09 Dec 2015

In suburban Philadelphia, a summer storm knocked out power to my area for 3.5 days. We had FIOS at the time and yes, that battery back-up lasts 18 hours max. Verizon refused to add a second battery. We switched to an alternate provider and ran DSL over Verizon's installed copper.
Now I live several miles away, in a borough, still running DSL over Verizon copper. The house came with FIOS equipment installed, and if we hadn't already had a provider Verizon would have forced us onto FIOS. I am required to have a landline as a freelance medical interpreter. Hurray for alternatives!

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17 Dec 2015

My home security system, while not new, is landline based, and directly connected to the Police department, 3 blocks away. Between it, and the German Shepherds on patrol in this home, I doubt any burglar would get away with much :)

As an senior-aged woman, living alone, I will continue to pay for this sense of security as long as I can continue to pay for it.

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