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23 Aug 2016

Sure wish I had found this article last night. I did the Anniversary Update from the Windows site and ended up with the problems this article states and also loss of internet connection.

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23 Aug 2016

...Now it appears millions have lost camera use per BBC news(Tech)with this celebrated update
moving to a different OS!!

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23 Aug 2016

That's a well written piece, Bob, as usual.

LOL: Poor Microsoft quality control "... bound, gagged, and locked in the trunk" is a nice touch!

Thanks, keep up the great work.

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23 Aug 2016

Updated laptop and desktop - had some audio issues but otherwise, I rather like it. It cleared up Mail & Calendar issues I was having on the laptop. As a non-tech senior, I haven't had any complaints so far. Mind you I don't use the camera very often.

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24 Aug 2016

Updated with AU last Saturday, and did not experience any difficulty until booting up today (3 days later). Then all h3ll broke loose. Being a reader of this column and having seen the issues already posted -- no messing around - I rolled it back immediately. So far so good... Thanks Bob for the great article, and the links for the various instructions! Kudos!

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23 Sep 2016

I didn't follow advice to postpone the anniversary update. It took over 10 hours to install - don't know exactly how many as I gave up waiting and went to bed. While installing no computer access. Not satisfactory at all. Luckily I had a standby computer to work on!

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