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15 Feb 2017

I once used the magnifier on Windows 7 (rotten feature, by the way). I'm therefore a user of assistive technologies, and am entitled to a free Windows 10.

That being said, and despite the fact I locked in my rights to a free upgrade long ago by initiating the operation, then aborting it, I have no intention of going there.

As a few snarky commenters remarked, you sure need to be mentally challenged to voluntary submit to Windows 10.

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15 Feb 2017

Bob, I just tried Belarc Advisor on my Win7 Pro computer, and it does not display the actual Product Key in the Software Licenses section for my Windows 7 Professional, only the last 5 characters with an asterisk which at the bottom of the screen says "The full product key is not stored on this computer. However, the characters shown uniquely identify your product key." The characters shown are not in the same format of a Product Key and are all numbers.

Several other Microsoft Product Keys are displayed, just not the main one that is needed to 'upgrade' to Win10.

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Tom Janzen
17 Feb 2017

This was very helpful. I have an older VAIO laptop on which I had installed Linux Mint. That works well but I always regretted not getting WIN 10 for free when it was available. I pulled the old hard drive out and installed an SSD and then used Windows Media Creator to install WIN 10 using the product key from a WIN 7 disc that I had. Works great! Much faster of course with the SSD. And I can always switch back to the Mint drive but at least I have WIN 10 on one drive for it now.

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26 Feb 2017

Disrespectful comments like the one from Calvin The'airedale should be deleted and blocked for future comments.

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08 Jun 2017

I also have Windows 10 64bit and do not believe it is the last version, no matter what Microsoft says. My upgrade was done last year and I have a digital entitlement, or something. However, I am using the machine in the same way I used it with Windows 8.1, with classic shell. In fact, I mostly do the same things I did on my XP machine. Actually, the XP machine can run an old webcam. The webcam is not 64 bit compatible.

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