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08 Jun 2017

Looking forward to you windows 10 tips. I use Win10 on my laptop at home I have had it for 1 year) but at work I use Windows 7Pro. I must say although I don't mind 10 I struggle at times to find even simple things because I am so used to Win 7. It makes me feel like an amateur :(

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08 Jun 2017

Hi Bob good article, I am interested in JDiskReport but it needs Java to work & I thought that you and others were advocating that we home PC users should uninstall Java on safety grounds? Auslogics do a very good "Duplacate file Finder" which works without Java, so has JDiskReport more useful features than the Auslogics program and if so is JDisk worth the risk of installing Java again, regards Robert.

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Chris Faulkner
13 Jun 2017

Hi Bob, that's great news about windows 7 support until 2020.
Just maybe Microsoft will have released a half decent OS by then.
Windows 20?

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13 Jun 2017

Way to many ads man, it makes things very difficult to read your good content.

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07 Sep 2017

Hy Bob
I have partitioned the “C” disk and fixed 25000 MB for the new partition.I selected the partition, menu, action, all tasks and finally New Simple volume. Following the wizard’s instructions the volume size was 25000 max and 8 min ;I fixed the simple volume size to 20000,assigned the volume letter to F(I still have D) and left the formatting options NTFS, predefined size of allocation unit and perform fast formatting. Review the new parameters in the lats screen and after clicking finish it appears a table where is written that this action will convert the selected basic disks in dynamic disks and after the conversion it will not be more possible start other operating systems installed in different volumes of these disks, with the exception of the current starting volume. If I select: Yes a new table appear with written: the space is not sufficient for performing the operation.
Now I remain with a “new not allocated volume” of 24,42 GB and nothing else
Some help is welcome , many thanks and congratulation for the very interesting articles
Francesco Valenti

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