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31 May 2019

My Gateway computer is almost 6 years old, 3gHz, 8GB RAM, i5 chip. Windows 10 64 bit, 24" monitor, wireless keyboard& mouse, 10-year old 4-in 1 inkjet and mono laser printer. All work exactly as intended. I'm not a gamer so I don't need to be concerned with gaming requirements. Have fiber connection for internet. I don't always download everything online so it's useful to have DVD/CD combo drives. I don't consider my computer to be obsolete yet. Though I must admit that my laptop is a speedy little devil, 8th generation chip, does everything but whistle Dixie.

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Paul S
31 May 2019

Bob, all of the ASR 33's that I encountered ran at 110 baud. Even the few 35's I saw were 110 baud. Maybe yours was "souped up" a bit? The noise was deafening if one had to work nearby. The speed jumps to 300 baud and later 1200 baud were welcomed both for getting work done faster but also the new hardware. Long live the many mechanical dot matrix terminals that were so popular as time share terminals. Lots of complaints about the noise from them to when extensive printing was involved.

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Pete in NC
31 May 2019

Linux Mint has kept my XP computers running well for an additional 5 years, and counting. I'm not a gamer, and I got used to closing windows that I didn't really need when working in Clinical Data Management @ Burroughs Wellcome.

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31 May 2019

I wish more people would discover Linux Mint.

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Dave White
01 Jun 2019

I suggest that you tell your teenager to get a job and buy his own damn computer. Then he can get whatever floats his boat and replace it every two years or whatever his friends tell him to do.

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02 Jun 2019

Talking about old computers, I have a working Amiga 3000 so it's something like 30 years old. For the so-called productivity programs, it's fine, ditto for some graphics. It's not great for photographs or the internet so I have a laptop (Windows 7).

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Darren Dixon
10 Jun 2019

Hi Bob, your recommendation for a 3Ghz or higher processor is a bit misleading in my opinion. Many current generation CPUs are under 3Ghz and they work fine with Win 10 and modern apps. for example, the Intel Core i5-9400 is rated at 2.90 Ghz (with turbo boost up to 4.10Ghz). Are you saying this CPU isn't powerful enough? Using your recommendation of 3Ghz or higher will only push those not-in-the-know to buy more than they need. If by 3Ghz you are including turbo boost frequencies, then I think you should explain that to your readers.

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