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22 Jun 2019

I really appreciate the information, Bob. Not only in this article, but in the many other articles you publish. You are a wealth of information. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m so glad I happened to come across your website. (How do you spell kismet?)

The Windows 10 scrolling in inactive windows feature didn’t work for me on either one of my computers (tower or laptop). I have been using Wizmouse for many years with earlier Windows versions, and had to install it on both of my Win 10 machines.

I am really disappointed with the emoji’s (your item 15). They do not insert with the colors that they show on the pop-up window. They insert in black-and-white. They can be colored with the text color feature, but it’s all or nothing, apparently. Two thumbs down to Microsoft on this.

I also shared your article with my IT manager. He loved the cloud clipboard (your item 1) Windows key + V feature you documented. He was so dang excited - saying he’s needed that for years.

The coup de grace, however, is GodMode. I shared this with our IT manager. He did not know about this. HE WAS ABSOLUTELY ELATED! Actually, so am I!

Keep up the great work!

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22 Jun 2019

Win+V certainly does not work for me.
I guess there are some caveats or maybe a "first do this"?

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Karl Gregg
26 Jun 2019

On the WIN + period (or comma) command, when you do it the box appears with your recent icons at the top. Before selecting anything you can type a few letters; e.g. 'leg' and get possible icons to choose from for your suggestion.

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Peter Keep
01 Jul 2019

Is this author being whored out by the worst operating system provided since Windows NT?

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John Blunden
01 Jul 2019

(3) Snipping and Clipping - also, using alt prt sc saves a picture of the currently selected window which is useful for illustrating program instructions.

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31 Dec 2019

Thank you for the tip on God Mode, Bob. And Happy New Year!

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