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02 Sep 2020

The DO NOT CALL REGISTRY does not work. Been on it for years and I still get calls daily. ITS A JOKE

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03 Sep 2020

I've been getting 3 calls a day, each from different numbers and I'm getting so tired of it!
My phone provider alerts me of potential Fraud or Scam calls, so I never answer the call. Then I block the number.
This has been going on for most of July and August. I block each and every number and report most of them (I'm too lazy to write a note for each one...).
So, recently, I've been answering 'some' of the calls and answering with the following message.
Hi! You've reached Janice from the Vernon RCMP Fraud Department. How may I help you?
No one responds and they always hang up.
But the calls never stop. They just keep on coming in from a new number.
Ugh :(

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04 Sep 2020

"Oh, let me get my debit card". Then go take a nap.

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Steve Bohne
24 Nov 2020

I sell insurance via the phone. We do not cold call people, someone has to take an overt action for us to call them. It never ceases to amaze me how people think they are on the DNC list. If you put yourself on the DNC list and then fill out ANY form ANYWHERE looking for information, you are now no longer on the DNC list.

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