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23 Aug 2022

The processor speed metric is not that important with today's machines sporting multiple-cores. If your computer works fine for you then keep it; don't feel pressured to buy something new just because...

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Larry Mills
23 Aug 2022

It was interesting to read Bob's comments on whether or not it's time to replace my old computer. Well, yes it is. However that said, I am still running Windows 10 on a 13 year old machine. I'm not the most sophisticated user so I guess my demand isn't that great for my old machine to keep up with. However I am running and protected by PC Matic which automatically tunes my computer for the best performance it can provide and it has been doing well. I will need to invest in a new computer soon so I am shopping.

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23 Aug 2022

My DIY Z-170 motherboard-based PC is equipped with Intel 6th generation Skylake i7-6700K CPU. It runs overclocked (at 16% boost increase), 24/7, for the past six years. It has been a Win10 workhorse being used as a LAN/NAS server, streamer, and continuous 4K surveillance recording (to a local HDD), using dual-monitors and dual-NICs. To my surprise, Microsoft will not allow my hardware to upgrade to Windows11. I have all of the hardware prerequisites (including TPM module). Microsoft has decided to force 'older' PC users to a forced-hardware upgrade, in an effort to $timulate new PC purchase$ and to line the wallet$ of OEM$.
At 2-points of time, during the initial launch of Windows11, I was "allowed" to upgrade to the "beta" Win11 and after the 2nd re-install, Microsoft suddenly decided to disqualify my workhorse and many other hardware like mine.
I have 2 other NUCs (w/Intel i8 and a i10 CPUs) and they had no trouble upgrading to Windows11.
I personally like the GUI (*especially the Vertical taskbar) of Windows10.

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23 Aug 2022

I'm running Windows 7 on a ten-year-old Dell with a solid state drive. As far as I can tell, it's working fine. My photos look good and it can sustain several open tabs, if necessary. I have another Win7 computer which also works fine and a Win10 computer that I have never used (it belonged to my late husband). One of these days, if I live long enough, I guess I'll have to get a new laptop.

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23 Aug 2022

Old Windows Computer? Did it come with Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8? Does it have an older Intel i3, i5, or i7? Give it to me! I'll take it! There is no reason to recycle. If it needs RAM, I'll add it. If it needs a decent HD, I'll replace the old one. For probably less than $100 and some time, I'll take that old computer of yours and make it into something that somebody wants and will love to use.

Yes, I know that you'll not be able to contact me through Bob's website so I'll never ever see your old computer ... but, I'd bet there is somebody close to you, in your neighborhood, that would love to do the same thing to that computer as I, and for a small price, they might even make it into a computer that you will enjoy using again.

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29 Aug 2022

Good advice, Bob (for the most part).

Not sure why you need 3 GHz or more to be fully functional. I bought a new laptop last summer -- it's Intel i7 @ 1.8Ghz using Windows 10. Not a gamer but I do instructional design/graphics work on it. I guess if the standard is instant response to clicking on anything... A modicum of patience definitely saves money, which I'd rather spend on something else.

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Robert van Ruyssevelt
17 Sep 2022

I agree with your comments but I am poor so my computer is more than ten years old. I run Windows 7 as do possibly millions of users. I have in recent years replaced my power supply, graphics card and hard drive. I run two 21in monitors. This machine does everything I need although of course I would like a newer, faster model.

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