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Giles Cresswell
16 Aug 2005

I recently reinstalled Windows XP and was having a similar problem. I would close an application and my computer would reboot for no apparent reason.

I found this following setting in the Control Panel which I unchecked and have not had the same problem since...

1) Open up the System properties

2) Click on the Advanced Tab

3) Click on the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery section

4) Uncheck Automatically Restart in the System failure section

It may not be the culprit in your case but it certainly helped me. All the best.

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16 Aug 2006

Mine still auto restarts when i play ganes,HELP!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you check for heat problems and bad ram?

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07 Sep 2006

My laptop turns off after every few min. later. I have to turn it on myself over and over again. I am not sure what seems to be the problem. I downloaded the speedfan but not sure how to still set the right temp.

EDITOR'S NOTE: What is the temperature before it shuts down?

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31 Oct 2006

I've had some Systems Failures myself, the Temp is average, all of the Ram supported runs Perfectly, it resets itself and I do not have "Automatically Shut Down with System Failure" Checked on Advanced Settings, if this were a Simple Hardware Malfunction, I could Detect it, I believe it is an Application that runs with Browsers and AIM... and I've checked the Registry.... but I get an Average of 12 Reg-Dumps within a 4 Hour Span, if you can Help me, PLEASE E-mail me at because this is my Business PC... thank you for your time, this is Slightly Embarrasing seeing as I am a CIT Minor at a State College and have helped with Other Types of Hardware/Software Failures.... this has led me to believe Windows XP with the Older Version SP2 is actually the Culprit..... but please help me with this

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19 Dec 2006

I have problem with DOS i.e. when I just start DOS, my compter(Intel 915,3.0 ghz,512 MB,Windows XP Pro) restart automatically.

Posted by:

kelvin mazula
25 Jan 2007

Question 1:(i)What would happen if a RAM of computer is malfunction?

(ii)Why a Help Desk Technician must be very carefully in his/her duties?

(iii)Electrostatic Discharge(ESD)are very dangerous to computer componets like RAM,cards but not to the Human being,explain?

(iv)IILustrate any two criteria which can be used to categorized computer storage devices.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I always chuckle when people enter their homework questions VERBATIM from the assignment sheet. :-)

Posted by:

grema mamadou mbo
27 Jan 2007

I am using windows XP for almost 2 years without any problem but it has started shutting down by itself,i don't really know the causes,it seems there is no virus,i am using the latest AVG antivirus and updating it every day,anybody who has some idea about this will be helpful,thanks a lot.

EDITOR'S NOTE: DId you check into the other possible causes in the article? A virus is probably the least likely explanation.

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10 Feb 2007

My Pc Turns off just after Windows Loads up, i've tried changing power supply, graphics card memory, Hard drives, I've checked Temperatures in the BIOS and its still switching of, could it be the Motherboard.My System is (AMD 3000+,512 ddr, windows XP SP2)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Wow, you've done a lot of work to identify the problem. It sounds like the motherboard is the only component left.

Posted by:

30 May 2007

Hello, basically I got simens fujitsu l6820, I got big problem wth it, some time when I start windows xp , on welcome page laptop shutted down by itself, or I tried to install dance ejay7 software , after installtion when I try to run this program ,on loading page it shuts down laptop by itself and some time wht happen, when I just put cd on laptop afetr running cd for while its did the same thing, I tried every thing did partined hdd ,format hdd , reinstall new driver for vga and audio. Etc. But problem remains same. Plzz guide asap.

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03 Jun 2007

My computer shuts down by itself. This is a new phenomenon for my pc. My PC is about two year old. When I restart the computer, I hear three alarm beeps and a warning note on the monitor. It tells me that the processor is overheating. I have cleaned the computer, and all the fans are working.

Do you know a fix for this problem? Is it the power supply?

EDITOR'S NOTE: No, it's not the power supply. Most likely the fan or heatsink over the processor is not doing its job. If it's a clip-on style fan, try to remove and reseat it. Heat sinks must be attached with a special glue, so that may require a trip to the service center.

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13 Jun 2007

i have a problem where my computer tends to shutdown whilst playing games. Last night it shut down 3 times. I realise it could be over heating but when i turn it back on again and go into BIOS the temp is running at around 45+. Is that bad for AMD 3800+ Dual Core? would you recommend running the computer for a while with the side off to see if it is the Temp?

Could it be bad memory? will the computer shutdown as a result of bad memory? the memory is something i haven’t upgraded and im running 2x512MB & 1x256MB all not very good branded RAM.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Could be temp, RAM, or power supply -- you have to test.

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04 Jul 2007

This XP SP2 computer shuts down by itself randomly. It can be made to shut down by attempting to run any sort of virus scan or check-disc software. As soon as the "scan engine initiate" begins to load, the computer shuts down....very suspicious. This is not a heat issue with this one, I can blast a blower into the open case and shut it down by starting any virus scan software....I'm ready to throw it out through the wall.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Have you tried an online scanner such as the one from ? The X-RayPC program may be helpful as well.

Posted by:

NOVICE PC Enthusiast
05 Jul 2007

Media player and iTunes fails upon player file read or file execution. MS XP system cannot read/play music files without shut down of system. error is {Instruction at "0x6484b909" referenced memory at "0x6484b909". memory could not be "read".} Could not restore to earlier date because sytem had already been restored and point of problem lost. hard drive and cache memory does not appear to be the problem...lack of or over heating issues. Checked system updates with MS update web and all is current. The only application I cannot help them with is Office 200 Pro, lost 1st cd, that installs software or helps troubleshoot.

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29 Aug 2007

Hi. my computer keeps shutting down whilst i play games such as world of warcraft. any ideas?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Lots! See the article and comments above.

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02 Sep 2007

i have a emachine 500 desktop pc. i took out the processor in it and put in a processor out of a 633 emachine now ever since i done that the machine will come on but only run for about 1 to 3 min before shutting down fans stay running though.i am stumped please help have i fried motherboard or processor or what ,i even put the original processor back in still have same problem

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like an overheating condition. Perhaps one or more fans are not working well. Check for dust in the heatsink fins?

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10 Sep 2007

Hi, I have an HP slimline s3027c running on Vista, one of those mini-tower desktops. I have the same problem like the others. When ever i play a game or download something for about 30 minutes or more my computer shuts off automatically without warning. I just got this computer and i also manually installed 2 gigs of memory. I know the problem is not the memory since i had the problem even without the upgrade...could it be the video card? its an onboard geforce 6150le. Thanks for the help!

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19 Sep 2007

my pcs over 5years old an as been shuttin down itsself and when restarted it takes upto 20 mins to kick in starts with a black sceen then the white line for ages can u ssurgest wats up could it be my fan as we ave ad probs with that a year or so ago plz plz help

EDITOR'S NOTE: I suppose it could be an overheating problem caused by the bad fan. I'd replace it and see if the problem goes away.

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22 Sep 2007

Hello i just build my system, one of many i've built and this is a brand new problem that has never happened before, i just installed xp, well almost, i formatted and now im on the main part, the part where you enter in the cd key, ect. well the second it gets to that part, my pc just shuts down, for no reason. HELP PLEASE!

AMD 6000+, 2gb of Patriot pc800, Xfx 8600gt

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29 Sep 2007

Hello, I am really into my gaming recently got a job (last year) and started saving for my brand new computer. It is an acer with ,1 gig ram, a 512mb graphix card nvidia 7600, i have 250 gig hard drive and all of my games run fine.... last weekend i installed world of warcraft (origional and expansion). i immidiatly started playing with it haveing no trouble until about tuesday it randomly restarted. so i started it up again and plaayed for a good 3 hours then it dd the same. so i switched off let it rest for a good few hour went back and it restarts again. this only takes place whilst playing world of warcraft.. for the past 2 days it restarts repeatedly every time i go on even if its for 5 mins.

I have tried taking off the side of the case so far no luck.. im pretty sure my grafix card is overheating over heating and im going to try clean the ducts of it tomorrow. its temp is at an average of 54 degrees celcius. I have gone to my system propeties and disabled the automatic restart incases of serious errors and retryed the game about 40 mins ago im thinking of possibly letting it cool down till tomorrow morning as it is late and see if the results are the same.

I have read many website with similarities please help me as soon as possible. oh before i forget the last thin was this evening the game never restarted but did go to an error screen coloured blue so i read it but could not make out much of it except that there was an isse wth rivers much regards.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Overheating is most likely. You can try replacing the video card...

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01 Oct 2007

Hi, My emachine just started shutting down by itself. It seems to happen when I start up a browser. I recieve a critical message from windows and when I click on to send the message I start a browser (firefox, aol) it shuts down. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, Rich

EDITOR'S NOTE: Can we assume you've tried all of the suggestions in the article and comments above?

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