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Posted by:

gil borja
04 May 2007

I just want to thank u for this. I also have this problem on my pc then i followed your instruction and it works! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Posted by:

05 May 2007

I am running XP Media Edition and have a HP PC with TSST Corp TS-H652L DVD/CD Drive. Unfortunately, I also have no "upper Filters" entry, and System restore told me that "no changes have been made", so no restore possible... I have a code 41 and the message "driver loaded but device can't be found". Grrrr! I think I might try buying a bootable thumb drive and getting new firmware, as suggested by the HP website. I'll let you know how it goes.

Posted by:

05 May 2007

I am having this problem with my DVD Burners, they keep disappearing on me at first they where there fine working fine and one day i restarted my pc they disappeared from my computer, device manager from bios, i tried to scan for new hardware but nothing happend. So i opened up my computer and disconnected everything and connected it again the drives came back and i was so happy they where in my computer, and device manager and bios but then once i restarted again they were gone... (I tried this with to different IDE cables so i doubt its that. they open n close idk) Can someone please help me give me any infomation or suggestions?... Thanks in Advance

Posted by:

02 Jun 2007

Hi, I'm having a similar problem--though not exact--but I thought someone here might have some advice. My CD/DVD drive has no problem reading CDs and CD-roms, but it no longer recognizes any flavor of DVD. This problem began after uninstalling software for copying and burning media (Roxio Easy Media Creator 7). I have tried uninstalling and rebooting to have Windows rerecognize the drive, but that hasn't worked. And I have neither UpperFilters nor LowerFilters entries in the location mentioned. I'm stumped! Please, if you have any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you try re-installing Roxio?

Posted by:

12 Jun 2007

Thanks very much for your help on finding my CD ROM missing from My Computer. You are the BEST!

Posted by:

James Quirke
16 Jun 2007

Dear Bob in the reg its got uper filter and then for lower filters its got. lower fiters.1 then lower filters. bak -- i have done it in the pas t no problems but i not come across this problem

thanks for all your help in the past.

EDITOR'S NOTE: They could be backups of the key.

Posted by:

Ron L.
24 Jun 2007

Well, my roommate has been having an issue with his DVD drive not showing for the last 9mos or so. So he would just share out on another PC a DVD/CD to in-stall stuff, what a pain. He don't want to go thur the re-install the OS route either. I found this post in about 10min or so, try it out, he only had "upperfilters" at the reg location, so we just deleted that and re-started. BAM, 1 working DVD drive. SWEET-NESS. Nice work you guy(s)

Posted by:

Sandy Campbell
30 Jun 2007

I have the exact same problem as everybody on this board has regarding the disappearing CDRW/DVD Drive. Unfortunately deleting the upper & lower filters do not work in my case & it is too late for me to use the system restore since the problem occured last November. I have traced the problem to Roxio. I am at a loss of what to do. Is there a solution for people where deleting the upper & lower filters don't work?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It seems drastic, but re-installing Windows should do the trick.

Posted by:

Sandy C.
02 Jul 2007

Reinstallng windows is out of the question. They didn't come on CD-ROM & even if they did it would be fruitless since my CD-ROM doesn't work. I guess that you are implying that I don't need a CD to reinstall windows, but I would need CDs to reinstall everything else. Anyways, I am not prepared to start over again -- too much info lost, both for business & pleasure, & too much I would have to start over.

Some people have had success in removing the IDE cable & put it back despite the fact that it is a software issue. I am not a technician & am nervous about doing so unless it is really easy. I am usually good at discovering how to fix my own computer problems, but this particular one has even stumped experts (including those on the Cnet forums). The deleting of Upper & Lower filters works for some people, but it doesn't work for others with the same exact problem & I am not sure why. It would be great to discover a cure-all for this once & for all. Roxio & Nero CD burning software are not always the culprits, but they seem to be largely responsible.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reseating the cables is really pretty easy. Pop open the hood, find the cable that goes from your CDROM drive to the motherboard (the large green square that everything plugs into) and gently pull out the cables from the connectors (on both ends), then pop 'em back in.

Posted by:

Sandy C.
02 Jul 2007

I might take this option. I have looked up "IDE Cables" on Google Images, so I know what they look like, & have gotten instructions from online in how to take it out & put it back into place. But this might seem like an idiot question; how do you get the top off an HP? I have tried to use a screw driver, but I couldn't take off the sides. Also for further precaution. Are there reasons why I shouldn't do this because I don't want to lose my computer?

EDITOR'S NOTE: All cases are different. Sometimes a side panel slides off, sometimes the whole case. Usually there are screws on the back of the system unit. You can try searching for help via Google if the case remains a mystery.

Posted by:

07 Aug 2007

my cd-rom icon appeared again after this,thank you very much!!!

Posted by:

sword king
08 Aug 2007

i m using Compaq presario1800T. i cannot find my CDrom icon i had encounter this problem from last 2 weeks. Besides since its a DVD rom it cannt read any DVD cds,this problem i have switch to WINXP form win98.a year back.i dont which CDrom i am i cannt find its driver too. i tried usind your sugestion in the above article but Lower filter is missing.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You'll have to open the case, find out which drive you have, then visit the website of the manufacturer to download the correct driver.

Posted by:

09 Aug 2007

i cannt see my Cdrom icon,it went missing from past a week.

Lower filter is not present. i can see the upper filter.

should i try deleting the Upper filter?

ultimateliy is it a software problem??since CDrom can read the CD????i dont know which CD rom i m using,how can i find that in a laptop having WIN XP.?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, I would try deleting the UpperFilter setting.

Posted by:

21 Aug 2007

You sir, are a Genious, this method saved me from very angry people.

Thank you.

Posted by:

22 Aug 2007

I have the same problem in my Laptop (Toshiba Satellite A10) The problem is there is no DVD/CD ROM icon in 'My Computer, also no entry of DVD/CD ROM in Device Manger. but DVD ROM is operating i.e power is there in DVD. It is opening and closing but is not playing any DVD or CD..... I am in gr8 difficulty.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You don't mention if you tried any of the suggestions in the article above...

Posted by:

04 Sep 2007

It didnt work the way you said, BUT!! if you delete the entire
Entry and then do a search for new hardware it will install all the necesary files and fix the software bug from the program that mess'd it up.

Posted by:

10 Oct 2007

Wow, after hours of trying to get the cd-rom unit to work I got lucky and found your web site...!!! Thanx

Posted by:

12 Oct 2007

I just changed out my dead Lite-On DVD/RW with a new Sony DRU-835A. After hooking it up exactly as my other one, both my cd rom and new dvd burner dissappeared from view. I have no upper or lower filter to delete so that wasn't it. When I put the dead unit back in, everything works fine. any ideas?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You might try removing all the software drivers that came with the old drive, before installing the new one.

Posted by:

26 Oct 2007

I removed the upper & lower filter and rebooted but the icons did not reappear. Should I try the entry by DRwho on 04/09/07 or try and reistall the drivers through a floppy

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'd try to re-install the drivers first, but failing that, give the other approach a try. (System Restore can help you undo it something goes wrong.)

Posted by:

27 Oct 2007

The dang data cable was slightly loose ! all i had done was opened up the tower (dell) and thats all it took to slide out the cable just enough to get them pesty gnomes skippin on my motherboard.

THANK YOU, big time !

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