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27 Oct 2007

Hi, Ive got the same problem. DVD drive not showing up in MY COMPUTER. This morning it appeared so I quickly put a disc in, but had an error message: D:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

What is an I/O device error ?? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Posted by:

kevin b
09 Nov 2007

I have windows 2000 installed on my c drive, with a sony dru830a d: drive running fine.I installed windows xp on my e: drive. The device manager, in xp, does not recognized my sony drive and has something in the device manager called a mass storage controller, with an error. I have tried all the fixes here. please any advise would be appreciated.I've looked on the net, too.I'm about to give up and take it to someone. I appreciate what you are doing to help these people.

Posted by:

Dave R
19 Nov 2007

THANK YOU!!THANK YOU!!THANK YOU!! I was mid-re-install of my OS when I came across this arcticle; I figured I'd give it a shot. It worked perfectly and saved my client the hassle of locating all his sotware to re-install after I wiped everything out! Thanks Again

Posted by:

Gary R
25 Nov 2007

THANK YOU! THis article saved us so much trouble. We were also about to reinstall all software and lose a lot of settings, preferences,etc. I discovered it was more than a bad CD drive when the external USB drives would not show up in 'My Computer". Went searching and found this article! Problem solved by following all instructions above.

Posted by:

Sandy C.
26 Nov 2007

I just wanted you to know that I got my drive back because deleting upper & lower filters doesn't work for everybody; & there is a solution for those seemingly hopeless cases such as myself. I got in touch with a corporate tech & he said that the Sony & Samsung models that come with HP computers are crap & will eventually show up missing. These drives are apparently not really made by these companies & are made in third world countries, but only carry the Sony or Samsung label. He also said that Roxio & Nero burning software are not the problem & are the best burning software on the market.

You may want to do some research on what internal drive is best for your HP computer if you decide that you want to replace your Sony or Samsung drive. Here is a link to guide one in how to take out the old drive & put a new one in:


I have my drive back & can burn CDs once again to my hearts content.

Posted by:

Luke O
27 Nov 2007

I recently downgraded my laptop operating system from Vista Home Edition to Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2. I was using Interview winDVD 3 to burn a home movie and I could not burn the DVD. The DVD come up as a blank CD. I then went to "my computer" and my DVD burner was now a DVD-ROM/CD drive.

I was searching the net for solutions still I found this link. I tried your solution and both the upperfilters and lowerfilters were missing. I dont know why they are missing. Could the problem be is that I used a bad XP installation disk, just had a bad installation or the DVD Burner just be for Vista?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Re-installing the DVD drive sounds like a good idea.

Posted by:

Sandy C.
27 Nov 2007

I just realized if people are going to replace their CD/DVD Drives; they should be smart enough to have their computer off & their computer's plugs/sockets removed.

Posted by:

28 Nov 2007

Thank you very much. This fix worked like a charm. They should erase all the other google hits and put yours on top. I thought my nec 2500a dvd was kaput but the replacement from an older machine didn't show up either. I removed the drives, switched the drives and finally verified they both worked in the old computer. I also tried starting in safe mode and uninstalling, shutting down, unplugging the drive, rebooting, shutting down, reinstalling and rebooting to let windows pick up new hardware, all to no avail. The troubleshooter said the device was working properly. I searched through multiple google hits but stopped short of flashing the drive. Somewhere in the process of doing all this I had a system error due to absent-mindedly fiddling around inside the box while booting up. Fortunately I could boot from the windows xp cd by changing the cd to first boot device in cmos but still the icon didn't appear in “my computer”. I even removed zone alarm thinking perhaps that is what had bugged me out. I hadn’t used my dvd drive in a while so I really didn’t know how long ago this glitch occurred. Now I’m wondering if the 2 or 3 other cd roms I have been through over the last several years could have actually been working drives. I wonder if the problem came from a windows update, some virus, software conflict or what. I run zone alarm firewall, avg anti-virus, clear cache and cookies with mru blaster and check for spyware regularly with lavasoft add aware, spybot search and destroy and spyware blaster. Your step by step was key. I wish all the computer geniuses out there could explain things step by step like this for "the rest of us." It seems like 80% of the time the one thing omitted from directions is the one part I don't understand. Thanks again. Be well. ------A shortcut to your site is now on my desktop.

Posted by:

Adam Feldman
29 Nov 2007

I have a Sony Vaio that every once in awhile I lose the CD rom icon and nothing works. I have called their "so-called" support many times and now my warranty is up and it happened again today and within 2 minutes I am up and running. Thank you! What a scam Sony has...they wanted to charge me $100 + all the time you have to wait. Thank you Bob!

Posted by:

Ron Childress
10 Jan 2008


The problem I wrote yesterday about the missing CD-ROM drives has been solved. Turned out it was a bad ribbon cable.

Posted by:

12 Feb 2008

Wooo hooo! I praise The Lord for you precious Bob! I had NO IDEA what I was going to do when this problem occured the other day. Finally after 4 days of pickin' around on this here machine and becoming more and more frustrated, I prayed and asked God to lead me on what to do to solve this problem of the missing CD ROM...and before I knew it I was viewing your page...

I thank you for for being here and sharing your knowledge with us! You have a beautiful heart and you even made me giggle with your short witty statements. I trusted whatever you had to instruct to fix the problem because of that!

I ended up doing the last thing of going into the registry....It worked quick as a wink! What a guy! (((cyber HUGS)))

I'm keeping you on the TOP of my list! Thank you again! God keep blessin' you and yours. Cyndi

Posted by:

16 Feb 2008

Thanks!I needed this information badly.... Thanks a lot....

Posted by:

07 Mar 2008

i have windows xp sp2 installed in my computer. one day i switched on the system. after booting it gave a message has shutdown to save the data from ur computer(something like that) then i took my windows xp cd..and repaired the operating system..and..when it was completed..i found that both my Cd and Dvd rom's were missing.. then well..i tried all the above methods..but..of no use...

i am not able to decide..whether to frieshly install xp ..or there is anyother way. please help me......

EDITOR'S NOTE: If the registry trick did not work, I'd suggest a fresh install.

Posted by:

19 Mar 2008

Thank you so much! God bless you!

Posted by:

28 Mar 2008

Bob - Magnificent advice and well presented. I too had a similar problem with icons missing and had to do a system restore every day. I was ready to buy a new machine then found your site. Your ‘surgical’ advice worked perfectly and was easy to follow. I have added your site to my favorites and will check here first with all future computer problems! Thank you!

Posted by:

17 Apr 2008

Im having the same problem with my cdrom. Im on WinME and when I look in the registry there is no registry entry that you describe. Id format but I have no disks.

Posted by:

20 Apr 2008

ya,thanks alot for the registry editor,i havent known about this,so i searched the internet to find any new ways,so got ur site,i have done it and worked just now. ,thanks a lot

ps--would you plz tell how the registry works for this cd problem.

if it will be a great help for me ,because i am working in the computer hardware field.

Posted by:

08 May 2008

bob, can you help me? my Registry Editor has only one icon, "Default"... i just uninstalled my Burning files, then poof.. 1 day after my CDROM icon is gone. what will i do... i have a TSSTcorp CDRWDVD TS-H429C... i cant install new programs... help me please...

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would remove the drivers for the device, then download and re-install.

Posted by:

11 May 2008

You are so great. I have searched on internet for 2 days and tried everying to no avail. And with your instruction, I fixed my problem in 1 min. Thank you so much!

Posted by:

25 May 2008

cheers bob, the regedit worked for me. pretty sure it was google brought me here not divine intervention like some earlier posts! take it easy. cheers

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