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Posted by:

Dirty Sox
07 Sep 2011

How about the free CCleaner? A great program!
( Personally, I uncheck:

1. Everything under Internet Explorer except Temporary Internet files.
2. Everything under Windows Explorer.
3. Everything under Firefox/Mozilla except Internet Cache.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I agree, that's why I mentioned it in the article! :-)

Posted by:

07 Sep 2011

Are the recommended products good for an all solid-state drive computer? I DO use CCleaner aka Crap Cleaner and Revo Uninstaller and hope they are not slowly killing said drive!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I can't see why they would harm any disk, SSD or not.

Posted by:

07 Sep 2011

I was wondering if you think that hard drive shredder is a home made gadget or a commercial one(no safety screen.) Imagine what that could do to a human being or animal that accidentally fell in. You didn't mention DBAM.

Posted by:

07 Sep 2011

Can I get rid of the games that came with my computer? I would like to keep solitaire but I never use the five or six other games. They do not show up in uninstall programs.

Posted by:

07 Sep 2011

Hi Bob. Many thanks for your articles. They are very helpful & informative.

A comment re: pc decrapifier. Maybe i did something wrong, but yhis program is not free. When i ran the registry cleaner & tried to clean it up i was asked to register before it would work. So i went to register, & it wanted me to buy the program. That is ok, but they should not say it is free.

Posted by:

08 Sep 2011

Hello again. Please disregard earlier email re: pc decrapifier. I somehow downloaded "speedy computer" instead of decrapifier. Sorry.

Posted by:

08 Sep 2011

Any suggestions for cleaning up a Linux system?

Posted by:

patrick palmer
08 Sep 2011

Why are so many IT commentators (you included) so very hooked on Revo Uninstaller Bob? It does NOT, repeat NOT, remove all traces of uninstalled programs - as it is claimed to do.

You can verify this very easily, by running RegSeeker and/or jv16 Power Tools, immediately after Revo has done its best.

Posted by:

08 Sep 2011

Hi Bob, I must say you are definitely doing a great job and your articles have been working out smooth for me and friends as well

Posted by:

10 Sep 2011

Easy Duplicate Finder
Crippleware. Will not let me select all dupes and delete until i buy it.

Posted by:

13 Sep 2011

Useful computer maintenance guidance as always - Thank you Bob. I glean some really useful tidbits even when I think I already know it!

Posted by:

13 Sep 2011

Hello bob,
I've been using CC cleaner for sometime and it really helps me when it comes to clean my HD, although sometimes I use cleaning utility that comes with my computer. I'm gonna try the software that you mentioned and see how it goes.

Good post as always

Posted by:

duplicate files
19 Sep 2011

Easy Duplicate Finder!!! Crippleware. Will not let me select all dupes and delete until i buy it.

Posted by:

13 Dec 2011

This article is very useful. I have used my Mac for years and did not notice my hard disk is comsuming by the useless files. This article helped me much. I also found another free clean software MacCleaning. It is simple and effective as well.

Posted by:

Zev Spitz
22 Dec 2011

I highly recommend WinDirStat which displays the same information as jDiskReport, but all in one screen. It uses a treemap - a relatively sized rectangle for each file on disk, with files/folders grouped together.

Posted by:

18 Apr 2012

i am trying Stellar Phoenix photo recovery . i see a lot of pictures i would like off the hard drive and some i would like to keep. any system for that

Posted by:

Carol Mills
06 Jun 2012

Running XP. In Documents fldr are 2 Big Registry files. May I delete older one? Also have multiple Service Packs. May I delete older ones?

EDITOR'S NOTE: What are the names and sizes of these registry files?

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