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26 Jun 2012

This is a great article. I had upgraded from Vista soon as Win 7 beta came out, I never looked back. I went through Win 7 RC and when it was fully released, I got it pre-ordered. Now on SP1, Win 7 is solid. I have never got a blue screen, never hung. My experience with Win 8, both Consumer Preview and now with Release Preview, it will take me a while to get used to it, but there are still apps that don't work out. I've even gotten, "not made for this release of the operating system" and "please upgrade to a newer version of Windows." Ok, not full release yet, but like with Vista, if your apps don't work, it is frustrating. But I really hope there is a "classic" setting in Win 8, or I won't be getting it anytime soon. I actually have 3 licenses for Win 7 sitting around, I was going to build another PC, but instead got a tablet. If I end up with a preinstalled Win 8, if there is no "classic," I am going to downgrade them to Win 7.

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Kit Kimes
26 Jun 2012

No thanks. I'll stick with XP as long as I can. By then it will be time to switch full time to Linux or spend more time on my tablet as I am now.

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E. Dan Revere
26 Jun 2012

To: Gerald DeOreo

No, you're not crazy - Vista was the last MSOS Outlook Express and Media player were good. Vista has many problems but if you're happy with it great! However Vista has many problems and Win7 fixed them. Win7 with VLS media player and any number of mail programs are well wothwhile.

Win8 looks like a magnificent user program, but not for those of us who have to create. I have it on an HP tablet because I have to know how to make it work and for tablets it looks like it will be good. At this oint you don't want it for anything without a touchscreen.

Thank you for bringing this up!

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26 Jun 2012

I have only ever used XP and VISTA. VISTA is fine for me and copes well with the heavy demands put upon it. My desktop with XP has expired so I too need a new machine and think an all in one will be my root, albeit I really only need a new and more powerful tower: keyboard, mouse, monitor and sound peripherals are already as good as one can get.

I simply do not like Windows 8 and see no need for it. If it was not for all the expensive soft and hardware I have, I'd consider the iMac.

My Laptop uses VISTA and (ASUS G1) has an Intel core 2 Duo, Nvidia GeForce 7700 graphics. I run tests against all those others on Ashampoo's database and it always beats systems that it should not - W7 and XP. If your computer is optimized properly, VISTA is not a problem.

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26 Jun 2012

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your information.

WE all hae XP on certain brand on the Hard disk;

1. the question is Am We able to use same Acer Hard disk on other model same brand or another brand that was originally install on a certain Acer Model?

2. or are there any way one can open the OS on another Model or brand to get files or backup, if one day the Laptop ( XP )break down ( the hard ware )?

your assistance is appreciable

my happen to be a 1st version of Acer tablet Pc ( a laptaop ) C300

thank u


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26 Jun 2012

This is to pattymac who is worried about the transition from XP to Windows 7.
I made the transition two years ago with few problems. If you need help, Microsoft has many video tutorials that are easy to understand and very helpful. I am an older lady, not exceptionally computer literate;if I can do it, you can too. I did purchase my computer from Best Buy and let a Geek Squad agent set it up for me. Pricey, but the resulting lack of problems was worth the money. Good luck!

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26 Jun 2012

I'm a middle-aged guy, not especially techie, but not a novice either.

I've had numerous desktops from Win ME to Win 7; and I'm planning to buy my first laptop EVER in a few months.

Currently dual-booting my Win 7 Pro with Win 8 Consumer Preview. Haven't gotten around to the Release Preview yet, but unless the RP is significantly different from the CP, I have no desire for it.

My game plan is to buy during what may be a brief window (no pun intended) during which the full line of Ivy Bridge CPUs are available to choose from preinstalled; but while Win 7 is still available to run it with.

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26 Jun 2012

buy one with no op-sys and then put in linux. far cheaper than one with that virus microsoft

Posted by:

28 Jun 2012

Hi bob can you go form xp home win 7 and how much.$$

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08 Jul 2012

@Pattymac: I have been using XP for a while too and really love how stable the system was and that was switching from Windows 2000 which was another great OS. I was kinda of wary myself to switch to W7 but once I made the step, there was no turning back. I unfortunately had both of my laptop stolen in a robbery which sucked because I was without any PC for a while. I was then handed down a Vista OS which to my standard sucked and really hated it. I had heard all types of stories about it but never got to witness it until then. After the hard drive gave out on the PC, I replaced it with another one and went back to XP which again was pretty much flawless. I then was able to afford another W7 OS and was so happy to be back into it. It makes life much easier and there are no worries as far as compatibility issues with software that normally ran on XP and not running on W7 since there is an option built into W7 that lets you choose what OS it needs to run on. I have numerous software that I purchase and that ran on XP and after making the transition to W7, it was not an issue at all because of this small option and there is a lot more feature that I am still learning and discovering with W7. It never stop to amaze me and I am glad I have made the step. I am the type of person that never jumps out when new technology comes out since there are bugs that still needs to be worked out but after that, I am up for it as long as it is worth it and that I really need it. That said, I would say that it is safe to go forward with Windows 7 and don't worry about it. You will enjoy it and I would suggest to go to Best Buy or Fry's and fiddle around with the PC and kinda familiarize yourself with W7 before making the jump if you are unsure because this is what I do when I want something as far as electronic goes. That way, you are sure that you will be satisfied with it. There is nothing wrong with testing out the water before swimming. I hope that this helped and good luck.

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09 Jul 2012

I agree with the message of the article, but regarding Vista being the short-lived Windows of all time, I firmly believe Windows ME was the worst, period. I have helped friends and family members who have Vista, and while I am not a fan of it, Windows ME was an absolute embarrassment.

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