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12 Sep 2016

Some of Windows 10 updates, and certainly the Anniversary Upgrade, returns System Restore to the default setting, i.e. turned off. This can result in inconvenience at best or catastrophe because no Restore Points are available.

Run a check after each and every update. Finding System Restore will vary depending on whether a user is running Start 10, or the standard Windows 10 interface - but in general find Control Panel > System > System Protection > the Configure in the System Properties window. Click the radio button to turn on System Restore. By default the amount of disc space allocated for Restore Points is zero - reconfigure to something like 12% depending on available disc free space.

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Bruce Wharton
12 Sep 2016

Win10, no problems yet, operationally anyway. Biggest bugbear is the fact that someone at Microsoft thinks I constantly need to update my OS every time I start up. I got over most of the "problems" upgrading the PC. Previous Windows had the option to "block" any update, Win10 doesn't! Especially for MS products that won't update with the very early MS Office (looking for a "Single Image" file). After 18 rejections (failed to install) you thinks MS "Technical" would get the idea that it doesn't update. We consumers need to have more control, otherwise the big fruit competitor may just get my business.

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12 Sep 2016

Defrag on windows 10 professional wont allow manual operation.
It is grayed out and states not available.

Even Dell can`t sort this and Microsoft say it`s the OEM and machine manufacturer that needs to sort it out.

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01 Feb 2017

Hi Bob,

Do you have a way to delay the win 10 reboot after updates to an date far more than what win 10 offers? There are times where I really don't want the computer to reboot, and the "choices" for future times to reboot are not convenient.

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