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06 Jul 2018

So how do we stop google spying on us?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you read the article, or just the headline?

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06 Jul 2018

Hey Bob - it's not just in the tech niche... The amount of non-news has been steadily increasing across the board, over the past few years. Obviously, there's no shame in raking in ill-gotten-clicks for payola. Some of us make a game of it; honing our skills to discern which links will likely take us to fluff and which will lead to actual substance. But, it takes a lot of practice and a sharp eye, to get through the day without landing on drivel.

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06 Jul 2018

If Google isn't reading your emails then their software is incredibly adept at guessing which ones are spam.

It's never a good idea to use email to send information that could be harmful if intercepted. And even if you're on a service like Proton Mail it won't help if the receiver is using a non-encrypted email service.

If a service is free then the user is the commodity.

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06 Jul 2018

Could somebody post a simple list of things to do to protect your privacy on gMail? There is a bewildering list of choices when you click on "Advanced Settings" and go through the list under "Privacy and Security". Where is the setting (if any) that prevents app developers from sifting through your email? And does this apply to all browsers or only if you're using Chrome, for instance?

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06 Jul 2018

I learned way back at the end of the 80's never to say,visit, or send anything over the company walkie-talkie, computer or phone that you wouldn't want the world to know. I've been using my private communication devices since '99' and I still feel the same way about electronic communication. I have had that idea reinforced quite a few times by reading the articles and comments from the 'Ask Bob'weekley. Thanks Bob!

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07 Jul 2018

I recently caught my email provider snooping in my emails so a better title would be, "Is Google the Only One Reading Your Email?"

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Sara Cleveland
09 Jul 2018

I remember the founder of Sun Microsystems saying many years ago that we no longer had privacy and to get over it. My rule of thumb for e-mail, is I don't push the send button unless I'm willing to see the content of my e-mail in a court deposition. So if Google is actually reading my e-mail, like another poster said, they will be bored. BTW, my work requires using databases that have a lot of confidential content so we use a VPN and encryption. Haven't' ever been hacked, but nothing is hacker-proof.

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11 Jul 2018

ProtonMail in Switzerland is the most secure email. It is encrypted of course !
NEVER trust any American program !

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16 Jul 2018

big brother is always watching!!!

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