Twenty Questions - Part Deux

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Last week I announced the results of the Ebook Survey, and I've already started work on the next title: Everything You Need to Know About Internet Security and Privacy. And as promised, I've got another list of twenty questions that you asked in the write-in section of the survey. I found it interesting that many of them deal with ways to save money, or free online services. Read on to see how many YOU can answer...

Twenty (More) Questions: Do You Know The Answers?

After reading through hundreds of your survey comments, I picked 60 of the most intersting questions, and this is second batch of twenty. (If you missed the first installment, see Survey Results and Twenty Questions.) Here is "part deux" with twenty more questions, and links to my answers. Many of them focus on saving money or finding free stuff online. How many do you know?

Where is the best free software?

Can I get a truly free credit report online?

How can I find people, phone numbers and addresses?

20 Q's Part Deux

How can I get Free TV on My Computer - Satellite and HDTV?

What computer maintenance tasks are most important?

Can I dump my landline and save money with Internet calling?

How do I secure my wireless router and home network?

Should I Switch to the Chrome Browser?

Can I connect my computer to the TV (to watch movies and youtube videos on a big screen)?

Should I Update my Drivers?

Where to Download Free Fonts and Graphics?

How do I reformat my hard drive?

Should I partition my hard drive?

What do I need to know before buying an HDTV?

How do I setup a Home Network?

Where can I learn about digital photography techniques?

What are dual booting and virtual machines?

How can I boost my cellular phone signal?

Is webmail better than desktop email?

How can I boost my wifi signal?

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Most recent comments on "Twenty Questions - Part Deux"

Posted by:

Jim Young
24 Feb 2012

Hi Bob, at the moment I am very interested in your 'Wireless and Wifi' because of a problem I have which it seems I can only solve by resetting my router. But I have cold feet because i am warned that if I do so I could lose a lot of important stuff, and I don't want to make things worse than they are. Is there any info on exactly how my settings etc would be affected, and on how I could put things back in order?

EDITOR'S NOTE: What's the problem, and how will resetting your router help?

Posted by:

D.W. Whitlock
25 Feb 2012

How many Vista & Win 7 wireless users are aware that even though it appears that they have a solid, strong, quality connection, that there is an automatic background scan going on so the system can search for an even better connection?? The result are connection problems for up to as long as 5 seconds and its especially troublesome for gamers and streamers. Is there a small utility that defeats this scan that works thus improving connection performance and is free?? There is. View this link If this little program does not perform to your liking, its very easy to remove it. I received a major speed increase in wireless browsing in my Win 7 802.11g system. Give it a try. Also, Google around about the background scan problem. and the connection problems it causes.

Bob, how about a review of the WLAN Optimizer?? Your readers need to know about this problem and the solution as wireless problems can drive users straight up a wall.

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