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Posted by:

Joe Hathaway
19 Jan 2006

If you use Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5, follow these suggestions:

Click Tools, Options, Composition, and Send Details. Then choose to send as HTML, or, if you really don't know which mode is preferred by the addressee(s), send it both as text and HTML. If the recipient can receive HTML, he'll see the images.

Posted by:

Patricia Ryan
19 Jan 2006

If use Windows 98 or Windows ME, and you get red x's when using multiples of the SAME graphic on one E Mail, Windows Updates #837009, #823353 and #330994 may be the reason if they are installed on your computer. Uninstall them and the problem is cured.

You can test this by sending yourself an E Mail with 2 of the same graphic embedded on it. If you get 2're good! If you get back one graphic and one Red X, follow the above!

Posted by:

20 Jan 2006

Another possible cause is a problem with the HOSTS file (which is usually in your WINDOWS folder), blocking the web site which is hosting the missing graphic. You can edit, rename or delete the HOSTS file. (Note that to see the HOSTS file, Windows must be set to enable viewing hidden files.)

Posted by:

20 Jan 2006

I am curious if the Red X of doom is more common for those of us using AOL 9, with a dial up connection. When I get that Red X, I ask the sender what did I miss? The invariable response, is, yes, that always happened to me when I used AOL with dial up. Now, of course, they have switched to a high speed connection, and use the e-mail that comes with the high speed line (e.g., I allow pictures, and think that I am not blocking them with any of my settings.

Posted by:

20 Jan 2006

Sometimes it is just a memory problem - I have found that when I start seeing the red X, all I need to do is reboot my computer and upon returning to the same internet page, the problem is resolved. Note this is NOT true for email graphics though.

Posted by:

Anthony Beal
21 Jan 2006

I posted an image to my son recently using the PlusNet web client. The first time I sent it with the file name "ant & Fionnuala o'connell street.jpg" He told me that he could only see a red x. I resent the image with the file name "ant-Fionnuala.jpg" It then displayed correctly in the client.

I concluded that it must be the the length of the file name, number of spaces or possibly the Character ['] causing the problem.

Posted by:

25 Jan 2006

I get the dreaded rex all the time using aol 9.0.

(land line) However, once I'm signed on, if I open Explorer and view the email, the picture is there.

If sends me a match containing a picture, it shows up as a red x. If I click on the match it takes me to their profile and there the picture shows correctly. Once I have done this I can reopen the same email and the pictures will now show on all the ones I have previously clicked on. If they send me matches at a later date, there will be red x's on the ones I have never viewed before, but if it is one I have opened in the past, the picture will display.

Computers. I tell ya.

Posted by:

09 Apr 2006

I have Windows XP Home Edition with SP 1&2. I get the dreaded Box and red x from both personal emails with graphics where I'm the only recipient who can't see the graphics. I also get it from very reputable sites that I purchase from including Vitacost and Vitamin Shoppe. I've tried everything on your list. It hasn't helped. I've had this problem with yahoo, Earthlink, comcast, Outlook Express, you name it. I'm the only one missing the graphics/pics out of all recipients no matter what I do.

Posted by:

24 Apr 2006

I have been having these problems with many PCs that are brought into the shop. Red X`s are a nightmare but it seems to be Firewalls causing most of the problems,Somewehre in your Firewall settings there is a Stealth Mode (and I'm told it is on 90% of Firewalls) This Stealth mode is there so no websites can see what system youre running,The problem being is it alos disables activation on websites so you get Red X`s appear.

Sygate and Norton both have this Stealth Mode activation and 99% of the time this is the problem,Add this to the above checklists that have been added and you will get it sorted eventually.

Posted by:

13 May 2006

Earthlink has no way to change security settings within their email nor will they allow any changes on their firewall setting.

Posted by:

02 Jun 2006

My problem is with Yahoo e-mail and Forwarding an e-mail with embedded pictures. I can see the embedded pictures before I Send the message, but after sending the message the embedded pictures turn into the dreaded red "X". I have also found that this is most likely happening whenever I have bc'd several addresses, and Yahoo has the spamfiltering software make me enter the encrypted code before Yahoo sends the e-mail. I've even forwarded the e-mail back to myself as the "TO" address, and the pictures disappear. I have tried forwarding the e-mail to just myself (and the Yahoo spamfiltering does NOT ask me to decode the encryted code), Then the embedded pictures WILL show up in my e-mail.

I've talked to Yahoo techs (online and on the phone)... and don't get anywhere with what seems like a bug with Yahoo's spamfiltering and embeded pictures.

Done anyone have any experience with my same problem?


Posted by:

06 Jun 2006

Same problem using Eudora... E-mail has red x's but click forward and the picture contents show.

Posted by:

22 Jun 2006

I couldn't view pic's on a message board-I cleaned out my temporary internet files and cookies files....also updated Java. Next morning all was fine....saw all captioned pic's. One or the other must have worked!

Posted by:

T Dowdy
08 Dec 2006

I installed a new firewall, then most of my images became red x's. It was like you said, I unchecked a box in my firewall, all is fine. Thanks

Posted by:

06 Jan 2007

I have been through every scenario list above and previously and still to no avail i still get the red x problem is evryone who visits my site can see the pictures i posted but me. This is getting very annoying and i feel like throwing the pc through the window.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you try clearing the browser cache (temp files)?

Posted by:

Seymour Brodsky
23 Feb 2007

I searched your two websites and in one found a few possibilities. That was on Internet Explorer security settings. I could not click Default Level as it was not highlighted-which I felt that my settings were already on

Default. I clicked Custom Level but saw too many places to change.And since I am not a computer maven, I was afraid to try. My "Show Pictures" on my MS Explorer is clicked and I can't find "Web Bugs" on either my AVG anti-virus

or Firewall. I will sign up for the FREE "AskBobRankin Updates" newsletter and watch for my answer.

In the mean time, I will use FireFox Explorer when I have to go into Greeting Cards, which is about 80% of my MS Explorer problem. The other 20% are images on incoming mail. I wanted to change FireFox to my default explorer but my son-in-law (a software programmer) said don't do it. Your Opinion for this please.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If Firefox works for you and you like it, there's no reason not to use it.

Posted by:

15 Jun 2007

Hello I have been trying to access this site for quite sometime. Lately I have not been able to get the page to view correctly. None of the html shows up and all of the pics have red Xs where there should be an image. I have recovered the error message. Could you help me out?

Error: The stylesheet was not loaded because its MIME type, "text/html", is not "text/css".

Source File: Line: 0

EDITOR'S NOTE: The site seems to load fine for me...

Posted by:

17 Jul 2007

I'm not getting pictures when i go on web sites,just red x's.I am using the new vista program.I hope some one can tell me how to fix this problem.

EDITOR'S NOTE: It just started when you upgraded to Vista? Which of the tips in the article above did you try?

Posted by:

18 Jul 2007

I've tried everything you said, & still have the red x. Here's the scenario: I use Incredimail, just downloaded their newest build. I was told to try it again, using just the upgrade. Nope. Then I was told to download the full version of the newest build. Nope. It doesn't happen all the time with all the graphics, it's hit & miss. Any other suggestions?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Have you tried getting rid of Incredimail?

Posted by:

Jay Wong
01 Aug 2007

I am using Hotmail and I keep getting the red X on most of the JPEG attachments. But when I use a different computer, there isn't a red X on those attachments. I can't seem to find the problem. I am using a McAfee anti virus and there isn't a check box for Web Bugs. HELP!!!!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Try removing McAfee and replace it with one of the many free alternatives.

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