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Posted by:

Sam Hagen
15 Mar 2016

I have resisted W10 on desk top and have a program that stopped the forced changeover and passed it on to many friends who say also happy with it.So Bob hope alright to paste URL ?
Has taken my day back to normal when worried re updates etc and they kept sneaking them in didnt they indeed! Has to be a bigger payoff than making us pay $150 or so to buy it! No such thing as free lunch .
Husbands laptop has W10 - he allowed it but then went horribly wrong so I had to download new OS and now running well enough for his needs soccer mainly. But also it nags and I dont like fact dont know when updates etc.
Reckon its good enough for all round read the papers, look up things, email and stuff like that but I wont be running it for my business needs.
Loved XP stuck to it til no longer supported didn't think of fact hackers leave it alone now. Anyway got W7 and its XP plus so happy with it too and think its last of the good ones myself.
I still think they will issue new one some time and htis is just to put up middle finger at Google etc. Pricey though. No good business.
Time will tell.

Posted by:

Wild Bill
15 Mar 2016

Bob, are you sure of the 2017 year for the end of
free update? I thought it was July, 2016. I have
7, 8.1 and 10 running on assorted hardware and
will probably stay on 7 and 8.1 on several PCs.
(My favorite laptop runs 8.1 with Classic Shell.)
However, I generally recommend going with 10 on
new machines for most users. It works and is the
future, as far as Windows is concerned.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Typo, sorry. The official date is July 2016. But some reliable sources I read say that's very likely to be extended.

Posted by:

15 Mar 2016

Not convincing
Nothing significant
No real advantage over 7

Posted by:

T Whalen
15 Mar 2016

Mr. Rankin, you are totally delusional, or perhaps have been comped by MS for your rhetoric on W10.
I build and repair computers, am a degreed engineer with many years experience, and have NOT found ANY machine that functions well and reliably with Windows 10. Your article here is both misleading and a fallacy. The fact that you mentioned that you use Iobit utilities says enough for me. Those 'housecleaning' apps are completely unnecessary and cause more problems than they help.
You should be ashamed of yourself...the unsubscribe button beckons.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I should have known something like this would happen on the Ides of March. As I've mentioned several times before, I'm still waiting for those big fat checks to arrive in my mailbox. But it seems that Microsoft, Google, and all the other companies for which I supposedly shill, must have the wrong address. Oh well.

For the record, I've got computers running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OSX, iOS, Linux Mint, and various Android flavors. They all have their pros and cons.

Posted by:

15 Mar 2016

I assume that for people that (have) to use Windows everyday, they will come to terms with 10 and life will go on. Simply because they won't have a choice. But I have had Win computers since 1992 (Win 3.5, maybe?) and adjusted again and again through the years. But after the final edition of Win 98 it was more like a continuum. If you could handle 98 you could use XP with little adjustment, except that it was better. (Skipped Millennium). Vista and Win 7 were no challenge.
That simply is not true with 10. (Skipped the 8's too). I had no choice but to buy a laptop with Win 10 ... and I hate it. Yes I can manage to find my way around and get the things done I need to do on a laptop. But it's not one bit better for anything I need, and some formerly simple things are amazingly difficult on it. Seems it always takes 6 clicks to do what 2 clicks used to. And that's if you can figure out what 6 to use. I've grown old with Windows, and maybe by 2020 I won't need it so much. Just got an Android smart phone, and in a week I understand that better than Win 10.

Posted by:

16 Mar 2016

I upgraded to W10. So many problems (the starting button disappeared for instance) and no significant better features ! So, back very quickly to W 7.

Posted by:

16 Mar 2016

Thanks for the info. I have some older computers that could not be upgraded to Win 8 because the Manufacturer of the motherboard said it need special hardware added to the MB. So it has win 7 but slower than the XP OS. Will Window 10 work on them? on the hardware issue still stand?

Also I am weary of installing windows 10 because I know there will be a charge coming soon for the Win 10 OS but don't know how much it will be. Suppose Microsoft decide to charge $99. That would be a lot since I have quite a few computes in my network. Does anyone know the cost?

EDITOR'S NOTE: How do you "know there will be a charge coming soon" for WIndows 10?

Posted by:

17 Mar 2016

After reading the pros & cons of Windows 10 since it came out I have to say I'm quite reluctant to risk all the potential headaches that may result. My Win-7 machine works wonderfully, no problems whatsoever, so I'm reluctant to chance messing it up. I'm a firm believer in the old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Posted by:

Sharon H
17 Mar 2016

Not taking a chance on Windows 10. Besides worrying what I might lose in the process, I have a few old favorite games from 2006 or so that probably would not make the transition. Win 10 seems to have been released as an apology for Win 8.

It also shows that Microsoft can't count.

Posted by:

Elvene Hamilton
18 Mar 2016

VERY IMPORTANT before upgrading check with your computer manufacturer to make sure your MODEL is supported for upgrade to 10 -- I didn't and had a couple of months of trouble and driver issues -- WHEN it is supported -- smooth sailing

Posted by:

C Cochran
18 Mar 2016

My son is an IT professional and advised me to upgrade to Win 10. I had bought a Win 7 laptop that had the admin account locked. I built an install DVD on another machine as this was the only way to do it. I had to reformat and install and it worked for a while. Now I cannot access most of my apps and some programs and forget about email on my user account. I do not use my admin (microsoft in this case) account for day to day. I installed Thunderbird so I can at least get my email and found it is better than what comes with Win 10. I also found that Edge and Cortana irritate the @#$^&* out of me and with Edge you can NEVER EVER EVER get it to quit searching and actually go to a site you want to view. Kind of like Bing. With Firefox I type in the web address and wala I'm at my desired spot. I guess as it's been more than 30 days, I'll stumble around but it seems MS gets more hateful to users with every release. Linux Mint is decent but refuses to run any Windows based software even under Wine for me. Maybe I'll buy a copy of Win 7 to ease my pain.

Posted by:

18 Mar 2016

I love Win 10! It made my old Win 7 Acer desktop
much faster right off the bat. Win 10 made my new Acer Win 8 laptop slower at first but, I did a restore on it and now it is very fast. Both of my computers are 64 bit.

Posted by:

21 Mar 2016

I work with classes for teaching seniors computers and in the last few months I have installed Windows 10 on 15 laptops and a desktop (mine) with no problems at all. While Windows 7 is still my first love, I have no complaints about the new OS.

By the way, I am 87 years old.

Posted by:

21 Mar 2016

2 reasons not to upgrade to windows 10:
1. If you used Windows 7 Pro and utilized virtual PC/XP mode, after you upgrade, XP-Mode is no longer there!
2. Windows 10 does not support any DVD/CD writer/reader! So basically now my DVD writer does not work! The DVD does not show in device manager nort on "This PC"
These are what I have discovered since upgrading. Wonder what else I will discover before it is too late to go back to Windows 7 Pro!!!!

Posted by:

25 Mar 2016

Cliff, I too do a lot of Family Search work and in my quest to replace Ancestry every one I tried works fine with Windows 10. Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic 7, and Family Search all work well with Windows 10. Perhaps you should check with the comapnies for compatability problems. Just trying to be helpful.

Posted by:

26 Mar 2016

I updated to win/10 a few months back,but last week the curser and things went weird. I thought it might be win10 so I updated again, but no.
I use free trial antivirus and I read about a free one , so I put it on,it give the pc a clean and bang it pulled out 4 things a worm a trogen and other crap.
Now the pc is great. It's best to check your antivirus as things can sneak through as I found. Being on a disibility pension I can't afford top notch antivirus, so if your on free antivirus ect, be careful with win/10 and once you use 3rd party, defender shuts down for good I think.

Posted by:

27 Mar 2016

I have set up a Surface 3 for my SO and after every other windows 10 update, it deletes the modem and I have to download the drivers again! Uggghhhhhhh!

Posted by:

27 Mar 2016

I read your article, and most imp[ortantly I read all the comments
As an experienced user of various Windows platforms for teh last 25 years, i would like to say, this Is one of teh biggest pieces of crap I have seem from Microsoft so far, and I do not like the way they are constantly trying to trick me Into upgrading, by slyly Incorporating the Windows 10 upgrade Into Important Updates.
I use Windows 7 Professional.....the best OS they have made so far.
I will not Upgrade to Windows 10
Also, the only comments you make appear to be regarding your lack of payment from Microsoft..
I dont doubt they havent paid you, as I dont think you are as much of an expert as you like to think you are.
Thank God, i am more experienced, and dont have to listen to a so called expert like yourself, and smart enough not to anyway.
I do however pity people who have listened to your bad advice, and ultimately paid the price.

I find It disgusting, the reasons you have given for teh Windows 10 upgrade....you should be drawn and quartered.
To eevryone who reads this guys articles, treat them like a Jerry Lewis comedy, and take them all with a grain of salt.
I am only staying subscribed, for teh enjoymenty, and laughts I get out of reading, what you consider, as expert advice
X = Unknown quantity
Spurt = A drip under pressure.

Posted by:

27 Mar 2016

I love Windows 10, and yes, the bootup time is much faster. Only two issues:

1. The latest large update (a few months ago): I wasn't aware that it was such a huge update, and needed my PC quickly, so I was quite miffed when I had to let it run for a few hours. After that, there were several issues (like not shutting down properly, broken icon links). I think it took about a week to settle down, and now it's fine again.

2. It's VERY unforgiving with peripheral device removal (Sony VIAO laptop). Although I always use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon, I occasionally forget, and Windows sometimes won't release it. With Win 7, I would generally take a chance, and it would be ok. Win 10 crashes horribly, and does not recover; it requires a switch off and a cold boot. :-(.

Posted by:

27 Mar 2016

OK.. Here's been my experience with windows 10.. AWESOME! Especially with an AMD based computer.. My games actually run smoother and with the new update for drivers where it uses unused cores as extra gpu shaders has sped up a lot of my old games that stuttered a bit under windows 7 and 8.1... Now I'm eagerly awaiting DX12 to become mainstream in gaming for the asynch computing which AMD gfx chipsets starting from the 7500 series all take advantage of.. I do agree that the apps included with windows 10 should not have been released as commercially ready as edge and the mail client are both horrendous.. I too, use both firefox and thunderbird as well.. So for me.. I love windows 10 but the included apps are garbage..

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