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27 Mar 2016

For whatever it's worth, I've been using Microsoft operating systems since DOS 1.1, which means I know what a crappy OS looks like. (There were a couple of versions of Windows before Widows 95, for example.) I have a self-built desktop running an AMD processor and upgraded from Winows 7 Pro. I have had no issues. None. There's a learning curve, but once I was through it,I found everything is still there, and in many cases, much improved.

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Da id Halten
27 Mar 2016

I was sceptical to Windows 10, but I have now upgraded mine and two job-PC's: Now: its quite stable, and better than Windows 7 (which i have just loved for so long).

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27 Mar 2016

windows 10 is great.
Can set up and run just like previous OS from Microsoft.

I have ran it on 10" and large laptops
Have installed it for friends.
Worst case is may have to do a clean install after updating if a problem comes up.

Negative comments may be from folks that do not understand computers as well as they think they do.
Not a negative statement but I have seen this.
10 will run live mail2012 and IE11 if you still prefer.
Patience and practice will make you a believer in 10.

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28 Mar 2016

Thank you for giving us the beautiful of Win 10.
I have used Win 10 and I do not like it.
Downstairs I exclusively use XP and upstairs I use Win 7 but most of my network is on XP.
Most people use computers for:
- internet 90% mail youtube news ....
- music and video 9%
- games 1%
- forget about offices, most of their software when optmized can run on a PII machine
Why change when it still work perfectly?

Posted by:

Bill Bennett
28 Mar 2016

Contrary to some of the comments - or commentators self described - I am not an expert on computers. (I'm also 87). Just know how to use my desktop for the things I need or interest me. Yes, I went along with one of those MS "important update" messages and installed W-10. Went smoothly - no problems. Found my various icons and shortcuts stayed put, and the tiles I was afraid would cover the whole screen didn't. I did have to hunt down the control panel, but added it to the "tiles" so no problem there. Had to get used to a few other quirks.

The one problem I'm having is every once in awhile there is a click, the screen goes blank. The 'puter runs for a few moments then usually shuts down. (Sometimes, it just reboots). I start it up and it takes me back to exactly where I was with no loss - so mostly just an inconvenience. Other than that I'm quite happy with 10.

Posted by:

Bud Deppeler
28 Mar 2016

I lost audio when W10 was installed by a download. The operating system was preloaded on my HP so I don't have a disk to load the missing audio driver. I think that PC-Matic has tried to load the driver in question but I get the following error code. IDT - Audio Device - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Error 0x8007001f. Any ideas?

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Chuck in Persia
28 Mar 2016

Windows 10 continues the heritage of making everything integral and if you don't want a feature, it's just too bad.
I don't need cloud computing and don't want it. I don't want "Edge". what benefit is it for me? Cortana? Who cares? I don't need it, either.
Why can't MS offer a bare bones OS with good security features and let the consumer OPT-IN to features instead of jumping through hoops to OPT-OUT. I am seriously contemplating dumping W-10 and going back to W-7. My platform is a PC.

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28 Mar 2016

I agree with Don (March 15): "some formerly simple things are amazingly difficult on it. Seems it always takes 6 clicks to do what 2 clicks used to." Going into safe mode was a nightmare in 8.1 and probably still is in 10.

As for faster performance, I find software painfully slow to load in 10, especially Firefox and Thunderbird, my most-used programs.

There are the usual Microsoft annoyances and at least one new one. There is now no way to permanently exorcise the language bar from the task bar. It is useless for most people, hence a waste of space.

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28 Mar 2016

I upgraded from Windows 7 and am rethinking the decision. For one, I have a limited data plan (the curse of living in a rural area), and the new OS seems to take more of it for itself. Consequently I've been hit with much larger overage charges. The upgrade itself was huge. Secondly, after the first update Airplane Mode turned on and wouldn't turn off--consequently no internet. What desktop needs Airplane Mode? Microsoft support was no help. I had to restore to before the update. And now, after adding a app to read ebooks, the program replaced my Windows password with my Microsoft account password, giving me a bad few minutes trying to access the computer. Plus I won't be using Edge or Cortana or other resource-heavy programs that come with it. I will likely choose to go back to Windows 7.

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28 Mar 2016

Forcing Candi crush games on us is a big insult. And you can not remove it. Shame on Microsoft.

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30 Mar 2016

I prefer W7 over W10.

I do use "Clasic Start" to make W10 look more like how W7 and previous versons looked.

I run W7 and W10 on one computer and the other W8 and W10. Dual booting.

The forced W10 auto updating can be annoying.

Durring one forced update it restarted my PC durring a fight in Dying Light and the zombies got me. :(

W10 boots as fast as my W7. I timed both from push of the power button to the window screen. If there is any difference in time, it is not noticable.

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31 Mar 2016

When I attempted to upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft informed me that my graphics card is not supported in Win 10. I have the Acer Aspire AX1420G-U5832, a low profile desktop, with the NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE graphics card. NVIDIA is not writing any more drivers for this card. So, regardless of Microsoft's offer of a free upgrade, I am relegated to Windows 7.

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