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04 Aug 2015

Regarding Ryan's comment that his internet is too slow: my rural satellite internet is also quite limited. I am going to the library in town and take a book of short stories. They have very fast, free internet. I probably won't get through more than one short story, if even that.

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05 Aug 2015

I started with an old laptop I had nothing to lose with. It was a HP dv5000 2Ghz AMD Turion 32bit with only 1Gig of Ram. I had previously upgraded it to Windows 8 and 8.1. I used the executable Windows 10 file and told it to do a clean install.
It updated without a hitch and appears to be working fine albeit slow because of the hardware specs and only 1Gig of Ram.
I since did two other computers without experiencing any noticeable problems.

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Al Gavenas
05 Aug 2015


Got a Dell Demension 8300 which is much older than all of the computers that are mentioned in the comment sections. It has an Intel Pentimum 4 CPU
2.60GHz 2.59GHz. Installed RAM is 4.00 GB, and I have a 1.0 TB (tera-bit) hard-drive.

Microsoft list the min specs to upgrade to
Windows 10 from Windows 7 PRO (32=bit) as 1 GHs CPU and 1 GB of ram.

I did get the Windows 10 upgrade icon in my system tray but what I get when I click on it is that it tells me my computer "CPU IS UNSUPPORTED. What Microsoft is telling me is it doesn't matter if your computer CPU far exteeds min specs for upgrade, If you have an old machine it WANTS YOU TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER!!!

Please Post this to your comment collum and see if there is some sort of work around. Windows 7 PRO runs fine but will not ypgrade to wondows 10

Posted by:

Sandy Papavasiliou
05 Aug 2015

Last week I hit 'get Windows 10' from my Windows 7 and got a screen which said 'wait' so I waited - for 20 minutes. Got fed up and closed the window (with my fingers crossed). Five minutes later I hit 'get Windows 10' and it went straight into it, no problems. I had previously backed everything up to an external hard drive.
The finished result was a screen which looked like SAFE MODE. Yipes! I closed the computer down and rebooted and it hasn't looked back since. Lovely new appearance. I still have things to discover but, so far, I am pleased with it.

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David Clark
05 Aug 2015

Then I noticed, finally, the option to “skip” entering a product ID; that link is down in the left-hand lower corner of the screen in relatively tiny type. It would be nice if it was more prominent, Microsoft!

Nothing appears on my screen except the question if I wanted help MS make the install easier. sure would. Can you please pass along more info about the "Skip" button?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry, I can only tell you my own experience. If I find more info on that, I'll post it here.

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Don Henricksen
08 Aug 2015

I have a desktop that I upgraded to a new AMD processor this year. It has Windows 7 on it. I tried Win 10 on it and it seems to work GREAT!
I tried upgrading my older Toshiba Satelite and Windows 10 loaded, but I had absolutely NO use of the "Start" button or some of the programs on the task bar. I did a couple of hard shutdowns, and nothing. Tried searching the web for help, but nothing worked.
Thank goodness for the recent backup so I could restore Windows 7. Will try again later.

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10 Aug 2015

I'm running Win 7 Pro 64 bit and have a few older programs which run through a virtual window. If I upgrade to Windows 10 will these older programs still work?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Should be fine. What virtual window?

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13 Aug 2015

Downloaded Win10 on 2 HP Slimline computers during update checks. 1st update was reasonably painless, just long. 2nd is another story...system is locked on a page and even with a forced reboot, it goes back to that page. Tried Microsoft "Chat" but didn't help because they can't get into my computer to make changes remotely...I'm locked on an upgrade screen. Called Tech Support (0600 hrs, East coast). After running me through menus they said wait time is over 1 1/2 hrs, and we're back when we're open. I guess Microsoft didn't decide to "upgrade" its service. I switched to an iMAC a few years ago; gotta get my wife to switch.

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17 Aug 2015

Bob, Thanks for all your articles that simplify all this computerese so that us dummies can understand it. I'm using Vista and want to upgrade to Windows 10. I see blurbs on the internet that say that Windows 10 is now free for Vista and XP users but can't find any sites that tell me how to do it. Can you help? Thanks

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry, you're out of luck, to the best of my knowledge. According to one report I read, there was a loophole (now closed) that permitted some people running XP/Vista to sign up for the Windows 10 Preview, and then upgrade for free. I can't verify even that.

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01 Sep 2015

Hi Bob
Your article on Windows 10 upgrades came at a good time - my Win 7 was playing up and nothing would repair it. Aha, thinks I, Windows 10 will replace my duffy 7.
Well, you get owt for nowt with Microsoft - part of the checking you mention is to see if my processor supports NX - obviously a five year old Dell desktop won't, so I cannot install 10, nor could I have installed 8.1 (as if I would).
Right, off to the Dell website to see if an updated BIOS can do the trick.
Don't you just lurv computers?

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04 Feb 2016

My hubby, who is a computer geek, advised me not to migrate to Win10 too soon. But now that a lot of the bugs seem to have been worked out, I bit the bullet this week and upgraded my HP laptop (bought 11/2012 with Win7Pro) and HP desktop (bought 6/2013 with Win7Pro). Both of them are Core i7. The laptop is the one I use the least so that was sort of my "guinea pig" to see how it went. There were a few hiccups but it ended up fine. Then I swallowed hard and upgraded my desktop computer, which has a lot more stuff on it. (Of COURSE, I backed up all my data first. This goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyway.) That upgrade went even more smoothly than the laptop. It took the better part of a day but everything works hunky-dory. I'm typing this on my desktop computer.
In all the years since 1990 that I've owned computers - several of them came with free or minimal-cost OS upgrade options - I never before had the courage to do an upgrade. This time I did, and on the whole I am glad. Some of my friends have told me they've had problems with various things such as sound, etc., but no problems on either of my computers that I know about.
One last word: Win10 comes with a lot of settings that can compromise your privacy. When it finishes upgrading, before it gets to your desktop screen, you can choose Custom Settings to adjust your preferences. Or, afterwards, go into Settings and turn off anything you don't want on. Good Luck!

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