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12 Aug 2007

I tried the suggestion that you gave me about running CHKDSK, but I am still getting the 2 options when Windows starts. Also, I tried to run Recovery Console and it won't let me. A blue screen comes up and tells me that my computer will be shut down to prevent damage.

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02 Sep 2007

im having the same problem as JIM, it doesn't ask me to log in, it just goes to a c prompt and it says access denied when i try to do something.

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12 Sep 2007

I had the same problem - rec console kept asking me for admin password.. after researching I finally figured out that because I have xp Pro with SP2 instsalled... I could not use the old XP Pro CD to boot from, because it is older than service pack 2. I followed instructions to integrate SP2 with the old XP cd I had, but did not work.. I ended up getting a CD with XP Pro SP 2 files integrated into it and that eliminated the 'need admin password' problem.

Posted by:

Ravi Kiran
06 Oct 2007

I am not able to configure recovery console using drive:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons after updating service pack2 of Windows 2003 server.

Whenever I typed the above command it is showing the message that "set up cannot continue because the version of windows on your computer is newer than the version on the CD".. Its very urgent.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm not sure that process works for W2003. Might be only a WinXP thing.

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06 Nov 2007

i boot windows xp sp2 cd, repair command, which windows would you like to log onto, type administrator password pass is empty. i press enter and say password is not valid

EDITOR'S NOTE: This may help:;en-us;308402

Posted by:

12 Dec 2007

I have the XP install cd, everything looks good but then the Welcome to Setup page that I expected doesn't show. It goes to the Partitioned Hard Drive page as if I clicked the Install Windows XP option. Help please, I saw that there's an 8mb partition so that may be the Recovery Console files installed previously. It doesn't give me the option to run Recovery Console though.

Posted by:

12 Dec 2007

I am trying to fix a friends lap top. They get the "windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt : windows\system32\config\system" error. I have an XP disk and tried getting to the recovery console but it says no hard drive is detected. I checked the physical connection and it is fine. I was able to rescue their important files using a freeware program so I believe the harddisk is physically ok. Why won't the recovery console detect the harddrive?

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12 Feb 2008

"Don't have a Windows Setup CDROM? You can run the Recovery Console installation from your hard drive. If your computer didn't come with a Windows Setup disk, the vendor should have copied an image of it to your hard drive instead. Look for a folder named I386 which contains the WINNT32.EXE file. It might be stored elsewhere on your hard drive, but let's assume you found this file in the C:\WINDOWS\I386 folder. Click Start, then click Run. Enter the command C:\WINDOWS\I386\WINNT32.EXE /cmdcons. Click Yes to confirm that you want to install Recovery Console. The same caveats apply if you have a Windows XP SP2 system."

How are we supposed to run that if our XP doesn't boot >_>

EDITOR'S NOTE: A Catch 22... you'll need to borrow a setup CD.

Posted by:

pradeep kumar pandey
21 Jun 2008

what is recovery console

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Recovery Console is.... Wait a minute, heh, you clever fellow! For a moment there I didn't realize that you were playing the online "Ask Bob Jeopardy" game. Nice one, you almost got me.

Posted by:

25 Jun 2008

hi bob, i have a problem. my windows xp pro sp2 won't boot. so i did a chksdk /r in the recovery console, still didn't work. then i did a windows recovery. now my pc won't do the normal windows installing procedure, it's giving me error readings. any suggestions?

EDITOR'S NOTE: What kind of errors? Are the errors appearing when you try to re-install from the setup CD? It's possible you have a damaged hard drive.

Posted by:

11 May 2009

Hi Bob. This is about the recovery console. I've got a virus that stops me entering safe mode to delete it (i get a message that "changes to software or hardware may have prevented windows entering safe mode this time"). I tried to enter safe mode through a "safe boot" option on my antivirus software, but get the same result. HOWEVER, when I try to enter windows normally or the "last known good", the antivirus software automatically tries to complete it's task of entering safe mode again. I'm caught in a loop and can't enter the Windows interface. Can I use the recovery console to remove this scheduled task of starting in safe mode? I'm not very confident using the recovery console. Much obliged for any hints you can throw my way! Eddie

Posted by:

28 Jul 2009

hi bob ,

i am facing a problem my windows 2003 standard edition server was infected with viruses and after removal it stop responding i tried it to boot in safe mode but not booted. now i have tried to full repaire the windows but after coping of new files it started in safe mode and setup failed in safemode . how can i resolve this problem.

Posted by:

Bernard J
05 Aug 2009

NB: The MS "Help and Support site (
for this issue says:

"NOTE Integrating a service pack is supported only in Windows XP Home Edition and in Windows XP Professional Edition. Integrating a service pack is not supported in Windows Media Center Edition."

I have WinXP Media Edition 2005, so how would I fix the original problem this article is responding to?

Posted by:

Jake W
22 Nov 2009

How do I get into my console?

Posted by:

René Jongen
27 Jan 2010

hey Bob,can i do command D.\I386\WINNT32.exe without a setup disk because that is my problem. At the time the person who installed my xp pro which now is with sp2 only give me a 5 number key.

Posted by:

danquah philip
10 Mar 2010

how can ido to get recovery console

Posted by:

25 Jun 2010

hi bob
i have tried everything from start normally to using recory consule i get to pres the R button then the old bsod pops up registry error 051.
i even agreed to reinstall windows and when its searching for previous editions of windows the bsod will popup again.
windows xp sp2
pls help

Posted by:

23 Aug 2010

Hi Bob, hopefully you are still checking this site, I have tried doing everything you said on using my recovery cd for the recovery console but it just won't come up at all. It keeps going to the partition part of the hard drive. What sled can I do?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like your BIOS is not including the CDROM drive in the boot order. If you open the BIOS settings when you start up the computer, you can change the boot order to put the CD ROM drive first. If you've already done that, and it's still booting from the hard drive, then I'd guess the CD is damaged or defective.

Posted by:

Phillip A. Nava
12 Dec 2010

Hi Mr. Rankin,

Here is my problem; I turn on my Dell computer which runs the operating system of Windows XP. It load as usual and then I come to a blue screen that reads "STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}". I read on the internet for solutions and I find out that run the reboot console. So do all things necessary to get to that screen, but a can't get pass the admin. password. I know I never set one. I even looked at the set up screen to make sure. I totally stumped. I know if could get past that screen I could run "chsdk" and fix my computer. Please help me out.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you have no password, just press ENTER.

Posted by:

28 Jun 2011

hi! sir bob..

this the error went out, windows did not detect any hard disk install during windows xp installation., it is very complicated because bios detected the hard disk/hard drive..

do you have any idea regarding this?


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