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23 Jul 2008

I installed SP3 on XP SP2 C2Duo4400 in mid June and have no problems so far. Don't see any performance speed up, but discovered some improvements with some old games like Unreal, Mobile Forces, Blade Of Darkness with earlier run too fast and I had to switch to one core. Now I don't need to...

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23 Jul 2008

Just upgraded to WinXP Prof SP3 through auto update on a Dell Optiplex GX280 Pent 4 2.8 Ghz, 512MB Ram.

Everything is OK so far, seems there is a slight improvement in speed. RDP program has changed...seems more like vista, other than that, all is OK.

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Ted Smith
30 Jul 2008

Thank God I have not updated to sp3.

Posted by:

Bob Cook
31 Jul 2008

I have downloaded SP3 & so far so good except for the countdown from 30 days for the Windows WGA verification. Is there any way to get rid of this?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you do the WGA verification? That should make it go away.

Posted by:

George Beldzinski
02 Aug 2008

After installing SP3 my computer kept rebooting and I had to fresh install.

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17 Aug 2008

Installed SP3 on all of my network computers. Employees were very happy with the new speed they got. No problems at all with SP3. Great update!!

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24 Aug 2008

Well I should have known better... I was again duped by MS updates. I upgraded through the update service SP3 on a XP Pro Machine. Now e-mail, Internet services and most any program I open delays (3-12 sec) which is horribly frustrating trying to get anything done. One of the most important programs I use is CS3 Master Collection and I get crash errors using most any part of that collection, especially Bridge. I've searched every where to find ways to get SP3 uninstalled. So far I cant find any useful tips on getting it uninstalled so I can revert back to SP2 (where everything was running fine)

As a note; I have tried the most popular ways to uninstall. None work.

1. restore point

2. add/remove

3. recovery console

4. cmd line at run

any suggestions? other than format and start over? My machine has mass amounts of programs I use as part of my work flow everyday.

EDITOR'S NOTE: What happens when you try option (1) or (2) above?

Posted by:

Sheila I.
26 Aug 2008

I downloaded SP3 and lost Control Panel file. I had no firewall and discovered this when i went in to check if it was turned on. Used System Restore and all seems OK. However during installation Spybot informed me I had malware on a file and i instructed it to delete. Could that have caused it?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm not really sure what "that" or "it" refers to in your question. Are you wondering if the presence of some malware prevented SP3 from being applied correctly? I suppose that's possible. The only way to know is to try again now that the malware is gone.

Posted by:

Tony T
26 Aug 2008

Response to, EDITOR'S NOTE: What happens when you try option (1) or (2) above?

1. restore point (processes as though its going to uninstall, then error message (takes about 30 min) pops up indicating file not found, SP3 not removed)

2. add/remove (same type of error, seems as though its going to uninstall and then fails, file not found)

3. recovery console (I installed recovery console to HD and is available at start up, message windows indicates recovery window starting but hangs and never starts)

4. cmd line at run (this is a short cut to add remove in GUI)

5. also have tried using recovery from XP disk at boot up, but hangs at "blue window" no options and never goes any further.

PS I have seen blogs about the size of the restore catching so all my restore points where gone once I loaded this SP3, I wasn't given an option for creating a larger catch size so I lost all my previous restore points.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ouch. I'm out of ideas... but I read elsewhere that Microsoft has a free SP3 tech support hotline: 866-234-6020. Hopefully you can avoid having to re-install XP from scratch.

Posted by:

04 Sep 2008

I recently installed SP3 on my laptop as well as my desktop pc's and find that I now cannot connect to my ISP (a call to their helpdesk proved fruitless) via my router at home. However I have no problem connecting from work. My son, who works elsewhere, experienced the same thing. This problem ONLY occurs while running SP3. When we uninstall SP3 then connectivity resumes. I am forced to run SP3 at work and therefore have to get my home setup working. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Posted by:

Tony T
06 Sep 2008

Response to; "Graeme"

Use the SP3 tech support hotline: 866-234-6020 they will help you. I was able to finally get SP3 off my system. I did have to reinstall from my disk to do it but it was fine, the reinstall did not delete any setting or programs or data, just SP3. I was able to revert back to SP2. Most people wont have to got that route... my SP3 was corrupted so it wouldn't uninstall.

MS Support reports that especially in network issues that it may be necessary to get firmware updates from the manufacture of the router, modem or network device. So if your having issues only in certain software applications or devices that it may be fixed by checking for patches and updates by those manufactures.

Posted by:

13 Oct 2008

I have installed SP3 on several hundred pc's of different flavors and have never lost a pc or had to install other patches - I do recommend that you make sure you have gb of free disk space and use msconfig to shut down all ALL non microsoft services and ALL startup items - 95% of the pc's i've upgraded show a marked increase in speed - 80% of the pc's were Intel cpu's

Posted by:

04 Dec 2008

Rob, regarding msconfig/processes running: How do I know which ones are Non-Microsoft Services and Startup Items so I can shut the correct ones down?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's a bit of a black art, but here are some tips: http://www.jasonn.com/turning_off_unnecessary_services_on_windows_xp

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01 Feb 2009

I installed SP3 on my windows XP machine. Note, it had an AMD processor. The computer went in to constant rebot. I restored to SP2 and months later found a fix for this problem and installed the fix and SP3 again. At this point I tried to connect to the internet, could not do it. I spent hours with my ISP and they finaly decided it was a Microsoft SP3 problem .I am not a pro when it comes to these things but I do know when enough is enough. I am now using SP2 and will do so until Microsoft freezes over or a "simple solution is found" if ever.

Posted by:

Raul J Jacinto
17 Feb 2009

By the all comments above I will not download "Upgrade to Windows XP SP3". I AM LOOKING FOR SOLUTIONS NOT PROBLEMS!!!

Posted by:

Clifford D.
18 Feb 2009

I have two machines with AMD processors. ONe running XP home and another running XP Pro.

The system with XP Pro (AMD 6000 aka AMD 64 x 2x 3Ghz )was updated using automatic updates service. All is fine. (knock on wood).

The other machine with XP Home (AMD 64x 2x 2.6 Ghz)was updated using the Windows UPdate site and right after the installation the machine went into a constant reboot. Couldn't even get it started in safe mode. Tried everything I could but even trying to repair the XP would not work. The repair process would just freeze half way through. Tried a clean reinstall and attempted to update to SP3 again. Same deal accept for this time I got a friendly error message saying that SP3 did not install properly. An even more helpful message shortly after basically saying that Xp was only partially updated and might not work properly. So I did another clean install and decided to stay away from SP3 altogether.

BTW calling the so-called SP3 hotline was a waste of time. Suffice it to say I don't need somebody to tell me to try to repair Xp or to do a clean install and try updating again.

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05 Aug 2009

I use Windows xp pro,sp2 now.and i don't have a cd installer,i just borrowed cd..I Bought windows xp pro,sp3.plan to install and upgrade.and want to partion my space drive.
Is it be okey,and will not be conflict or give posible problem???

Posted by:

15 Oct 2009

my system got hanging when i starting windows

Posted by:

05 Feb 2010

Dear Sir
i ask that. Can you install by using window xp sp1 & upgrade by internet to sp2 or sp3. & how. because i install my computer by xp sp1 but it can not install other program it say your windo can not support this program, and other driver as sound and other internet i can install, in sound driver it say HDA Audio is not available and that computer previous i was use sound but after format it no driver of internet especially wireless and sound card support. Please help me. Im Frank Form dar es salaam, Tanzania. wish yoou to be my best friend.

Posted by:

09 Apr 2010

respected sir
I am Siddharth dimri I want upgrade from window xp servise package 2 to package 3.
pl help me.

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