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20 Jan 2009

I have added a program called System Security by mistake. Now it is on my computer and continues to send messages. It isnt located in add/remove programs. But its running somewhere on the computer. Is there anything I can do to remove or disable this?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You need a good anti-virus program to nuke it. See

Posted by:

13 May 2009

RegFix is really nice, it works perfect (for me, anyway)

The only problem with it is that its not free, but I was planning on hiring some geek to speed up my old computer - glad I didn't.

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26 Aug 2009


Here is some video called "Registry Cleaners - Avoid Scams"

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13 Oct 2009

I use internet cafes and store my data on a thumb drive. I live in a remote part of the Dominican Republic without internet service. A exe file called ´data administrator´was automatically attached to the thumb drive and written to the hard drive of my home computer. After many attempts I was finally able to rid the thumb drive of it but not my home computer. I have tried registry cleaners but I get a ¨registry access denied¨message. When registry cleaner programs are used the program shuts down and restarts the computer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The "data administrator.exe" is almost certainly malware. See my list of free malware removers here:

Posted by:

Fabrizio Balsaque
28 Oct 2009

I also downloaded malware to my computer. When I locatd the program in my add/remove, it would not uninstall. i installed hijack this and killed it.
Be careful with hijack this it is very powerful. Research the filed/program that you are going to kill before you lay it too waste. Then give to her good.

Posted by:

24 Dec 2009

I've been using the Eusing Free Registry Cleaner for the last year or so, and am quite pleased with it. CNET rates it a 4-star product:

Posted by:

03 Jan 2010

I need something to download to Clean my PC for free no money involved to pay for. Free of charge.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Have you tried the ones I've recommended here?

Posted by:

05 Jan 2010

how do i prevent regseeker from deleting important files. it's like there is something about an exclusion.

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31 Jan 2010

CCleaner is good. I have also used ToniArt's Easy Cleaner which can clean the registry, delete temp files and duplicates, edit the startups, and more.

I believe cleaning the registry does help performance a bit. Get rid of the bloatware, unused programs and malware first.

Posted by:

27 Feb 2010

This website compared all of the registry cleaners available on the internet:

I am a computer technician and I was very impressed with the quality of the reviews.

Posted by:

11 Mar 2010

Be careful. Most registry cleaners are scams. I have been using CCleaner for years and it works. It's safe and it's recommended by Bob Rankin. Others may work better but better safe than sorry. I clicked on some of the links here and some got a dangerous rating from Web of Trust.
To change the subject a bit, I highly recommend the Web of Trust browser plug-in which is a user rated system which has ratings for almost all sites on the Web. The rating for most reg cleaner sites is BAD.

Posted by:

John Smith
02 Apr 2010

Hi can someone please advise me?
I have been regseeker with great results for years and now have got a laptop with Windows 7.

Regseeker does not seem to work on Windows 7, it finds entries but does not delete them. How can I get it working?

Many thanks

Posted by:

13 Jul 2010

you can try this one:

Posted by:

25 Aug 2010

You left off the BEST ones and they're free. Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner and Advanced System Care. I run each of them before i shut off the computer each night. I have Regclean by Microsoft but rarely will it find anything that these 3 don't get. The 2 Wise cleaners can be set up to run and close automatically once opened, Advanced System Care once opened and started can be automated and will close down Windows once done, if you want. ASC will also optimize Windows for speed. It also has a selection of utility tools that are very helpful including a lot of Windows commands you would otherwise have to start from 'Run'. They all run extremely fast so I run the 2 Wise 1st at the same time(takes less than a minute), then ASC. Together they get just about everything. Occasionally I run others just to see and there really isn't anything left for them to get and other cleaners take so long to run.
In addition just a note but I've found the Windows program
sfc /scannow needs to be run once a month to correct corrupted system files and can also be set up to be automated once started by putting the I386 file off the Windows CD onto the H.D. and making a registry change so you don't have to keep clicking retry each time it needs to replace a system file ( Every time I run it I've found it needs to replace 6 to 10 files. People just don't realize how many system files are being altered by other programs , malware etc. The more often its done the smoother Windows runs. Cheers!

Posted by:

Bonnie Lou
01 Oct 2010

All the Registry Cleaners Posted may be the BEST FREE REGISTRY CLEANERS, but...Can any of them be used by the completely NOVICE to PC USER?

Posted by:

17 Nov 2010

about a month ago,i purchased an update for optimize.a week later a trojan locked everything up,with 2 copys maskerading as virus protection,had to unplug it several times to get to sys-restore,what a pain,redoing an 06 registry it took 2 days,why didnt it work,i had spybot,avg and something else,defender on nothing worked.i am not a happy camper,a week later i still wished there was an icon for my update to work.come on.

Posted by:

07 Dec 2010

Hi I am christy, Software Developer , Im using toshiba laptop satellite M645 (i5 Processor,520 GB HDD,4 Gb RAM) .Os installed on this laptop is windows 7 home premium edition.And i have installed Visual studio 2005 When i run my application it takes a long time at least 1 or 2 minutes to execute.But the same application run in windows XP(Desktop PC) faster.Could you tell me the reason for this delay in windows 7. Is it some thing like this Windows XP is more faster than windows 7. Since my PC has a good configaration i dont feel that much speed.
Your immediate reply highly appreciated

Posted by:

17 Dec 2010

MY BACKUP MISTAKE -- "Do I Need a Registry Cleaner?" is one of the clearest discussions of the rationale for registry cleaning anywhere, and emphasizes there is no substitute for a complete registry backup.

Like many users, I had trusted to a simple registry export as a backup, exporting the FULL registry to another location. But on reading the documentation for ERUNT, I was appalled to discover that procedure left me wide open for disaster.

Reason-- full export of the registry is not the entire registry, but only a visible subset of several hives. Restoring a "full" export cannot restore the complete registry.

Worse, attempting to repair a faulty registry by importing the "full export" merely appends a working copy of visible hives to the damaged, existing registry. That is not only prescription for a real mess, but for a life-saving utility like ERUNT.

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03 Mar 2011

I am running Win7 with a 64 bit system. You are referencing older versions of Windows. How much of this information is relevant for my system? What about Win7, does it include any registry cleaner type functions?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Win7 does not include a registry cleanr, but CCleaner will work on Win7.

Posted by:

05 Mar 2011

i cant believe nobody is mentioning glarys utilities home edition. the pro edition costs but you only get scheduled automation. it IS really one click repair that has noticable results.its as effective as ccleaner and does more. the one click fix also fixes bad shortcuts, checks start up progs, temp files and checks for adware. it also has a registy defragger in its toolbox, plus file splitters, joiners, undeleters, duplicate files finder. about 20 specialty diagnostic and repair tools. the best tho is a browser hijack restorer which when you need it, your glad to have it. esp with facebook being EVERYWHERE and cross site scripting being what it is. glarys is my pick with ccleaner a close second

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