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10 Mar 2010

To Glenn P.,
I also keep my Taskbar at the top as I have the command line for AutoCAD at the bottom. I used to occasionally have interference with the Micro$oft default. The fact that I am also using Autohide tends to drive the IT people rather nuts at times when they need to remotely access my workstation.

I also have have a "Desktop Toolbar" anchored with AutoHide invoked on the left side of my monitor. Makes it easier to access my desktop icons with a single click.

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23 Jun 2010

There is another coolest way to view your task bar items. Window key + tab. It will give 3d view of all the active items on your task bar. This is more cooler than windows key + 1-0

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12 Jul 2010

I can't find an answer to this question anywhere. I want to make the icons in the taskbar larger, without making the icons in the start menu larger. I've already downloaded viglance, which is great, but doesn't address this problem. I'd also like to know how I can get more icons to show up in my start menu. I hate having a cluttered desktop, but don't want to search all my programs to find what I want. Is there a solution?

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bill thomas
12 Aug 2012

my icons are on the taskbar as well on my desktop. How do I remove them without deleting them from the desktop as well?


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