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Posted by:

Hazel M White
12 Feb 2016

I have never noticed "recommended" updates being separated from "important" updates. HMW

Posted by:

NJ Mac
12 Feb 2016

My windows 7 does NOT have the same choices.
I can choose
*Install all updates automatically;
*Download all updates, but let me decide;
*Check for updates and I'll decide what to download and install;
*Never check for updates
Is there someplace else I'm supposed to find the choices you mentioned?

Posted by:

Bernard FS
12 Feb 2016

Now where do we stand! On 4.2.16 you gave a grave warning about unwanted W10 updates (KB3035583)and I followed your advice (though one such update had already got through and I cannot find a way to delete it or hide it. Any advice welcome.)Now I am not sure what the actual difference is between important and recommended. Both sound much the same as, by and large, one recommends important things. I am on W7 with no plans to upgrade as my two laptops will be getting near to replacement and "if they ain't bust, don't mend it!" Thanks for your continued newsletters. BFS

Posted by:

12 Feb 2016

If you have all automatic updates checked will it automatically install Win 10 or just download it and give you the option to install it?

Posted by:

Old Man
12 Feb 2016

What you describe here is exactly why Win 10 took away the option to turn off updates. Too many people listened to the negative hype and ended up with unprotected systems.

Long ago I turned off the automatic installation. Updates are automatically downloaded and I get a popup notice that they are ready. The reason I used this setting was because the updates used to automatically reboot my computer while I was using it. I got tired of losing work because of the automatic reboots. Now I get notified they are ready, close out whatever I'm doing, look over the list of updates, and install them. No more lost work, yet the updates get done in a timely manner. Looking over the list also ensures I only accept critical updates.

Recommended updates was deselected right after the first wave of Win 10 nags. I uninstalled the invading updates and hid them. No more nagging (not even the update button on the task bar area) and no unwanted downloading.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of computer users are like car owners. They know how to use the thing, but know nothing about how to take care of it. They rely on someone else to tell them what to do and when. With computers they usually listen to people who really don't know what they're talking about.

Posted by:

12 Feb 2016

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!

Posted by:

12 Feb 2016

I understand the reason for the advice, and I generally suggest that my IT clients (mostly home users) follow a similar path. However, there is one scenario in which automatic updates of ANY kind are not helpful.

I frequently give presentations at different locations, and I carry around one laptop just for this purpose. I can NOT afford to power it up just before a meeting and watch it go into an automatic "wait while I update" mode. I need it to turn on and operate without delay.

I use msconfig to turn off everything automatic - not just Windows updates. I don't neglect updates, but I install them at a time and place of my choosing, when I can afford to let everything run unhindered.

This is one reason I will likely never upgrade that machine to Windows 10, unless the techie collective finds some way to disable and control automatic updates.

Posted by:

Smoky Lowe
12 Feb 2016

I check windows updates when ever I feel like,but after windows 10 I don't trust them fools to maake updates right nor good,as for the hiding windows 10 in the updates to down load with out showing the wonderful program (not).thank you for your input.

Posted by:

12 Feb 2016

Thanks for the tip on the updates.
Over the last few weeks I've read on several sites (apparently not yours) that the download of Win 10 has been upgraded from "recommended" to "important", so that it will be downloaded automatically if you allow that option for important updates. After reading that I switched to manual updating.
Do you know if this is truth or rumor?

Posted by:

Old Man
12 Feb 2016

Follow these steps to get rid of unwanted updates.
1. On the settings page, select the option to download, but not automatically install. If you have automatically install, the unwanted update will just reinstall.
2. Click on the option to view installed updates. In the upper right corner should be a search box. Type the update number and click the search button. That will take you directly to the update in question.
3. Choose the option to uninstall the update. You may be asked to confirm the uninstall. When it is uninstalled, reboot your computer.
4. After rebooting go back to the available update page. Select the one you don't want and choose to hide it. That keeps it from showing and potentially being reinstalled.

If you leave the settings to download but not install, you should check daily for updates. That way you won't miss any critical ones.

Posted by:

Tom Wilson
12 Feb 2016

There is a workaround to get win10 to update on your schedule.
NOTE:This only works for wifi!
You can set your wifi to identify it as a "metered" connection. Then when you want to download and install the updates, turn that setting off.
Even without that, win10 allows you to schedule any auto restart after updating.

Posted by:

12 Feb 2016

Sorry Bob

I will keep my XP as long as I can.
I know all the process that run on my machine.
When I kill one of them, I know what will happen.
I have total control on my computer. No spy from Microsoft.

And are you sure hackers will take the control of a snailed one or the fastest new computer ?

Which is more interesting for a hacker : to explore Windows 10 and his new vulnerabilities, or the old granny XP with no secrets ?

So yes, I am not surprised about 11 % of Windows XP. XP run on small/old computer, and no say how easy a Ghost (system Ghost) is on XP.

So sorry Bob for your statistics, I will keep XP for a while.

Posted by:

12 Feb 2016

Dear Bob,
I have been reading your advice for years and followed it, especially regarding the updates. I have always allowed all updates from Microsoft to install without having any trouble.
My computer is five years old, and I installed Windows 10 with minimal problems in August, '15. If anybody is on the fence about downloading Windows 10, I am a 66 year old housewife using a five year old computer, and I survived.However, I do have the Best Buy Geek Squad to call on for help, but I only needed them once.
I don't understand the problem that some of your readers are having with the computer re-booting by itself after an update. I frequently check Windows update in the "Settings" section. If the computer needs to re-boot, I always have a notice that the computer will re-start when I am not using it. I usually just do a manual re-start at that time, but I have never had the computer to re-start by itself.
Thanks for all of your valuable info.

Posted by:

12 Feb 2016

For the people with older machines, you neglected to mention Linux as an alternative. It IS a viable alternative.

Posted by:

Lloyd Collins
12 Feb 2016

I always have had mine set to notify me with new updates, then I installed them a few at a time because of my dial-up. Now Update does not notify me of updates, I have to remember to check. And, I now read each bulletin because of Microsoft trying to sneak in the Windows 10 Update, which I don't want.

Posted by:

12 Feb 2016

Re: "...a botched update, it’s not going to destroy your computer..."
The W10 update bricked my computer. I had to buy a new motherboard.

Posted by:

13 Feb 2016

I will listen to your advice, Bob, except when I won't. I'll keep using XP for those handy comfortable programs 7 wouldn't transfer over when I upgraded. I carefully image it on an external drive, keep the most paranoid firewall and anti-virus and anti-malware package I can find up to date, and use the thing when I travel because no one will steal it. (Clarifying that takes too much space). You're right about the hazards, you're right they can't all be beaten forever, but I feel adequate defences can keep the odds safe enough if I limit the online time drastically and choose destinations with care.
Re Windows 10 I have downloaded and installed the GWX Control panel. I have also downloaded and burned a copy of UbuntuGNOME3, plan to do the same with Ubuntu MINT, see which I like better and put that on another old computer. That will then become my travel unit.
Just waiting till I can get my autoboot install DVDs around my RollbackRx defence program which resides in BIOS at the start of the POST process and pre-empts all the rest.

Posted by:

Roger Hass
13 Feb 2016

You said,
"It’s one thing to be cautious about installing updates and quite another to be reckless about clinging to obsolete, no longer supported versions of Windows. Incredibly, nearly 11% of Windows machines are still running Windows XP, and another 1.62% are running Vista. These people are driving on bald tires, endangering themselves and every computer with which theirs come into contact.

No, your 14 year-old operating system is not “good enough” and it doesn’t matter if you think you’ve never caught a virus. It’s just a matter of time until your clunker becomes a bot in some cybercrooks’ harem of malware-distributing, spam-spewing zombies, and you won’t even know what harm you’re doing to the rest of us."

Scare mongering at it's best I think.
This obviously does not refer to ALL XP or Vista users and those that might be in this category , I doubt that they will be targeted as they are insignificant to the so called hackers who would not want to access a Virus infected machine.

Oh yes, and I still have Win 95, 98, ME, 2000sp4, XP Pro sp3, Vista, Win 7U, Win 8.1(all) all secured, however refuse to install Win 10 any version as I believe,

Windows 10 is the ultimate Spy Tool.
- and I do NOT believe in Conspiracy Theories, only facts !!!

Microsoft has broken so many Laws across all Western Countries, contravened most of the USA and Australian Constitution and have just about broken every Privacy Act Laws in Australia.

Microsoft has become so arrogant that they believe to be above the Law anywhere and believe they are the ultimate power as far as IT is concerned.

This arrogance of Microsoft and their true Masters needs to be severely curtailed !

This is going to be difficult as I believe Microsoft to be under Zionist control to establish a New World Order, which is their publicly known agenda. The collecting of your personal data and habits is part of creating a Profile Dossier on every person on this planet in order to police any individual. What Hitler and other Dictators Failed to do "Control the World", The Zionist through Microsoft and Windows 10 are now achieving "World Domination", and I don't refer or mean that it is the Game by the same name.

Be aware and don't use or install windows 10 - There are other Operating Systems that I believe are as good and don't Spy on you or breach the Laws.
- Try Ubuntu Desktop or Server for your computing needs and then there are Office products as good as Microsoft Office like Apache OpenOffice. both are free, yes FREE.

You decide, put up with being spied on or not ?

Roger H. / PC-Bug Fixer / Sydney Australia

Posted by:

13 Feb 2016

I have a number of machines with win7, (the best) a few older work horses with winxp, (very good) and one with win8. (the worst, hate it) I tried various Linux variants like Zorin with Mint and I will say this: they ain't Windows! Windows just plain works. I have used Pc Pitstop since day one on all of them and have never had ANY issues. I also use Microsoft Security Essentials on all except the xp machines. (no longer supported) No complaints here..........

Posted by:

13 Feb 2016

To "Roger H. / PC-Bug Fixer / Sydney Australia" who wrote above "...I believe Microsoft to be under Zionist control to establish a New World Order...". Get some desperately needed reality-based help! Enough said.

As for the main topic, my practice is to always read and follow Susan Bradley's advice in her Patch Watch column at WindowsSecrets.com that comes out the Thursday following Patch Tuesday. No plots here, just careful study of the patches and sage advice. She always follows up on patches that she recommends waiting to install in her "Regularly updated problem-patch chart." I never had a problem while following her advice. (Note that Windows Secrets is changing their revenue model, so you may encounter a paywall. Their sound reporting is worth a subscription fee. I have no connection other than as a subscriber for many years).

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