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16 Feb 2012

Norton is HEAVY. Macafee (how do you spell that again?) is, well...MacAfee.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Actually, it's "McAfee" but I get your message. :-)

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16 Feb 2012

Bill (first post) I am going to try PC Tool firewall. Thanks for the post

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25 Apr 2014

I have most of the programs mentioned and have found them all wanting in some respect. I now use IObit, Advanced System Care Ultimate 7. This has its own anti-virus section, McAfee did not recognise it and claimed I was unprotected!!!. This System is not free if you use the Pro version, but is still half the price of most of the bloated American systems. A full scan looks at over 2 million items, ie: everything on the hard disc of this laptop. I have used this version for the last two years and am very happy with it.

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14 Dec 2014

I find it quite easy to de-install anti virus both from Norton and from McAfee.

First I open the programs that I wish to get rid of, goes through every menu and turn everything that is turned on inside them off.

In the setup, I ask them not to start With Windows, etc. Before I reboot.

The Clue is - when turning it off internally does not work - to not give up, but use C:\Windows\System32\msconfig.exe to prevent any part of it from startup, then make a reboot of Your PC.

And at last run C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe "more details", and shut Down any remnants of files With the respective names that I want to get rid of.

When I after all these preparations finally do deinstall these programs, there is no hassle or problems at all. Every file that otherwise would be left behind, is removed.

As AntiVirus Application, I use "Windows (8.1 Pro) Defender" via the "Control Panel" in conjunction with "Windows Firewall". As these programs are well-behaved and do exactly what I ask of them and nothing more.

The reason for not using a Commercial anti-virus Application, is because they search for viruses where I ask them not to, and delete files from where I've asked them not to in their settings.

While Windows Defender behaves properly and is free to use and update via Windows Update.

I've used TuneUp Utilities until it were bought up by AVG. Now I don't know what to use, in order to avoid getting infected with Commercial AntiVirus again.

Maybe go back to Norton Utilities like I used back in my old MS-DOS days; since 1985?

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19 Dec 2016

Mcafee is one of the famous brand in world for computer security. It is working properly in my pc. Thanks Mcafee!

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